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November 30, 2015

:: Not much happened this month, however Elijah participated in The Canon podcast a couple of weeks ago and defended the movie The Goonies. I've snagged a few photos and it was a great discussion that you can listen to here.

:: It has been announced that SpectreVision's next film The Greasy Strangler will premiere for the Midnight Films at next years Sundance Film Festival.

:: Elijah along with Patrick Stewart, Virginia Madsen, Rob Pattinson, and Julie Delpy were on hand to honor Sir Ian McKellen at the Chateau Marmont in Los Angeles. PIC

:: By invite only tomorrow, December 1st, Wooden Wisdom will play at the "work in progress" development, Brickell City Centre in Miami.

:: Don't forget that Cooties will be available on DVD and Blu-ray tomorrow!

That's all... for now.


November 15, 2015

:: Excellent work on Elijah's Halloween makeup this year Ms. de Wilde!

:: Like last year at the same time, Wooden Wisdom will embark on another U.S. deejaying tour.

:: Elijah will be live at Vidiots today and it's believed you can watch/listen to it from here.

:: Cooties will be released on Blu ray and DVD on December 1st with plenty of extras like this exclusive look at the gag reel.

:: Here's a fun video where Elijah takes a looks at his first appearance on Entertainment Tonight.

:: And a bit awkward, Elijah reads excerpts from some X-rated fan fiction written about him.

:: Some soundtracks to talk about. The Howard Shore composed The Lord of the Rings soundtrack has been voted best of all time six years running and the aforementioned movie Cooties soundtrack is available on vinyl. If only I had a turntable to play that awesome looking LP on.

:: Lastly, we have to catch up on a couple of podcasts though iTunes. Bhi Bhiman and Elijah Wood - beginning at 30:30 and video during Cooties promotions from the Apple Store in London.

That's all... for now.


October 25, 2015

:: Bring on the witches! Press and promotions for The Last Witch Hunter are plentiful in this update. The cast and crew attended the New York Comic Con a couple of weeks ago and you can check out some photos from it here. A video of the entire panel was shot and a special behind the scenes video taken by star, Vin Diesel.

:: A few days later everyone was on hand for the premiere in New York City. You can view the images here along with a couple of videos. Interview with Elijah and On the Red Carpet (no audio). Here's a different video you may enjoy of two guys who were invited to the premiere as they recorded their experience.

:: I tried to single out some of the more entertaining interviews promoting The Last Witch Hunter because we all know how repetitive they can be.
Harkins Theaters
Susan Kamyab
Dallas Morning News
SR Trailers
Good Morning Texas
AMP Radio

:: Elijah also hit the late night talks show circuit. Here are the full episodes from Stephen Colbert, Conan O'Brien and Elijah was gracious to part with a favorite of his.

:: I've made a few screencaps from both of the shows. [Colbert] [Conan]

:: Read this conversation Elijah gave along with co-star Rose Leslie as they discuss the film, working in Pittsburgh and hanging in Austin. (which has become one of my favorite cities)

:: Jumping off the witch's broom, SpectreVision is on the founding board campaigning to bring a film center and horror museum to the Stanley Hotel which is the grounds for the Stanley Film Festival in Colorado. Take a look at a video of the board members explaining more about it.

:: Elijah lands on a list of the most influential in horror. Keep scrolling down to read a nice interview about SpectreVision.

:: And lastly, here's one of those telling print interviews with Elijah as he talks about the soundtrack of his life.

:: Thanks once again to Ambree, Misty and Serena!

That's all... for now.


October 9, 2015

:: Well, I survived my first time at Fantastic Fest in Austin and it was just that. Fantastic! I saw lots of great movies, had great times and met great people. Rebecca! I met Tim League and Zoe Bell, bumped into Charlie Kaufman, Guillemo del Toro and Zach Cowie and chatted with Elijah himself and his brother Zach. It was an absolute blast and I plan to head back next year. But enough about that. Click on the image below to view some photos from the festival.

:: Here are a few videos recapping parts of the festival where you can see Elijah participating in some of the events. Fantastic Debates, Wooden Wisdom Turkish Bizarre and Fantastic Feud.

:: Just after the festival, Elijah jetted off to London for a couple days to promote Cooties which will be released on DVD/Blu-ray in the U.K. next week. (Blu-ray is region free) You can check out some images here.

:: Promotions means interviews so here are a couple from Lorraine and audio from Radio X. Check out a short clip from that interview.

:: Now that promotions for Cooties is taking a breather, it's time to gear up for The Last Witch Hunter which is in theaters across the globe starting October 21st. (October 23rd in U.S.) It's kicking off with appearances by the cast and director at the New York Comic Con tomorrow.

:: Here are a couple of videos for the film. Elijah on Dolan the 37th, behind the scenes (no audio) and a great print interview given by Elijah which contains spoilers.

:: Live near Chicago? Lionsgate is holding a Halloween party for The Last Witch Hunter.

:: Twitter and Elijah conducted a Q&A this week. You can read the whole rundown if you missed it or just want to relive it.

:: Lastly, Elijah is scheduled to appear on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert October 13th. You can also catch Vin Diesel on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon October 14th and Live with Kelly and Michael October 20th.

:: Thanks to Ambree, Misty and all the wonderful folks at Fantastic Fest!

That's all... for now.


September 22, 2015

:: Cooties, Cooties everywhere! With the release of the killer kid movie this past weekend, Elijah and the cast have been on a rampage with promotions. I've snagged some images and screencaps of the most recent apperances and interviews.

:: As I stated, there's been a lot of talk about Cooties, so here are just a few of the videos. Late Night with Seth Meyers, The Today Show, The View, Good Day Sacramento, CT Style, Screen Rant, AOL Build, Leigh Whannell on Huffington Post, The Nerdist and a behind the scenes B-Roll video.

:: If that wasn't enough, there's more for you. Check out these extras too. SpectreVision on IndieWire, SiriusXM a print interview on relating to child actors and ETC Podcast with some caps. [1] [2] [3] [4]

:: So with all this talk, how is Cooties? Fantastic! I watched it this past weekend and I couldn't stop smiling. What a wonderfully funny movie. But don't take my word for it. Here is a page of reviews from others who thinks the same. There's also some new images posted on the movie stills page.

:: Until the movie is available for home viewing, you can get your hands on the soundtrack for Cooties.

:: Though it may seem like it, this update is not all Cooties. Fans couldn't be more excited that Over the Garden Wall and Tome of the Unknown won Emmys for Outstanding Animated Program and Individual Achievement in Animation beating out other long running shows. They are well deserved wins and this article explains just why. Congratulations to all involved! BTW, the "For Sara" audio cassette tape sold out... but I got mine!

:: It won't be long before another onslaught of movie promotions start up; this time with The Last Witch Hunter. Its gears are turning with a second trailer. There are some new high res images and the announcement that the cast will be on hand at the New York Comic Con next month!

:: Elijah flexed his movie muscles and took part in the Movie Fights. [1] [2] [3] How did he fair in the match? Check it out!

:: Finally, I'm heading off to Austin tomorrow for my very first Fantastic Fest and I couldn't be more excited! I don't know what goodies I'll bring back but I know I'll bring back plenty!

:: Thanks for the finds Ambree, Misty and Rakshi.

That's all... for now.


September 7, 2015

:: Wooden Wisdom is wrapping up their deejaying tour overseas and two pages of pictures are available for viewing.

:: There are several video interviews and a podcast conducted while on tour. Press conference, NDTV, IBN Live, In Germany, YLE UUTISET and Basso podcast.

:: Here's another rather lengthy but wonderful podcast for The Nerdist which starts 4:05 in.

:: BIG congratulations to Set Fire to the Stars for leading the pack with seven nominations including Best Feature in this year's BAFTA CYMRU Awards (Wales division). The ceremony takes place on September 27th. Good Luck!

:: The partners of SpectreVision will be on hand at Fantastic Fest later this month as the keynote speakers at the Fantastic Market.

:: Better beware. Elijah brings an important message.

:: The inset photo is just one from a shoot for Empire Magazine last year. It's a shame they just came to be known, but at least we have them now. Curious to the images, I stumbled on two more photos I've never seen from 2011's promotion for Happy Feet 2 taken with Robin Williams. [1] [2]

:: Don't forget the Emmy nominated Over The Garden Wall is released on DVD tomorrow. Get your copy and see why it's been so widely honored.

:: Again, thanks to those taking photos and video overseas and to Ambree and Misty for bringing the news home.

That's all... for now.


August 24, 2015

:: Wooden Wisdom's latest tour is going on even as I type. One of the first things Elijah took part in was planting a tree for the International EXPO 2016. There have been other photos floating around from their visit to Turkey. More countries are scheduled in the coming weeks so keep watch on that tour page.

:: Before Elijah trekked over the Atlantic, he sat down with Cooties co-stars for some interviews. Dread Central, ET Canada. Here are a couple of photos. [1] [2]

:: Cooties is still gaining positive buzz and lands on the must see, most anticipated films for the fall.

:: The film is also set to open this year's SpectrFest.

:: Out on VOD now, The Boy is still racking up some great reviews. IndieWire, Crome Yellow and The New York Times.

:: Bridging the two films, check out this interview from Rainn Wilson who stars in both films.

:: Over the Garden Wall has put out its list of features on the upcoming DVD out September 8th.

:: Though it wasn't in a theater, I got to see Set Fire to the Stars and posted my review here. Check out this interview and audio in June from Elijah about the movie.

:: Thank you Ambree, Misty and all the folks taking photos overseas.

That's all... for now.


August 9, 2015

:: The official trailer for The Last Witch Hunter is out and it looks like the perfect start to a series of films. Also, check out a few screencaps.

:: Elijah has contributed to the opening narration for a short animated virtual reality movie. Take a peek at Henry.

:: In about a month Wooden Wisdom will be taking their first deejaying trip to India.

:: The Boy will screen in Los Angeles this Friday and the SpectreVision guys along with the star will be there for a discussion.

:: Could this be a rough draft teaser poster for The Trust?

:: Tomorrow, Elijah will take part in another Reddit session. You can go here to submit a question.

:: Thanks again Ambree!

That's all... for now.


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