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February 28, 2021

Let's begin with the big news of the month. By now we know that Elijah and Daniel Radcliffe got together for a photoshoot. Well, not exactly together. Click here to see the pictures.

:: As photographer, Art Streiber recounts, managing Elijah and Daniel's shoot in these pandemic times was a task. In a makeshift studio set up in a driveway, he photographed them separately, a week apart with each of them playing off their invisible counterparts. He described them as "gentlemen who were delightful in front of the camera and rose to the challenge." All of this is in celebration of Harry Potter and The Lord of the Rings both celebrating their 20th anniversary this year. We can thank Empire Magazine for the photoshoot, their interview conducted via Zoom, and a phenomenal article in their April issue on stands now.

:: Also in conjunction with the anniversary, and 27 years after the first set, Elijah made another engaging Superbowl commercial earlier this month.

:: HeadGum's Dead Eyes Podcast recently spoke with three actors who shared roles with Tom Hanks' characters when they were kids. In Radio Flyer, Elijah did just that. Have a listen to the podcast here.

:: There's a pretty good article from Collider that examines Elijah's four best performances showing why he's one of the great actors. Personally, I would include two others. Maniac and Everything Is Illuminated.

:: If you haven't seen it yet or would like to view one of the most unique superhero movies recently released, SpectreVision's Archenemy is now available on Blu-ray/DVD.

:: Closing out this February recap, it was reported that Elijah has signed on with ICM Partners. This immersive representation has a niche with independent films, television and podcasting, some of the very projects Elijah is connected with. May they have a productive and bountiful relationship.

That's all... for now.


January 28, 2021

Another month has come and gone which brings us to a new year and a very special occasion. Today is Elijah's birthday! Not just any birthday, it's his 40th birthday, but first....

:: Fagoria's Chainsaw Awards are open for voting, and there are a few categories that pertain to Elijah. Click here to cast your vote.

:: There's a new monthly blog discussing the works from SpectreVisoin. This month starts with Toad Road. Go check it out and bookmark it!

:: Take a listen to this Amber Sealey interview conducted last month on Making Movies Is Hard podcast. Among other topics of film making, Amber addresses directing her latest film with Elijah, No Man of God, and overcoming the obstacles that came with it. Her discussion begins at 27:30.

:: Last year was a strange time for viewing new films, but Dread Central readers have voted SpectreVisions's Color out of Space the best genre movie of 2020!

:: It seems like yesterday I first saw Elijah on the screen, but that was 29 years ago. It's gratifying to know that he's kept his head on straight and is still going strong, showing no signs of letting up. Well, the past 11 months has slowed us all down while this pandemic goes on, but it will pass one day and things can get back to normal.

:: Click on the image below to be taken to some greetings, artworks and videos wishing Elijah a Happy Birthday.


December 31, 2020

Goodbye, adieu, au revoir, ciao, sayonara, adios, smell ya later and stick a fork in it. 2020 is done! It's been one hell of a time for us all. We've been through heartbreak, chaos and stress, but made it through. As bad as this year was, it hasn't been the worse in history. Think of those poor dinosaurs. Who would have thought a year ago we would have to overcome so many obstacles and prevail to see the beginning of the new year.

January brings a significant event as Elijah will celebrate his 40th birthday and if you would like to say happy birthday, drop me an email with your respectful greetings, artworks, stories, poems or videos no later than January 18th and I'll include it in our Age of Aquarius section.

I'll do a bit of celebrating myself. I will conduct a challenge held on A&F's Twitter during the month, so think of all those things you love about Elijah's work and join in! Anyone with a Twitter account can play along and it should be fun for all. Just click here to read all about it.

Elijah has made this year bearable for me... like he always does. Although his public appearances were scarce, he provided us with some awesome things in 2020. The highly praised film, Come To Daddy, he made the most of his isolation time with video games and turned up in some brief acting stints. He managed to make a new movie, No Man of God, which finally has its IMDb page, and he joined the video greeting site, Cameo.

As with previous years, I've edited a year-end video, and surprisingly, it's not as short as I thought it would be. However, I tried to pull up everything I could to include in the video. Click on the graphic below to view the Year of 2020 and enjoy!

See you in a calmer and healthier 2021!


November 30, 2020

Tokyo Comic Con is going on the first weekend of December, but virtually. Elijah has signed on to be a guest, but virtually. Autographs will be given, but virtually. The last one... I'm not sure how that's going to work, but you can read more about it here.

:: More AFK Arena ads have dropped. Check out Bedroom Secrets, Nothing Beats a Good Book and the funnest one yet, Dinner Date. Elijah and this orc have the strangest bromance.

:: If you're like me and have every edition of The Lord of the Rings on DVD or blu-ray, there's another format coming. The trilogy, along with The Hobbit films will be released as 4K UHD blu-ray. So, if you really want to get into Middle Earth, these are available on Amazon. Those who had advanced screenings have said the look is spectacular.

That's all... for now.


October 31, 2020

One month has passed and we have landed on Halloween, but this recap doesn't contain anything too spooky.

:: Elijah is partaking in some amusing promotional ads with a needy orc for the RPG video game, AFK Arena. The first three chapters are; Caught in the Act, Belinda Who?, and Normal Day at the Office. Check out some shorter videos on AFK Arena's YouTube channel along with this humorous behind the scenes video with Lijy and Uz.

:: Filming has ended on Elijah's new movie, No Man of God. Director, Amber Sealy, clarified the film does not spotlight Ted Bundy, but it's more about FBI agent, Bill Hagmaier, Elijah's character. She also spoke about the experiences they faced in these times of social distancing.

"It’s been a challenge unlike anything any of us on the crew have ever known. Doing our prep almost entirely over zoom, many of us will never meet each other in real life without masks, goggles and at least 6 feet of distance between us." Amber went on to say, safety was the main priority and everyone on set came out healthy. Way to go! Here are a few images from the shoot as she kept the actors concealed. [1] [2] [3]

:: Not too many reviews yet, but the ones that have come give SpectreVision's Archenemy some good vibes. The Beyond Fest premiere was not the standard affair, being held at a drive-in. There are some photos, and the trailer which dropped earlier this month. Expect the film to be released on December 11th.

:: Did anyone get to watch SpectreVision's Evening Rituals during the Nightstream event? Nightstream is a virtual genre film festival, combining five different festivals into one extended weekend of screenings and events. Elijah, Daniel and Lisa chatted to viewers and among themselves about their childhood and adult memories of horror and showed off some of their cool memorabilia collections. Sadly, it was a one-time affair and not available on demand. However, I made a collage screencap of it.

:: Finally, digging way back into the archives, MTV has re-released the Punk'd episode from May 2006. I still have a good chuckle over Elijah's veracity to the police.

That's all... for now.


September 30, 2020

How is everyone? It's been a while, but if it was missed the last time, I've chosen to do a monthly recap now that Covid is among us, which brings many appearances and fresh news to a snail's pace. Whenever things get back to some normality, so will I. Fortunately, there is some news that has accumulated.

:: First things first. Elijah's new film, No Man of God started filming in mid September. It's reassuring to know production is underway, so sending good vibes that all goes well. Stay safe people.

:: Archenemy, SpectreVision's latest film will have its sold out screening at Beyond Fest next week. It also had a showing at Sitges Film Festival where it was in contention for Best Motion Picture.

:: There are a couple of podcasts indirectly pertaining to Elijah that are worth checking out. The first is, Why Ar Dads where they discuss the film The War. Second is a Nicolas Cage podcast, Caged In which gets into The Trust.

:: We all have struggled through this year and Elijah sent a Cameo video and shared a few words of encouragement.

:: Lastly, along with the inset photo, here are a few images of Elijah that have been scattered across the internet over the last six weeks. [1] [2] [3]

That's all... for now.


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