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Portuguese Chat Transcript

fabiano: How has it been playing Frodo?

elijah_wood: fabiano....Well, Frodo was definitly a challenge to me! Part of this challenge was about the fans' expectancy!

Lig: Do you intend to come to Brazil?

elijah_wood: lig...Yes, I hope to get there soon! I always wanted to visit Brazil, I love brazilian music and culture!

Elisa: How do you feel being the main actor of a trilogy wich has so many fans??? Do you think you had to have a lot of responsibility for that?

elijah_wood: elisa...I really think I had to have a lot ot responsibility, but I was aware of it all the time and I think that's the reason I kept the good work.

Nina: Elijah do you know if they will record HOBBIT or SILMARILLION?

elijah_wood: nina...Well, that's pretty interesting! Because The Hobbit would give an amazing film! But as far as I know, Peter is not interested on doing this, even though a lot of peple would love to work on this film! Silmarillion is a very complicated book, I can only think about it in a cult serie...

xlucianax: I've heard that u went to Japan Wednesday; Where is the best place u have ever been and what was the reaction of the fans there?

elijah_wood: xlucianx....One of my faverotite places is Ireland! I lived in Dublin while I was shooting a film and I loved that place!!!

How was your family's reaction about your tattoo?

elijah_wood:Since all the team got a tattoo too, my family understood that it means a lot to all of us. My siblings loved it!

joana: What advice could you give to us aspiring actors/actresses??

elijah_wood: joana...I think a good advice is reaching for inspiration and fighting for your dreams! And being truthfull to yourself!


elijah_wood: fezinha....NO! CAN YOU BELIEVE THIS?? I think I've been single for too much time!!!! :-(

Legolas: If you weren't Frodo, what other character would you like to play on LOTR?

elijah_wood: legolas...I would play Gollum!!I think he's an incredible character! I used to love him since I read The Hobbit!

xlucianax : What do u think would be the opinion of J.R.R.Thokien about the result of the Trilogy?

elijah_wood: xlucianax....I don't know...It's always hard to judge your own work, I mean, in Tolkien's vision, but I personally think we tried our best to do this work and I think he would get satisfied with that!

mary.loves.arag: After 18 months you've been together with the crew, it was hard to say good-bye?

elijah_wood: mary.loves....It was very hard, because we have spent so much time together, we weren't ready to say good-bye, and when everything was over everybody got sad and they didn't know what to do, it was indeed a huge impact in our lives.

fabi : You're the youngest actor of the crew, do you think this situation helped you or got things even worse?

elijah_wood: fabi...I think as The fellowship of the ring, everybody was at the same level, so the age didn't cause us any problem.

ulmo: have you ever listened to any good brazilian music?

elijah_wood: ulmo....I'm a huge "Joao Gilberto"'s fan, I love "Os Mutantes", and Tropicalia too!!! I really love music!!

diana: What do you look for in a woman?

elijah_wood: diana...I think honesty is something very important...passion... I look for a woman who's in love with life and likes to travel...and I look for someone very romantic!!!

xlucianax: Do you speak portuguese?

elijah_wood: xlucianax...No, I don't! I know this is such an increadible language, but I can't speak portuguese!

Do you like Beatles? Do you know there was a project at the 60's about filming LOTR and the Beatles would shoot the scenes?

elijah_wood: How do you know that? Is that true? Well, I think it would probably be Paul!

elijah_wood: Guys, I love you!!! I'll be there with you soon! It was a pleasure talking to you, I didn't know I had so many brazilian fans! Bye-bye


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