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Dutch Magazine Interview

Elijah wood looks as if he is still 16 years old.

"Damn my babyface!"

His cute looks gave him the lead role of frodo. But Elijah Wool (who will be 22 next week) doesn't always like the fact that he looks so young.

As a child star in "The Good Son" -with Macaulay Culkin- Elijah is now starring in "The Lord Of The Rings" trilogy. He's pretty modest about it: "I don't feel like I'm more than my brother Zach and my sister Hannah. I just got lucky. I had to get used to all the attention. But the enthusiasm of the fans is great tough. And I'll thank the lord if they are female and originate from Spanish!"

However, rumor has it that you're more into males.

Maybe that's because of my friendship with Ian McKellen, Gandalf in "The Lord Of The Rings" who is openly gay. There where also rumors about my relationship with the german actress Franka Potente. We're just friends. Its not like I refuse to fall in love, it just hasn't happened to me.

In order to film the three "The Lord Of The Rings" films, you had to live away from home for almost a year and a half. How was that?

I just turned 18 when we left to New-Zealand. It was a great opportunity to become more independent. I gained allot of wisdom and I matured allot.

Didn't you miss your friends?

I didn't have allot of friends. But I made friends for life in New-Zealand. We still see each other often, after more than 2 years after the shooting of the film.

Is it true that you all got tattoos to immortalize your friendship?

Some of us, yes. Everybody chose their own tattoo. And the place where they wanted it was different for everyone. (Laughs) But I'm not gonna reveal where I got mine.

Is it true that Peter Jackson gave you the ring from the film? Or at least one of the seven that where made?

indeed, I have one. I'm verry carefull with it. The ring I'm wearing now looks like the one in the films, but I bought this one in New York. I got a text engraved in it: "If it doesn't happen now, when will it?" In hebrew. It means that you need to grab the opportunities that come along. Go for it!

And your probably getting allot of great opportunities now.

Sure. There are a couple of new films that I'm working on. I feel like making movies again. I was exhausted after New-Zealand.

Rumors has it that you had a depression.

That's right. What do you expect? I lived an extraordinarily fascinating life for 16 months, then all of a sudden I was back at home. And the worst thing was: I didn't want to leave the house! It took me several moths before I felt okay again.

You still seem to be succeeding at staying who you are. How do you do it?

That's all thanks to my mother. She has always warned me about traps in the film industry, and that I can't let the fame get to my head.

You seem to be thanking the role of Frodo mostly to your looks, don't you? (smiles) Say it: I have a babyface. And I'm not very tall. (5'6" or 167cm) I hardly look 16! I sometimes curse that babyface of mine! If people ask for my identity card every time I order a beer.

Frodo is a pretty sexless living being. Still, allot of fans are hoping to see you naked in part three of the trilogy. It is the case in the books.

You'll have to have patience until late this year. But I can asure you this: I am absolutely not sexless.


Thanks Suzie!


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