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Regis And Kelly

Elijah comes out, and shakes hand with Regis and then Kelly. Kelly comments on how he shaved his head and asks to touch it.

K- Very nice! That is very nice!

E- That's the new thing. I shaved it and now everyone wants to play with my head.

K- True, true

R- Every year Elijah comes back and he looks a little different. He's all grown up. He's got that sparkle, look at those blue eyes. Born to be a star!

E- Oh no.

R- C'mon, born in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. But he couldn't sit, he got involved...

>E- That's right...

R- Parents said he's got so much energy let's see if he can act.

E- That's what it was, yeah. My mom, I had so much energy growing up that my mom was like he has to have some, some channel for that energy. So, she saw a commercial one day and thought THAT is what he needs to do.

K- My son has a lot of energy, but we just lock him in the bathroom.

E- Yeah...

(crowd laughs)

E- I actually locked my mom out of the house at two years old.

K- Your kidding!

E- Yeah, I locked her out and I knew exactly what I was doing apparently. I don't really remember. But I was laughing, umm, and she was like let me in and I proceeded in destroying the kitchen.

K- You could have really gotten hurt though, that must have been quite a panic for her.

E- Ah, I think she was just upset that that I had done it and that I knew what I was doing. (laughs)

R- Well, Elijah's been at work for the last couple of years on this trilogy. The second one ofcourse is coming out when?

E- The 18th, next Wednesday.

R- Next Wednesday. But I mean you've been in New Zealand forever right?

E- Well, I was in New Zealand for about 16 months making all 3 of the at one time. And I've been back every year for each consecutive film.

R- To do the finishing up...

E- Yeah, to just kinda revisionist kinda stuff.

R- What's New Zealand like? You like it I guess?

E- UNBELIEVABLE! It's such a beautiful country. You must go if you have a chance.

R- What's in New Zealand? All I know is there's sheep (babbling about sheep...)

K- It looks very beautiful

R- I don't like sheep that much

E- (laughs) Factually there are like 20 sheep per person. (in the background Regis is babbling on about sheep and how he does want to just see sheep)

R- That's what I mean. (keeps rambling on about sheep)

K- Is that true?

E- Something like that

K- He's not kidding about the sheep?

E- Oh no, not at all.

R- I know my sheep.

E- (Laughing) There's 3 million people in all of NZ I believe and there's something like 20 sheep per person. So you can imagine how many sheep are there and how much sheep they EAT.

R- Yeah

E- And how much they would HAVE to...

R- You can't beat a good sheep

(everyone laughs)

R- SO what do you like about it besides the sheep?

E- Ummm, (laughs more) it's actually it's sort of the capital of the world in terms of extreme sports so...

K- Are you into extreme sports?

E- You know, it's funny I say all this but I actually never really partook in the extreme action. There was bungy jumping and sky diving and all of that sort of stuff. I did go snow boarding once.

R- Well they wouldn't let a star like you attempt anything that extreme.

E- We were given a list at the beginning of the movie of things we weren't supposed to do like and it ended up becoming a checklist of things that we should be doing so...

K- Right

E- But one of those things was actually surfing which is quite fun to do.

K- Did you start surfing out there?

E- I did. I learned how to surf and bought a surfboard. We all did, we all went surfing. All of the hobbits surf now.

(crowd laughs)

K- Don't they have a shark population there?

E- Not in New Zealand. In Australia they do. All of the awful, kinda scary mean things live in Australia and the really beautiful kinda unharmful unpredatory things live in New Zealand. That's the difference.

K- Ahhhhhh, that's good to know

E- I won't say that extends to people though because...yeah

K- Now what I want to know because they got these guys, see they are so smart, these film companies, now they got them to do all of the movies together and paid them their fee...(rambling on about all 3 movies made together but just one fee)

R- They are paid for three different movies aren't they?

E- Well, the budget I think extends to all three films but there is a budget for each individual film.

K- But now that the first film has made like I think almost 900 million dollars, do you get a raise after that? Is there a way to go bad and...

E- That is a very good question.

K- I think that that should be answered. Who do I call? I want to know.

E- Could you call Bob Shay at New Line?

K- I will call him

E- He's the head of New Line

K- I just want to find out if there is a little something extra for Frodo

R- Frodo is getting very exited. Frodo is saying "where's mine?"

E- We are being taken care of

K- These are actors you know, you never know with actors

R- You've seen the second one?

E- I have

R- How does it stack up in your mind?

E- Umm, I think the second one is just more intense. Darker, more kinda dissurreal, there are more battles in this film

R- Will the 3rd one end it once and for all?

E- It does, in a very emotional turn of events. I've seen bits of the 3rd movie and I can't not cry.

R- Oh, wow that emotional?

E- Yeah, you have no idea what you have coming

R- The movie makes Frodo cry.

K- I don't want anything bad to happen to Frodo

R- Here's a scene from the second one, The Two Towers with Frodo and Sam, played by Sean Austin (yes he said AUSTIN), you know, Rocky. Not Rocky Rudy.


E- He would have loved to have been Rocky I'm sure

R- Check it out here it is

Clip plays...same one as on the Today show..."we're going in circles...we're not alone..."

K- Your eyes...

Elijah smiles and raises his eye brows (cute!!)

R- The Two Towers. Elijah Wood and Sean Astin (he said it correctly that time) ofcourse

E- And Rudy, apparently you are a big fan of Rudy?

R- Yes! Ohh, I love Rudy!

E- Sean will love that!

K- He's so close with Rudy he calls him Rocky.

Elijah laughs a little

R- The Two Towers, opens December 18th all over the country. Elijah, thank you for being with us.


Thanks Candy!


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