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October 13, 2014

:: Not only will Elijah make an appearance at next weekend's Dallas Comic Con, but Sean Astin has been added to the bill with a Q&A and photo ops scheduled with both!

:: Elijah is hitting the convention circle. He stopped by the New York Comic Con over the weekend and made a surpirse visit to the Over The Garden Wall panel. Check out the pics here.

:: That appearance can only mean the premiere date set has been set. It will start on November 3rd on Cartoon Network. Check out a preview here and a sneak peak.

:: We finally have a look at the world exclusive trailer for Set Fire To The Stars which will open in the UK on November 7th.

:: The film has also been added to the Bath Film Festival which begins November 13th.

:: I got to see Open Windows and have to say it's an incredibly wild and suspenseful juggernaut of an entertaining movie. It's currently on VOD, Amazon and iTunes and opening at theaters in November. Here are some recent interviews from Elijah and Director Nacho Vigalondo. Wired, The Film Stage, Thompson On Hollywood, Playboy, The Wolfman Cometh and Co.Create.

:: Hearty congratulations goes to SpectreVision and A Girl Walks Home Along At Night for winning three prizes at the Sitges Film Festival. The film is set to open in limited release on November 21st. With honors like these, let's hope for a wider release.

:: Here are some strange and a little creepy photos of Elijah's Skype conference during SpectreFest last weekend for Open Windows. [1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6]

:: Not very often (if it has ever happened) has Elijah spoken about several of his acting roles both old and new at one time. Check out this interview over at AV Club.

:: Did you know you can vote for your favorite Herring & Herring FRAMED September cover? With several different celebs gracing the covers, guess who is leading the way?

:: Lastly, I'd like to welcome some new affiliates to A&F. VinXperience (Vin Deisel), Clea DuVall Fan, Kerry Bishe Fan and of course, Dominic Monaghan Network.

:: Thank you Ambree, Jaramajo and Teresa!

That's all... for now.


September 28, 2014

While filming continues on The Last Witch Hunter in Pittsburgh, Elijah took a little break to attend the Steel City Tattoo Convention. Columnist and musician Dan Lorenzo said Elijah (who as usual) showed up unescorted and super low key. Judging from the photos it didn't take long for people to find him.

:: Was he getting a feel for another tattoo? Seems so. After leaving the convention in Pittsburgh, Elijah surprised everyone by attending Fantastic Fest that took place in Austin. Not only did he get to talk about his new film Open Windows which will be on VOD and iTunes October 2nd, he also got a new tattoo. Check out the photos here.

:: Congratulations goes out to SpectreVision and A Girl Walks Home Alone At Night for winning the Most Promising Newcomer Prize at the Deauville International Film Festival!

:: The September issue of Herring & Herring FRAMED is finally out but in case you haven't gotten your copy of the magazine yet, we got the scans from the issue.

:: Lastly, today marks Always and Forever's 13th anniversary! Back in 2001, the first webmistress Lucy put this site together to inform fans of the most current events with Elijah and we continue that to this day. We are extremely proud to be the longest continuing fan site of Elijah's. A&F wouldn't be here without readers, followers and certainly without Elijah. To commemorate this anniversary, I have put together a couple of wallpapers looking back over those years.

:: Thanks again to those who took photos and to Dan for providing his own.

That's all... for now.


September 12, 2014

:: Production began last weekend on The Last Witch Hunter and Elijah has been spotted around Pittsburgh with star Vin Diesel. From the synopsis and the photos, it appears that Elijah will be playing Father Dolan. Here are some of those photos. [1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6] [7] [8]

:: Prior to setting foot in the Steel City, Wooden Wisdom took to entertaining the crowd at the Monterrey City Festival. Here's a short clip of their set.

:: Taking some time prior, for the second time Elijah visited the Fan Expo Canada a couple of weeks ago. Check out the pics here. There is also a video of his Q&A session. [Part 1] [Part 2]

:: There was an exclusive interview given by Elijah while attending the Expo where he chats about film, fans and more.

:: The all photo magazine Herring & Herring FRAMED hits newsstands this month and we all know Elijah is one of its cover subjects. Here's a video that follows Elijah's photoshoot as well as a video that explains the concept of the magazine.

:: SpectreVision has sprung on the public its animated logo for the opening credits of its projects. Nice!

:: Finally, three new wallpapers have been added. One sent in by Romina and two more in the style of Pop Art.

:: Thanks to the many who took photos and to Ambree for the great finds!

That's all... for now.


August 27, 2014

:: Sadly we said our final goodbyes as Wilfred ended its wild, outrageous and emotional four year ride on television. If you haven't seen the finale, the next few sections will contain spoilers! Take a look at the last two episodic screencaps for Resistance and Happiness to relive those final moments. For each, there are wonderful overviews on the entire series.

:: Now that Wilfred is over and most of the questions have been answered with much satisfaction, set your sights upon a few closing interviews from the cast and crew. Why It Won't Be A Lost Situation, Putting Wilfred Down and Series Finale with David Zuckerman.

:: Here is a compilation of behind the scenes videos from Wilfred that may not have been seen by all fans of the show. Video 1, Video 2, Video 3, Video 4

:: Wooden Wisdom have been globetrotting again. They played to enthusiastic crowds at Trutnoff in Czech Republic then back to L.A. as they deejayed at the Gala Dinner for Chopra Foundation last weekend. Here are a few pics from the event. [1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6]

:: Before heading out, Elijah appeared at the Sundance NextFest for A Girl Walks Alone At Night. Check out the quick interview Elijah gave.

:: While the movie has been noted in their lineup for some time, SpectreVision has just announced filming will soon start on Curse the Darkness. Check out the poster!

:: Open Windows is revving up for its showing in the states on VOD October 2nd and in theaters November 7th with the newest trailer.

:: If you're in the vicinity of beautiful Toronto Canada or want to take a trip there, Elijah is scheduled to appear at the Fan Expo Canada this weekend.

:: Or if you're in the U.K., critically acclaimed Set Fire To The Stars will next hit the Cambridge Film Festival which begins this weekend. The movie premieres on September 7th with plenty of seats available. Also, there a fantastic review of the movie from the Edinburg Film Festival. Scroll to the date Tuesday, 24th June.

:: Here's Elijah having a bit of fun with his mug shot from The Late, Late Show.

:: Remember Cartoon Network's upcoming animated series Over The Garden Wall? Here's a video interview with the cast and some images from the show as well as behind the scenes.

:: Finally, on a somber note, it was on the very day of my last update that we lost a magnificent actor who was beloved and admired by so many, Elijah included. I dedicate my current wallpaper to Robin Williams and the words expressed by Elijah.

:: Thank you, as always Misty and Patrick!

That's all... for now.


August 11, 2014

:: While Elijah was off enjoying some time away, negotiations were being made for him to join the cast of The Last Witch Hunter that begins filming in Pittsburgh next month and extras casting is taking place later this week.

:: This weekend, The Splash House Pool Festival took place and guess who was deejaying? That's right! Wooden Wisdom. We have some images from the event here.

:: Have you ordered your copy of Herring and Herring - Framed yet? The publication hits stands in September and by pre-ordering, you have a chance to win a signed print.

:: It's hard to believe this week is the series finale of Wilfred. There will be back to back episodes that will put everything together and explain what devote viewers have been waiting on for the past four wonderfully insane years. Check out the latest screencaps from Responsibility and Courage. Don't forget about the high res publicity photos courtesy of FX.

:: The cast of Wilfred hasn't let us down with their behind the scenes hijinks. Dorian and Elijah give us some insights on prepping for a scene.

:: Fan Expo Canada is getting closer and they have announce their pricing and schedule.

:: Here's an entertaining video from Elijah about his Pop culture personality.

:: If you have an IMDb account you have to get over there and vote for The Chosen One.

:: Lastly, a new wallpaper has been added. It's easy to spot a man in a bow tie.

:: Thanks to Ambree this go-around!

That's all... for now.


July 29, 2014

:: Despite the news that Wilfred wouldn't be represented at the San Diego Comic Con this year, Elijah was still on hand to be seen. He joined cast members of The Hobbit for their panel discussion, as deejay Wooden Wisdom at Bang Bang and just hanging out as a fan with fans. [1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6] [7] [8] [9]

:: You can watch the full Hobbit panel video here.

:: Last week Elijah attended CineFamily's showing of the horror classic Texas Chainsaw Massacre which celebrated its 40th anniversary. Here are a few pics. [1] [2] [3] [4] [5]

:: A new addition is finally up in the production stills section for Set Fire To The Stars which includes some new images.

:: Check out some screen caps from Elijah's latest visit to The Late, Late Show with Craig Ferguson and you can watch the show on YouTube.

:: I forgot to point out in the last update highlights from a video interview at the Hero Hangout at the Edinburgh Film Festival.

:: There's only three weeks until the final show of Wilfred but for now we have screencaps for the two latest episodes Forward and Patterns.

:: Here's the newest behind the scene video of Wilfred, In the Wild.

:: Check out this telltale interview given by Wooden Wisdom on their collaborative relationship as deejay partners. Also this casual video chat while in Istanbul earlier this year of the duo discussing pretty much the same thing.

:: I'll close out the month of July with a couple of new wallpapers.

:: Thanks Romina for your wallpaper and Ron from Wilfred. I'm still digging!

That's all... for now.


July 12, 2014

:: Straight off promotions in Scotland for Set Fire To The Stars, Elijah zipped over to Spain for the premiere of Open Windows. You can check out the images from the photo call here and the premiere over here.

:: Elijah and Open Windows co-star Sasha Grey appeared on the always amusing El Hormiguero. There's also a video of the show in its entirety.

:: Here are a few video interviews for Open Windows from the premiere, Europa Press, Los Interrogantes and Espectacular TV. There's a translated article interview as well from El Pais.

:: Directly after finishing in Spain, Elijah was off to Salt Lake City for FantasyCon's Kick Off Party where the deejaying duo Wooden Wisdom wowed the attendees. You can have a listen to some of their cosmic tunes here.

:: Got a slew of screencaps from the two latest episodes of Wilfred. Loyalty and the mind-blowing Answers.

:: A bunch of new behind the scenes videos from Wilfred. Randall Einhorn Talks Wilfred, The Cliff Stunt, Elijah's Swollen Eyes, The Cuddle Rod, Final Season Preview, A Boy and His Dog, A Family Affair, and a cool On the Set Tour with Fiona Gubelmann.

:: More interviews from the cast and crew of Wilfred. First, a fantastic "almost tell all" interview given by David Zuckerman and an equally compelling one from Jason Gann. There's also a nice long conference call from Elijah.

:: A Girl Walks Alone At Night will find its way to the Sitges Film Festival in October.

:: Elijah is scheduled to take part in the Fan Expo Canada in late August but before that, next week Elijah will make a return visit to The Late, Late Show with Craig Ferguson on July 16th.

:: Lastly, a new wallpaper for these hot summer days.

:: Thank you for the finds Ambree, Misty and Serena!

That's all... for now.


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