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TOPP Magazine Article

New York is about as far away from Middle Earth as you can get. There are no hobbits, elves or wizards, though a grumpy waiter can remaind you of Sauroman..... But this is the place we are going to meet the worlds nicest hobbit!

-Hey! We met each other last year, right? Elijah Wood (22) jumps out of the chair when we enter. It's 4.30 in the afternoon, and Elijah has been working since 8 am. We feared that the worlds most famous hobbit would be sleepy, hungry and sick of talking with reporters. but if there is something Elijah's got, then it's energy.

-Dont you ever get tired?

-Yeah, of course. But I think it's so fun to meet new people. Besides I'm so proud of this movie, that I feel like I can talk about it for hours!

-It seems like everyone involved in this project, loved it. What was so special about it?

-Everything! We were there for so long, nearly 18 months for some of us. Then the story is so special. And not least be cause we all became such good friends! I'm sure that I will never loose contact with the other guys.

Elijah smiles so that his blue eyes sparkle. And the smile doesn't shrink, when his assistant brings him a huge ice coffee.

-The movie is a lot about friendships, and how strong we are if we stand together. How important is friendship in your life?

-Oh, it's very, very important. Both friends and family! Jobs, money, fame- it can go away in a second. Therefor it's important to have solide friendships. Friends you know will always be there for you.

-Has that changed since the first LOTR-movie came out?

-Yes and no. I still have the same friends I always had, so nothing's canged there. But I notice other people, people I dont know or not know well, can be a bit different.

Judging by looks, not much have changed about Elijah. He is still as nice and happy as the first time we met him. And in worn-out t-shirt and jeans, he doesn't really look much like a superstar.

-Has your life changed after the huge success of LOTR?

-No, not really. I dont really feel like a celebrity. I live just like I used to. I go to the store, to the movies and hang out with friends.

-Is it important to you to keep your feet on the ground?

-Oh yeah. It would have been terrible if I started to be rude and stuff, just 'cause I did a movie! But I dont think I've changed much. Maybe it's be cause I've been doing this for so long, I know how things go up and down in this buisness.

Elijah strokes his little beard (when we met him he still hadn't shaved his head). Though he is still young, there's no doubt that a few years have past since the making of LOTR.

-Could you imagine doing anything else then acting?

-No, not really. I've been doing this since I was little, and I think I'll always do something connected to it.

-Do you want to make your own movies?

-Yeah, but not yet. I just want to be an actor for now. It costs to much time and energy being a director.

-We have heard a lot about how exhausting it was making LOTR. Would you do it again?

-No! Dont misunderstand me, I'm glad I did, and I wouldn't trade it for the world. But I'm glad I didn't know just how exhausting it would be. Just being away from family and friends is hard. Also it was very hard work. The day would start 4 or 5 in the morning, and would often not end until midnight. And so it was every day exept sunday. Well, sometimes even then.

-Is there time for a girlfriend when you work so much?

-No, not now anyway. I do date from time to time, but no girlfriend.

-Many magazines wrote that you dated Franka Potente for a while?

-We have never been a couple. But it really doesn't help saying anything. People write what they want anyway. But I think she is a great girl and a great actress!

-How does it feel that the entire world suddenly is interrested in who you date?

-Hmmm...It's strange. Sometimes it feels like your privacy is being invaded. that's not a good feeling. Then it doesn't help saying anything, because people will believe what they want. But I'm not gonna complain, I just have to learn to ignore it.

-In Norway we recently saw you in The Osbournes. Do you hang around with that family a lot?

-Actually it's my sister Hannah who is a friend of Jack. But I know them too, and they are a really nice family. Not as dumb as they seem on TV. I'm a little irritated with that show. It's put together in a way that makes them all seem completly weird, which is not true. Besides it's sad that a whole generation of teenagers grow up, only knowing Ozzy as a weirdo in a TV show. Not knowing what he has done for music, all the cool stuff he has done.

-Are you in to music?

-I love music!

-Any favourites?

-Everything! Mostly I listen to rock, pop and jazz. for instance Radiohead, Beck, Miles Davies and Bjork. I have music all around me. Couldn't live without it! Bjork is from Iceland, right?

-Yes, that's right.

-Isn't that around Norway?

-Yeah, not far from it, no.

-I've never been to Scandinavia. Viggo is half danish and has told me a lot about it. I would love to go to Norway on holliday once.

But before we get to discuss Elijah's holliday plans, a woman comes in to inform us that we are 10 minutes past our time, and that Elijah has to go. But before we go, we get to hugg Elijah. And he says: Hope you enjoy the movie!


Thanks Jenny!


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