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20 Years Magazine Interview

Now he is 22, but his career started when he was 8, when his mother enrolled him in a model agency. After some movies with success, Elijah guaranteed his celebrity status with Frodo from LOTR

Interview by Ray Arco, reporter of ď20 YearsĒ magazine at Hollywood.

R: How is the protector of the rings?

E: Very good and... still alive!

R: Do you realize that your fame reached Romania and other far-away countries?

E: Ah, Romania... Nadia Comaneci ... Transylvania... Dracula ... it really exists a region like this?

R: Not only exists, but also youíre waited at the famous castle of Dracula where you could find another ring...

E: Maybe it would be interesting! But when Iíll be free of the obligations for LOTR

R: How are you feeling being a hobbit that walks barefoot, even on the rocks?

E: Well, they made prosthetic feet that look like barefoot. I needed to learn to walk with them without stumbling.

R: Yeah, I can imagine that, because youíre natural, without problems.

E: Thank you. There were other problems, more technical, like in any movie, but with great director and technologists all is settled.

R: Can you explain what is a hobbit? Is it a fantastic creature from the family of Lepricorns?

E: Something like that ... only that they are less uncanny and donít make charms.

R: How can you pass from a very profound character like Oliver Twist to a fantastical being with so serious responsibilities?

E: Donít laugh, please, but only because the movie was produced in New Zealand I already felt in another world with special features maybe similar with the ones from the LOTR... I must mention the presence of some great actors like Ian McKellen and Ian Holm. If I want or not, I feel their influence and, without imitating them, I can easily approach the character.

R: In a word, some theatrical technologists are useful in front of the camera?

E: Yes. Much more, you can base on the experience of these masters and you have confidence to express the feelings the role gave you, hoping that you played exactly how the director and the screenwriter anticipated.

R: In other movies, I heard you using different accents, and I think that the English accent is the most difficult. How can you use them so easily?

E: First, you must have musical ear to take over the specific intonations and then... you work with a specialist in accents how much time is need to accustom with the way to speak of the character that you play. Of course, many studies have been made for every detail and it is normal that Frodo has a country English accent.

R: How do you feel when you hear yourself speaking like this?

E: Oh, itís very funny.. However, as long as I canít recognize me I am sure that I played the role well. Otherwise, it would be false.

R: Tell me honestly, do you learn your speech in the airplane, in the 15-17 hours of flight?

E: Oh, no! In the airplane, I sleep how much I can. However, it is important the habit because, if you fly by plane frequently the time becomes shorter every time.

R: You have a huge success with the fairy-tale characters. Do you want to specialize in this kind of parts?

E: I hope you are joking! It is very funny to play in these kind of movies as when I played in Back to the Future II that itís a kind of modern fairy-tale but.. however, I want interesting parts, with other styles because if you play the same part many times you get bored.

R: Then how can you explain that you repeat the part of Frodo in 3-4 movies or maybe more like it happened with the James Bondís part?

E: It isnít the same thing. You must play the part until the story ends, and the story of the Lord of the Rings isn't finished yet. In addition, the part is very funny.

R: May I ask you some private if I donít make you angry?

E: OK, if itís not too private.

R: These movies have a very good box office so, the actors are very well paid, what are you doing with the money you gain at this young age?

What can I do? I accumulate for my future studies.

R: Arenít you tempted by a sport car to fascinate girls? Maybe you have some desires...

E: Desires? I buy many CD's and DVD's with classical movies, but nothing else to give me airs; I donít have much time because I work very much. In addition, I like to read very much, where itís possible.

R: What kind of girls do you like? Did you begin to think seriously to a relationship?

E: I canít tell you anything yet because it isnít the case; ask me over 5-10 years. Isnít so?

R: You choose yourself these great parts or someone advises you?

E: Letís say that it is my character, I am more serious...I have nothing against some easier themes but these ones donít tell anything to remain in mind neither myself nor to others. This doesnít mean than I donít appreciate a serious funny part... What do you say about this contradiction?

R: What can attract you to say about a part that it is fitted for you like a glove?

E: For example, in LOTR , the ring is the supreme power for the owner. My mission is to destroy it because other owners have such great power could be corrupted by the Ring. Of course, there are some exceptions, but how many people that canít be corrupted exist in the world?

R: Do you want to open your own studio in the future?

E: I had something like that in mind but I canít take a decision until I finish this movie and that means next year. Maybe after that, but letís see first what the future brings to me because I want to finish my studies. Why did you ask me? Have you some interesting stories or parts for me?

R: How did you guess? Anglo-Saxons fairies assault Hollywood but there are many wonderful stories in other countries too, inclusively in Romania, if you can believe it.

E: It would be very interesting to find some books to learn more about the literature of these countries because in our school we donít have the opportunity to learn about them.

The End

Thanks Mirela!


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