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May 16, 2020

Some restrictions relating to Covid 19 are easing up and even though we can't actually see Elijah, at least we can virtually hang out with him in the video gaming world. (bringing your attention to the inset image) The craze of Animal Crossing has taken over and Elijah is faithfully playing to whittle the time away.

:: In the last update, I noted that Elijah's visit to an island while playing Animal Crossing caught viral heat from Entertainment Weekly, CNN and everything in between. The game has become so popular, he was a guest on an actual late night talk show created by Gary Whitta where the game is played while the interview takes place. If this is totally foreign to you, check out Elijah's pre-talkshow chat from last week.

:: A couple of days ago, Elijah came back for the live show called, Animal Talking, which can be seen on Twitch. As of this posting, an edited version has not been uploaded to YouTube (it's 2.5 hours long), but keep an eye on Gary's channel for it to show up. I watched it all and it was an absolute delight.

:: There's an outstanding interview that Samuel Barnett participated in. He discussed all things Dirk Gently on the podcast Soda and Telecast. An intro and the interview begins at 14:55. Don't miss it!

:: Behold this incredible Warhol inspired fan art from Romina. She's been doing what we all have. Being creative and having some fun.

:: Finally, a game of "What The?" I came across a movie poster on Instagram from actress Ally Holmes that names Elijah as one of the main actors in a pre-production film called, X The End Time and Ms. Holmes stated the movie will be shot in Turkey. There's another poster as well, but while reviewing the lineup of actors on IMDb and their own site, his name is nowhere to be found. Does this seem like something.... else to you?

That's all... for now.


April 27, 2020

Well, we're all still under "stay-at-home" orders due to COVID-19, and plenty of businesses have ceased for over a month, maybe longer depending where you live. Our lives have been interrupted, events cancelled, television and movie productions have shut down and people may be starting, or even at the point of being stir-crazy.

If things were going on as usual, I would be knee deep in photos, reports, and videos of Elijah since he was supposed to be at several conventions and even starting a new film, so needless to say, there isn't much new to update, other than...

:: Bless Dom Monaghan! This past Friday, he held a 30 minute video chat with Elijah and posted it to his Instagram account. It was up for one day, then it disappeared. But luckily someone snagged it and now it lives on YouTube.

:: As seen in the video, like everyone else, Elijah is finding things to take up his time, like video gaming, which he's an avid player of such things. It was mentioned in the video about last week's sensation on Twitter, while playing the new game craze, Animal Crossing. I'm not a gamer and didn't know what it was, so if you're like me, this article should help out.

:: Even though I've been working during this crazy time, I still find things to take up my time as well and have made some screencaps from Star Wars Resistance.

:: Here's a blast from the past. A very quick video of Elijah doing promotion for North.

:: If you're looking for something else to do online, Always and Forever will fulfill your need for Elijah knowledge. There's movie stills, videos, artworks, interviews, tons of photos from events and photoshoots and our comprehensive biography. So stay a while and check us out.

:: And lastly, what about that inset photo from on set of The Romantics taken by Jamie Hawkins? Nice.

That's all... and stay safe.


April 11, 2020

We're back baby! It took a little time, but our wonderful tech, Jochen, worked out the issue with posting. It's only led us to the reality that a change may have to come, so hang on until that happens.

:: Get your scorecards ready because COVID-19 is putting everything on hold, and that means the anticipated hobbit reunions which were planned this spring have been postponed. Along with Fan Expo Dallas, MegaCon Orlando has also been pushed back to June and Calgary Expo to July. The Toronto Comicon was cancelled entirely, but have transferred over to the equally exciting FanExpo Canada in August. Currently, Elijah, Sean, Billy and Dom are confirmed for Dallas and Canada.

:: While the world is staying safely at home and practicing social distancing until this difficult time is over, people are finding things to take up time... like watching movies and television. Elijah's work has landed in some suggestions of the best things to check out. Best Movies on Netflix, Best Crime Dramas and Top Slasher Movies.

:: Come To Daddy is not only on Amazon to watch or buy, it's now available physically in the form of Blu ray and DVD.

:: Ant Timpson shared another bizarre choice of wardrobe for Norval in Come To Daddy.

:: There's a full video of Elijah's Q&A at the last convention that took place, seemingly like ages ago, Comic Con Liverpool.

:: Some people take photos with Elijah, some have his signature, and some will go to great lengths to have their encounter last forever.

:: Sadly, Andrew Jack, the dialect coach on The Lord of the Rings recently passed, and warm tributes to him came pouring in on social media.

:: Did you know we just passed the 20th anniversary the very first Lord Of The Rings teaser trailer? Some of those who helped bring the trilogy to us sat down with members of The One Ring.net to have an hour long chat about it.

:: What happens when Star Wars meets The Lord of the Rings?

:: I struggled for a long time with a very old computer, but I finally purchased a new, high-powered one and the first thing I did to test out its performance was to make this short video with some 3D effects.

:: Lastly, that server upgrade to Always and Forever which stopped me from posting has completely shut down the forum, even for viewing. The newer these upgrades get, the more portions of the site are not compatible with them. This last one pretty much put the nail in the coffin for our old forum. We're sorry to see it go, but times change, however, sometimes for the better as I first stated. One of those changes being, A&F has recently started an Instgram account which will be filled with the same fun things that are shared on our Twitter feed. Hop on over and give us a follow!

That's all... for now.


March 14, 2020

Sorry to report that the Fan Expo Dallas where Elijah, Sean, Dom and Billy were to appear in a couple of weeks has been postponed due to the COVID-19 occurrences. If you already purchased your tickets, go to their announcement to read more. The upcoming MegaCon in Orlando is still on for April, but the officials are closely monitoring developments.

:: However, over in the UK, Comic Con Liverpool is done, and it looks like those who attended had a wonderful time. Elijah was there signing autographs and posing with fans. You can see a page full of photos from the event just by clicking the image below.

:: He also conducted a Q&A and a good portion of it can be seen on YouTube and a quick one of his introduction.

:: Not one, but two different sites have placed Come To Daddy high on their lists as one of the best horror movies so far this year. Check out the multi-entertainment Thrillest, and the prestigious Rotten Tomatoes, where another film Elijah had a hand in made the list.

:: Here's an interesting Come To Daddy billboard found in Russia. If you're wondering, it states "Congratulations on the birth of your son, Elijah." And the bubble says "Come To Daddy." Director Ant Timpson derisively claims it's best billboard ever.

:: Elijah slipped into his hobbit attire and accent once more, but you can only see him from the nose down in this commercial full of famous mouths.

:: Remember the 2018, Company X/SpectreVision movie with the extra long title? Well, now it's been shortened a bit to Seven Stages to Achieve Eternal Bliss, and was quietly released in theaters earlier this month. It will be available on VOD come March 17th, and here's the pretty hilarious trailer.

:: Finally, artist Batflashdesign created this incredible rendition of Elijah as The Mad Hatter, one of Batman's enemies, and people on social media are loving the notion as a possibility in the new movie. If you're familiar with the character, Elijah would be perfect!

That's all... for now.


February 29, 2020

Elijah's close friend, Autumn de Wilde, has her first feature film, Emma, currently out in theaters. He was on hand at the recent premiere of the movie and served as moderator for a Q&A. We have a few photos from both and there's a video from the Q&A on YouTube.

:: Elijah has been turning out some excellent interviews lately and this podcast from Watch Less is no exception.

:: I've compiled some behind the scenes and screencaps from Come To Daddy in the prodcution stills section. ::WARNING:: If you haven't seen the movie yet, it's probably best not to take a peek, especially if you don't like spoilers.

:: Listen up UK and Ireland fans. You have a chance to own a free copy of Come To Daddy two different ways. Log on here and here to enter, but hurry. They end March 2nd and March 6th respectively.

:: Color Out of Space is currently out on Blu-ray/DVD, but if you want a free copy of this mind-trip, head over to Slant Magazine. This also ends on March 2nd.

:: If you missed out on the Dirk Gently auction a couple of years back, you have another opportunity to own a piece of this incredible, but short-lived program. You can place bids on props and wardrobe beginning March 12th. There are a lot of great items from the second season like Todd's watch, Dirk's retro shirt, Wakti's headdress and Panto's scissors sword.

:: There's also a bit of news about another possible stab at the Dirk Gently universe. According to executive producer, Arvind Ethan David, there is a definite (maybe) plan (sort of). They are hard at work trying to bring an animated project together for us die-hard Dirktectives. They have a lead writer and animation show-runner. Their next step is working on character designs and storylines. I'm sure we all wish them the best of luck and thank all those involved for their efforts to keep Dirk alive.

:: We have a first look at SpectreVision's newest production photo from Archenemy.

:: Finally, I came across the remarkable inset photo of Elijah taken by Chase Heverlo on the set of Wilfred back in 2012.

That's all... for now.


February 14, 2020

Promotions, and clips, and photos, oh my!

:: Come To Daddy was released last weekend and the publicity is in full swing. Before the film's release, there was a special screening in Los Angeles and there are plenty of photos, in addition to a video from the Q&A which followed along with some dancing. There's a design for a new poster from Mondo which sold out during the screening, but it's been said more will be made.

:: If you're not in an area where it's showing in a theater, you can rent or buy this amazing movie from various streaming outlets. But if you can't at the moment, here are some clips to further entice you. Can I ask you something?, Selfie, Elton John.

:: Of course there are interviews too. Here are a couple of excerpts from Late Night with Seth Meyers [1] [2], and Conan O'Brien. [1] [2]. You can watch the full Late Night interview on Hulu, and I made some screencaps from both appearances. Seth Meyers and Conan.

:: Elijah took part in some amusing, informative and random video interviews like these from Wired, where he addresses the most searched questions about himself on the internet, a fantastic in depth chat about some of his films that he doesn't speak of too often from Yahoo's Role Recall, and First We Feast's Hot Ones, where he sort of took on their hot sauce challenge. I would love if Elijah fully participated in their standard interview platform.

:: Check out these online print conversations from Coming Soon, Rue Morgue, SyFy Wire, Forbes, and my personal favorite, Birth.Movies.Death, which is hysterical!

:: The difference between print and video is podcasting and there's a great one from The Boo Crew.

:: Here are some photos of the Q&A's with Elijah and Ant that were held at the ArcLight in LA, the Alamo Drafthouse in New York City and San Fransisco, and in Auckland, NZ where the movie opens nationwide beginning February 20. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8

:: Closing out this Come To Daddy-centric post with Elijah helping out the Girl Scouts, and taking a break from filming in his jammies.

That's all... for now.


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