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The suger-sweet Elijah Wood is back as Frodo in The lord of the rings: The two towers. When Elijah talks about family, relationships and love he admits crying to romantic movies and that he actually did fall inlove, while filming on New Zeeland.

Before Lord Of The rings, not many people knew about Elijah Wood. He first started acting when he was 7 years old and at the age of 15 he played Sandy in the movie Flipper, although he thought the script was bad. The most important thing for Elijah was actually to swim with the dolphins. Today Elijah is one of the worlds most famous actors and currently in the movie Lord of the rings: The two towers.

Elijah about himself as a child

- I loved climbing on things when I was a kid, my mom even called me 'Monkey'. One time when I was two years old I actually locked my mom outside the house, so she just had to watch me climb the funetures in the kitchen, destroying everything.

Elijah about his family

- I was always the one who had to make peace between my mother and sister while they were arguing. I am the kind of guy who likes to clear things out instead of yelling at others. Every time they argued it was like the whole house exploded. I dont have much contact with my father, we were never close and it's hard starting a father-son-relationship since he never actually was my father.

Elijah about his first love

- The first time I was really inlove was at the age of 16, when I was dating a girl named Sarah. She used to come to my house at 5 in the morning and we cuddled until we had to leave for school. We were very young and we broke up after a while. She needed me more then I needed her and I could never be with someone who was obsessed with me.

Elijah about love at first sight

- While filming at New Zeeland me and some others from the cast went to the teather to watch one of the shows, and I met one of the actress preforming in that show namned Madeleine. She was wonderful. I fell for her immediatley and one night I actually borrowed a car and drove for four hours just to see her. Unfortunatly I lost her phone number, but she was very beautiful and a great actress.

Elijah about being romantic

- I'm hopelessly romantic! I love romantic movie, and very often cry like a baby, watching them.

Elijah about relationships

- I belive in eternity-lasting love. Sometimes I get in too relationships beacus I live in a romantic dream and beacus I'm inlove with the love more then the person.

Elijah about food and music

-I'm obsessed with music and love sandwiches! My favourite music band is Smashing Pumpkins.

Elijah about party memories

- One time, at New Zeeland I and some other people's from the cast went to this club we could'nt get in at since we were too young. Liv Tyler, Orlando Bloom and Dom Monaghan was some of the people there. After a while Dom told us he needed to piddle and I felt I also had to go so we climed up a statue and..well..piddled..

Also said about Elijah...

..Elijah Wood dated 27-year old Franka Potente who he met at the set of Try Seventeen. Rumours about the couple getting engaged was quiet down by Frankas mother and friends to Elijah said that she had forbidden them to engage too early.

..At Elijahs 21th birthday he partied at a bar in west Hollywood and got so drunk he threw up all over the men's bathroom.


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