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News Archive: October 2003



October 1, 2003

:: Just in case you haven't realised it yet, the full, glorious ROTK trailer is available to download from lordoftherings.net :D
:: We love the bagendinn don't we? :D They have lots of pics from the Celebrity Charades which Elijah Dom and Billy attended, which you can view on their site. Or, i've put the Elijah ones up here for you to see, plus some really fantastic ones from Patsie. TORn also has some people's recounts of the night ;)
:: Some more info about Elijah possibly starring in that "Mort the Dead Teenager" movie - Thanks Merry
:: Some misc pics i've been sent in the past week or so: [1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6] [7] [8] [9] [10] [11] [12] [13] [14] [15]
:: Dom mentioned Elijah when he appeared on Sharon Osbourne's show:
D: You know what they did this year that was really cool? They gave Elijah The Ring at the end of the first film and they gave Andy Serkis, the guy that plays Gollum, The Ring at the end of refilming this year and Elijah was *really, really annoyed* that they gave two out.
S: So now there's two rings!
D: So now there's Gollum got one and Frodo got one so they've got to fight for it. But I thought that was cool.


October 3, 2003

:: Marie sent along her picture of Lij, Dom and Billy from the recent Celeb Charades.. she also sent along her lil experience: [Thanks Girl!]
I went to the Celebrity Cerades today. I arrived around 4:30 and we saw hannah hanging around the building. She was sporting a very short black hair do, and may i say she is very short in person. I also met a lot of other people including ELijah Dom and Billy. Dom looked gorgeous as usual,as well as billy. But Elijah was the biggest surprise. He was sporting a beige jacket, brown pants, a blue button down shirt and a "MOHAWK". It looked so good on him, it sort of suited him. I have pics, but they did not come out good enough. I can send you the best one. I must say one thing, he may look good from a distance, but he looks even better up close.
:: I'm pretty sure this is a rare Toronto pic - Thanks Manda! :)
:: Cassie sent some cool news.. Elijah Wood - as Frodo - was featured on a 7Up can recently, and I've learned these are still on sale. They should be avaliable at US stores like 7-11 and stuff.
:: SmeagolsLady sent along her Elijah experience.. He was in London at some restaurant... this was on the 19th. I was with my friend and I sort of went over and said hi- and i almost started crying!! ^^ He said: "Oh hey there." I asked him whether it was true that he'd be at Collectormania and he said: "I sure will. Am I going to see you there?" And I said "Yeah you'd have to bribe me to stay away."EEEEEEEEEEH!!!
:: Elie sent along some mag news.. Studio was the only Frecnh magazine allowed to come in NZ on the set of LOTR for the last bits of shooting. The next issue of this magazine will contain a tour of the set by Elijah and Sean Astin.
:: Wow, how many title names have they given 'All I Want'?! Aquila sent this.. just wanted to tell you that you can rent try seventeen in canada but it isn't called like that. I think it's strange N-E-WAY it's called '' l'apprentissage '' which means apprenticeship in english!


October 7, 2003

:: Collectormania 4 is over! So i've been getting heaps of pictures and recounts of the event :) If you have any pictures, or anything you want to share, please e-mail me ;) I've put the pictures i've collected so far onto this page :)
:: A collectormania report from Athelas:
While at the talk prior to the screening of 'fellowship ' Elijah and Sean were on very top form, giving everyone a wonderful and entertaining evening.. My son asked Elijah what it was like meeting Ozzy Osbourne, and lij replied " I was awestruck, I thought I wouldnt understand him at all, but surprisingly I understood quite a bit" then my son asked Lij to give me a hug, and Lij jumped up from his stool and ran half way round the cinema, and gave me a huge bear hug, and I managed to give him a kiss too.. He was a lovely guy, and I am still grinning from ear to ear, .. I am an ardent fan of his and I will be high on this for a long time to come.. oh and for british fans, I asked Lij if he would be at the London premier of ROTK and the answer was.... YES!!!!!!
:: Another report from Lisa:
I met Elijah at Collectormania. I met him earlier in the day, got his autograph and talked to him for a minute(we talked about Bill Corgan and Smashing Pumpkins and he told me he loved my jacket and he was wearing one almost exactly the same). I also went to both evening talks and saw Elijah and Sean in the one on Sunday. When I asked that I also asked Lij for a hug, he said yes and I went up and hugged him! He joked to the audience about us having matching jackets and pretended that he'd phoned me up to sort out what to wear or something like that (I was in a total daze at this point!). I have never met anyone so friendly and lovely.He was even more gorgeous in the flesh! The talk was hilarious!
Thanks for sending those in :)
:: Added a 2nd page to the Celebrity Charades pictures
:: Laura sent me some info about making an "Elijah Building" - click here for details
:: Some misc pictures i've been sent and have come across: [1] [2] [3] [4]


October 8, 2003

:: More Collectormania stuff :) Read Harriet's experience here and check out her pics here [Credit to Abi for those] and check out these pics that Tanya sent me from her experience: [Pic 1] [Pic 2] -- Thanks girls!
:: Capotica sent me this link to a lil review of 'Sunshine' :)
:: Mary sent me a couple of pics from when she met Elijah a while back -- [Pic 1] [Pic 2] - Thanks :)
:: Nina kindly made some caps from Encore's Elijah movie marathon.. [1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6] [7] [8] [9] [10] [11] [12] [13] [14] [15] [16] :)
:: Eliepileggi sent along some mag news.. The new issue of the French magazine (teen magazine) One is out! There is a rather large picture of Elijah from Rotk (you know). There also is an interview of him in which he says his biggest dream is to own his own music label one day, and repeats that everyone will be blown away by ROTK. He also says he had to stay many days in bed because of his appendicite operation and that he was very moved by the letters his fans sent him to comfort him. - Awwww :)
:: Good news for Aussies! just writing to let all you Austrailan fans out there know that Ash Wednesday is out on video and DVD after what seems like months of waiting! But it is only available at 'Video Ezy' stores. You can buy it or rent it! Thanks Fi!


October 10, 2003

:: Wow... heaps of Collectormania pics have started appearing everywhere on the internet - and thanks to everyone who scanned in their pictures to share with us ;)
:: Heather sent in her wonderful pics: [1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6] [7]
:: Here are Jennifer's pictures: [1] [2] [3] [4] [5]
:: Nikki sent in her amazing pics too: [1] [2] [3] [4] [how jealous am i of Nikki!?]
:: Helen's pics ;) - [1] [2]
:: And here is TheFilmFairy's picture
:: Random CM4 picture
:: Lucy sent in her experience [and the autograph she got!]:
I waited 8 hours to meet him yesterday....but i finally did :D
He said "hello, how are you?" in the kindest voice ever! He then told me he loved my hair (yay), so i said i loved his (he has the coolest mohican), the pic i chose of him was when he looks angry, and i said i loved his _expression on the pic...so he pulled the face for me!! and then said "Yeah the face is very in the moment isnt it?"....i asked if i could shake his hand and he said sure...then he said "Bye sweetheart, take care"!!! OH MY GOD!! he has the most amazing eyes ever, and a lovely smile :d I cant believe i finally met him!!

:: Holly also sent in her experience at this picture:
I got to collectormania about 9:30 and by the time i got to the ELIJAH queue the tickets were all gone, they had reached 1,000!!!!! So i walked around CRYING, trying to find a ticket, and at about 1:00pm, we saw elijah and dom, walking out of a private room!!! I managed to get a photo (its attatched!). At around 1:30, i was still crying , and a man came up to me and asked if i needed a ticket! I replied "OMG OF COURSE!" and the kind man *bless him* gave me a ticket absolutely free! So at 2:30 i queued to meet Elijah! When i walked up and he said to me, "Hello SWEETHEART (**Screams**) how are you today??" OMG , then , he asked if he needed me to sign the photo! and then i asked for a hug! "SURE YOU CAN HAVE A HUG!!!!!!!!" aaa . He gave me the best hug i have ever had! and the nicest, firm, meant one!!!!! :) Then , i said " You are my fave actor ever!" and he said, " Thanks!!"
:: Here is Patsie's amazing recount of Collectormania and *heaps* of really good quality pictures!
:: Athelas has a request for those who went to Collectormania:
I sent you a report of the collectormania fair, where i met Elijah, and my son asked him to hug me... well i just got my photos back and the only one of me and lij is rubbish.. so I was wondering if anyone else that was there at the screening of fellowship on sunday night, got a picture of lij hugging the sad woman in the black t shirt, with ' wood is good' on it..?? there were an awful lot of flashes going off when it happened so i am hoping desperately someone caught the moment... please..... if anyone did, please could they/you let me know.. i really appreciate it
If you think you can help her, please e-mail her: stephen.jacobs2@btopenworld.com
:: Here and here are recounts of the Elijah-and-Sean show at Collectormania
:: Here are some more CM4 pics and a report on the events
:: Also updated the Collectormania pics with another page... [1] and [2]


October 12, 2003

:: More Collectormania goodness :)
:: Emma sent along her encounter here and you can also check out all her pics here :)
:: Carrie sent me her encounter, which i put on this page..
:: Some info about an Elijah and Viggo fanbook that is currently being made.. Thanks Capotica!
:: McKenzi sent some news for US fans.. I went to Wal-Mart today and the Ash Wensday dvd is only $5.88..... Awww..
:: Also to Tanya whose pics i posted in my last update.. Could you please email me? Thanx girl :)


October 16, 2003

:: Manda sent along her Collectormania encounter and also her pix [1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6] [7] [8] Thanks girl!
:: Also.. from Carrie's Collectormania encounter that i posted in my last update, you can check out her pics on here :)
:: For UK ppl.. Katharina sent me a link to Amazon where you can pre-order 'All I Want'..
:: From foxnews.com -- Yes, that was Elijah Wood at a Saturday afternoon screening of "Kill Bill" on the Upper West Side. And yes, that was Elijah Wood applauding the trailer for "Lord of the Rings: Return of the King," in which he stars. And yes, that was Elijah Wood saying loudly in the theater, for fun: "That looks like it's gonna be great!" ... - Thanks Caroline and Carrie for the news :)
:: Dana sent me a link to a bunch of collectormania pics :)
:: For Melbourne fans.. In case there are people in Melbourne looking for the special collectors edition boxed set of Fellowship of the Ring (the one with the Argonath figurines inside), there are 3-4 available for purchase at the Video Ezy in North Carlton (815 Nicholson Street). They are selling for about $140.00AUD Thanks Kellie!
:: Hany sent along some new pics! Thanks! [Piccie 1] [Piccie 2] [Piccie 3] [Piccie 4]
:: French fans.. Elijah will be on theatres the 15th november in France in Ash Wednesday ! Thanks to Arwen60 for the news!
:: Melissa sends this.. Okay one of my teachers is a major Lord of the Rings fan just like me and he told us that if we came up with educational reasons to see The Return of the King we could bring it up with our principal and we would back us. The problem is that I need A LOT of reasons to persuade our principal. If anyone can think of logical educational reasons please e-mail me at theseguysaredust@yahoo.com with them!


October 18, 2003

:: Aww... i missed the site's 2 year aniversary :( lol. It was last month, so yeh :D Happy Birthday to us!! yay!!
:: Some **amazing** pictures from Patsie to celebrate :D [too bad about the watermark though] ... [1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6] [7] [8] [9] [10] [11] [12] [13] [14] [15] [16]
:: Wendy and Mieke [from the messageboard] went to Collectormania and managed to give Elijah the amazing fan book which people from the A+F Messageboard contributed to! So now we can be sure that Elijah knows about this site, and all of his fans here at A+F :D Pictures of the book, as well as those taken on the day [here] and a recount are available [here] - Thankyou so much girls, it really means a lot to us ;D
:: A really cool Collectormania Album which Aimee sent to me [you have to sign up to see it, but it's worth it!]
:: Also, members from the Collectormania messageboard have been posting their pictures, so check that out.
:: Some cool Collectormania pics on this site too
:: Aimee's adorable picture of her & Elijah :D
:: Nikki sent in her recount of the events of Collectormania - Thanks for that
:: A really cute picture sent to me by Jenade
:: Marea sent in her report of the Celebrity Charades that happened a little while back
:: This is probably my favourite C4 report... It's Ruth's encounter [thanks Ruth and Marea!]
:: Milagros sent in her recount of when she met Elijah on the street - including a pic! :)
:: A cute picture from TORn
:: Alyssa sent me some info about a great competition:

I have AOL and i few days ago I saw a contest to win a trip to interview all the cast memebers of LOTR on the season premier of ROTK!
Here's What To Put on the Video
Introduce yourself. Make sure to include your name, age and hometown. Remember you should be the only person on camera during your tape!
Why you? Tell AOL members why they should choose you to interview Elijah Wood, Orlando Bloom and the rest of 'The Lord of the Rings' stars on the red carpet!
Pick any inanimate object (a stool, a pillow, your shoe) and pretend that it's one of the 'The Lord of the Rings' stars. Now ask that star a couple questions -- about working on 'The Lord of the Rings' trilogy or whatever else you'd want to know. Be creative -- make the most of your time.
Look at the camera and say either "My Precious!" in your best Gollum voice OR "You shall not PASS!" like Gandalf.
When you're done, be sure to look at the camera and say, "I'll see you on the red carpet!"
Sent it to:
Be a Red Carpet VIP!
AOL "Red Carpet VIP" Contest
c/o Marden-Kane, Inc.
36 Maple Place
Manhasset, NY 11030-1962

UPDATE: Here is some more info about that from Amanda:
Entrants have to be 13 or older, and have to have been members of AOL before Sept. 30, and have to have a valid passport before Oct. 29th (when tapes are due) in order to enter. They're real sneaky, and don't tell you this out-right on the contest site. It's all in the rules. Here's the link to the rules [for AOL users only]
:: *sigh* even if i told you how long it took to write this update you wouldn't believe me - so you'd better enjoy it! :D


October 22, 2003

:: Ruth sent along her autograph she got from Dom, Lawrence and Elijah at Collectormania.. This is the same Ruth that Lucy posted the encounter for the other day :)
:: More random pics from Hany.. [Pic 1] [Pic 2] [Pic 3] - i honestly cannot remember if these have ever been posted so sorry if they have!
:: Some info about the Wellington premiere.. Thanx Carrie!
:: Looks like Elijah is making a new movie! check out more info here - Thanks again Carrie ;)
:: Info from Aci T for Melbourne fans.. in your last update you wrote that people can find the special FOTR dvd edition with Argonath figurines inside in North Carlton(Melb) for $140....well i went to k-mart(in richmond, melbourne) and they had the special edition, selling it for AU$110.
:: For Avid fans, some news from Kellee -- In the US (I don't know about anywhere else) they put pictures of characters on these cans: 7-Up: Frodo - Cherry 7-Up: Arwen - diet 7-Up: Aragorn - Canada Dry: Gandalf - Root Beer: Legolas - Orange Sunkist: Sam
:: Mag news from Thanna.. I just bought the magazine Realm of Fantasy yesterday, and it has some stuff about Elijah in it. It's like part of an interview about ROTK.
:: Hmmm this might be kinda late to post but.. on Spike TV, there's a "GQ Men of the Year Awards" It's on tonight (10/21/03) at nine. On the commercial, I'm almost positive I saw Elijah. I know Orlando Bloom is gonna be there. It's live, at New York. So if you can't post that he's on, you can at least say he was at New York Thanks Alli
:: Thanks for the news everyone!! :)


October 25, 2003

:: Yay! i'm happy to say that i have finally completed school.. forever :D woohoo! no more tests, assignments, exams.. how wonderful ;) so this means that i should be able to update a lil more frequently ;)
:: More info on 'Hooligans' - Thanks to Caroline, Breanna and Carrie for the link!
:: Pic of Carrie and Elijah from Collectormania :)
:: L.A. premiere news directly from TORn.. the "unofficial date" for the Return of The King premiere in L A is December 3rd at 6:30pm at the Mann's Village &Bruin Theatres in Westwood. [Reminder that this is unofficial.. but hey, it could very well be right] ;)
:: From Marie.. a pic from Comic Con 2002 that i don't recall seeing..
:: Seems that Pringles are currently having ROTK promotions in the UK and the USA.. -- [For UK ppl:] theres these curvy crisps in tubes called Pringles, and at the moment theres a rotk offer to win the new rotk PS2 game, and they have frodo on the ready salted flavour, and legolas on the sour cream and onion flavour (i didnt see any other flavours lol!!!) so yer thats pretty cool -- [For USA ppl:] Right now you can get Pringles chips with stuff from Return of the King on the cans. The Cheezum's Pringles cans have Frodo on them. Some have Aragorn, Gandolf and Legolas on them. -- Thanks to Manda and Gracie for the info :)
:: You may remember frodoandsam.net and west-of-the-moon.net conducting a fundraiser called "Bring the Ringbearer to the Gathering" a while back.. it is still currently happening and Celeste from frodoandsam.net sends this: west-of-the-moon.net and frodoandsam.net are conducting a fundraiser to help bring our beloved Ringbearer, Elijah Wood, to The Gathering of the Fellowship in Toronto, Canada this December. We are currently raffling Arwen's sword, Hadhafang, and selling t-shirts with the following slogans: "Happiness is a Warm Hobbit" and "Your Gardener: Don't Leave Home Without Him". Any additional funds raised for this event will be donated to ProLiteracy Worldwide. Click here to find out more or to purchase t-shirts or a raffle ticket.


October 29, 2003

:: Lots of ROTK spoilers: [if you don't want to see them, don't look ;)] ...UPDATE sorry everyone, TORn removed them: "Images removed at the publishers request. Sorry!". But apparantly they were from the visual companion and Photoguide - Here's some previews: 1, 2, 3
:: Also, Sal and Christie have removed some of the watermarks on those pics i posted on the 18th, so if you want to go back and check them out, then some of them are now w/o watermarks ;) Thanks girls!
:: ET featured a clip of the hobbit lads being in a photoshoot similar to the one the Beatles did [the famous Abbey Road shoot]. The lovely Celeste has the clip on her wonderful site < - - remember to right click and save!!
:: This is a fantastic story which Haddy sent me:
When we attended collectormania we made friends with a really nice security guard from New Zealand who kindly took our MASSIVE card to Elijah at his hotel for us. (Bill was staying at Elijah's hotel) Just recently Bill emailed us the picture of Elijah receiving our card! Its great! And, you can make out what elijah is eating for breakfast......ooh he likes scrambled eggs i see......hahaha!
HERE's the pic - Thanks Haddy :)
:: Some info from Maryanne: [Thanks girl!]
At Video Ezy stores in Melbourne, you can buy their 2004 LOTR calendars for $A6.95. They are blue, and contain 12 months of vouchers that can be redeemed each month. These calendars are great value, - I am buying two!
:: Aliasfan04 sent in this piece of info: the Mann's Theatre website has posted that the L.A. premiere of RotK will be held Dec. 3 at 7:30 PM at the Mann's theatre in Westwood. - Thanks!
:: Anja sent in her website where she has her Collectormania pics up :) Thanks Anja!
:: Some great pics from Efan: [1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6] [7] [8] [9]
:: BTW, Sarah is back with her lovely site, Elijah-Online.Org < - - yes, you must visit it and show it some love ;)


October 31, 2003

:: Awww how sweet! apparently Elijah, Dom, Viggo and Orlando are being activist's for a forest in New Zealand :) Check out this article for a lil more information! Thanks to Carrie, Greeneyedangel and Michelle for sending that along!
:: A convention called 'The Gathering of the Fellowship' is happening in Toronto on December 15th to 17th - the LOTR movies are being played and stuff so it's pretty cool! :) If this sounds interesting to you, check out more info here - Thanks Capotica!
:: Casmira sent me a link to this site where you can check out a Collectormania video of the LOTR boys :)
:: More info is being released about 'Happy Feet' [It looks adorable ;)] - Check it out here -- Thanks Caroline, Capotica and Malin for dat :)
:: Scan sent to me from OK! Magazine Thanks to Lauren :)
:: Magazine news -- (Thanks awyzM!) -- I was in a ‘Relay’ today in Toronto, and I couldn’t believe how many magazines have something to do with LOTR on them! It’s fantastic! Anyway, I was in the entertainment section and I spotted this magazine called ‘ONE’ which I had never heard of before. But it had Elijah on the cover! I was so excited that started flipping through it and found that it was in French! Good news for some but bad for me. I bought it anyway, and believe me; this magazine is LOADED with articles and pictures Elijah. It also has a huge brilliant picture of Orlando, and an article on him about Pirates of the Caribbean. I don’t care if it was in French… The pictures say it all!



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