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  Chatting with Elijah Wood and Daniel Noah about their Podcast Visitations (October 14)

  Elijah Wood Explains His Move Into VR with Psychological Thriller Transference (July 7)

  Elijah Wood talks Nic Cage, finding a corpse while making The Trust (May 10)
  Elijah Wood has his eyes on the prize (April 18)

  Nothing Replaces Old-Fashioned Storytelling (April 2)
  Wooden Wisdom: A DJ Chess Match (March 26)
  Being Brinnin: A Conversation with Elijah Wood (March 6)
  Inside Elijah Wood's life as a DJ with Zach Cowie (January 22)

  Elijah Wood: The nicest man in Hollywood? (November 6)
  Q&A: Elijah Wood (October 17)
  Wilfred Conference Call (July 11)
  Jacques Magazine (April 7)
  POPsessions (March 7)

  Conde Nast Traveller (July)
  Salon: Elijah Wood Goes Dark (June 19)
  Maxim Magazine (June 18)
  Panorama Magazine (ICON) (April)
  Live Magazine (February)
  Mr. Porter (February)

  Twitterview (December)
  Status Magazine (October)
  The Screen Actors Guild Foundation (July 10)
  Los Angeles Magazine (July 1)
  Huff Post Entertainment (June 11)
  Nuvo Magazine (May)

  Wilfred Conference Call (June 17)
  The Hobbit (April 11)
  The return in The Hobbit and TV show Wilfred (January 14)

  Online Chat for film 9 (August 21)
  Bryan Scary & the Shredding Tears (August 7)

  Clarin Newspaper (Argentina) (May)
  Cine Live Magazine (French) (April)
  Vanidad Magazine (Spanish) (February)
  Elmundo (Spanish) Online Interview (January 17)
  Elijah Wood - Countdown to Day Zero (January 13)

  Elijah Wood still fond of Iowa (April)
  Elijah Wood's got game (April 2)
  Elijah Wood has game (March 28)
  Interview with Elijah Wood (March 18)
  Frodo gets funky (March 16)
  He's a Believer! Elijah Wood Puts on a Monkey Suit (March 3)

  It is nice to be part of something that talks to both kids and adults. (November 20)
  �Hooligans� � The seven sins according to Elijah Wood (January 3)

  Wood delights Jackson with NZ visit (November 22)
  Everything Is Illuminated BBC Interview (November)
  Life after Lord of the Rings (October 29)
  Wood travels a long way from Middle-earth for latest role (October 2)
  Wood embraces laundry duties (October)
  LIFE Magazine Interview (September 16)
  Elijah Wood: Kicking the hobbit (September 3)
  Elijah Wood to Play Iggy Pop (September 1)
  Illuminated with Elijah Wood (September)
  Elijah Wood grows up, sort of (September)
  Elijah Wood To Launch His Own Record Label (August 4)
  Just Back from Prague: Elijah Wood (August)
  Premiere Magazine Interview (August)
  Elijah Wood Says Video Game Concert Isn't 'A Nerd Event' (July)

  Dutch Interview about The Yank (Published: June, 2004)
  Vi Unge Interview (May, 2004)
  Interview with Elijah from Japan '04' (January, 2004)
  Focus Magazine Interview (January, 2004)
  j17 interview (January, 2004)
  Elijah Wood's Ring of Friendship and Education (January, 2004)
  Breaking the Hobbit (January, 2004)
  Elijah is Lord of the screen (January, 2004)

  INTERVIEW: Elijah Wood of LOTR: The Return of the King (December 17)
  Nylon Magazine Interview (December, 2003)
  LA times Interview (November, 2003)
  i-D Interview (May, 2003)
  20 Years magazine Interview (April, 2003)
  Porti magazine Interview (February, 2003)
  TOPP magazine Interview (February, 2003)
  Dutch Magazine Interview (January, 2003)

  Frida Magazine Interview (December, 2002)
  Jay Leno Transcript (December 16, 2002)
  Today Show Appearance (December 13, 2002)
  Regis And Kelly Appearance (December 13, 2002)
  MSN Chat with Elijah Wood (December 13, 2002)
  AOL Chat with Elijah Wood (December 11, 2002)
  Elijah Wood - The Two Towers Interview by Paul Fischer (December, 2002)
  Irish independent�s day and night magazine interview (December, 2002)
  Elijah interview Mirror - UK (December, 2002)
  The Face Magazine Article (November 15, 2002)
  The Big Schmooze on the Comedy Channel (October 19, 2002)
  The Humo Interview (October 5, 2002)
  Much Music Interview with Elijah Wood (July 4, 2002)
  Elijah Wood Radio Interview Transcript (May 17, 2002)
  Elijah Wood - The Ring Bearer (March 3, 2002)
  Portuguese Chat Transcript (March 10, 2002)
  StudioLA Interviews Elijah Wood (January 24, 2002)

  Q&A With Elijah Wood (December 19, 2001)
  My Life as a Hobbit(December 2001)
  Elijah Wood: A Hard Hobbit to Break(December 17, 2001)
  Elijah in the Wood (December 17, 2001)
  Elijah Wood Won't Be Bound by Rings(December 15, 2001)
  AOL Chat Transcript (December 14th, 2001)
  MSN Interview with Elijah Wood(December 10, 2001)
  'We were passionate about what we were a part of'(December 6, 2001)
  Excerpt from Voices From the Last Age - The Rings Bearer(November)
  Time Out Magazine Interview(November 7-14, 2001)
  Wood Fought to be Frodo (September 11, 2001)
  Elijah Wood Talks Lord of the Rings (July 20, 2001)

2000 / pre-2000
  The Prodigy Chat (September 12, 1997)
  Interview with Sheila (October 1, 1996)
  World AOL Interview (April 30, 1995)


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