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Ok, ok, sit down and read as this may take awhile! It still doesn't feel like any of it really happened! I'm so overwhelmed and find myself crying various points during the day now! (THANK GOD I DIDN'T CRY IN FRONT OF ELIJAH!)....


Never expected or wanted Elijah to be there that evening..began getting scared and queued up at about 3-30pm for it to begin at 6-30pm. The presenter said that Elijah and Sean would be there tonight and I was way too freaked when he walked out the door. I never cry, but this time I nearly did. My eyes stung and I just froze on the spot like I knew I would...I just couldn't take my eyes off his stunning face and body and followed him everywhere with my eyes! lol...The screening began and I never stopped taking photos or stopped videoing the event or recording him and Sean speak with my mobile phone!! lol...! The mic was going weird and there was a high-pitched tone in the background which Elijah himself and us all found quite amusing...especially when he decided to imitate it and sat there with his head looking at the ceiling doing the tone! lol....The first, and embarrassing question to the guys by someone was "What gets you excited"? Elijah began to pretend he had an orgasm and began making funny "ahh" noises! lol...V. Stupid and cringy question....the questions varied and my friend told him she loved his hair! He looked at me and must've seen my gorgeous t-shirt of him and my graffitied arms saying "ELIJAH ROCKS!" lol...He told us he's set up a production company which is an exclusive...and that he has heard of the Darkness (god damn it, I hate that group)...he showed us his tattoo and appendix scar! I wanted to ask if he ever felt he wouldn't be able to live up to the role of Frodo that Tolkien made in LOTR but didn't have the confidence to stick up my hand...lol...The Q & A session went on and as he went to get up with Sean to leave, me and my friend jumped iup without thinking and began clapping (everyone else then followed applausing them both) and Elijah stopped just before he went out the door and told my friend her bag with a drawing of Frodo on it was "Awesome!" and "So cool!"...I was practically inches away and staring into his face...(I have an obsession with his nose!! lmao) and I went into a daze and didn't hear him but all my friends told me after that he saw my t-shirt just before he left and his last comment before he went was "OOH! IT'S ME!" whilst pointing at my t-shirt!! lolI ran upto the front of the room and grabbed Sean Astin's bottle of water and rubbed Elijah's stool with my hand...whilst then letting my friend sit on Elijah's seat whilst I sat on Sean's seat...We then had a group photo for the Collectormania forum board then went as we couldn't concentrate after all that to watch FOTR!


We were all annoyed as were told by various people that doors and tickets wouldn't be sold on the Sunday until 10am so we arrived 10am (stupidly) and Elijah, etc. were all signing and all 1,000 tickets had been sold! I was gutted and we'd even carried Elijah's present with us and a 4ft3 Frodo cardboard cut-out for him to sign with us all day!!I managed to meet Andy Serkis and he was lovely! Very Sexy! I told him I thought he was brilliant (cheesily) and he thanked me and I had a lovely photo with him (my hair stayed fine for Andy but not for Elijah!!!) ...I saw Lawrence Makoare, Sala Baker and Brent McIntyre but didn't want an autograph...they all posed for photos for me though which was very sweet and I shook hands with Brent...He's 6"10!! We went back later to see if we could get a lil' peep of Elijah and me and my great friend Sarah (LijOnline.com on here) got on our knees to see if he had converses on which he hadn't! lol...darn! I was so chuffed he wore his tan coat though!! It really is his trademark!! lol...Everyone after 3 shouted Elijah when he was out of his seat and he innocently jumped up and waved manicly and very child-like! hehe! So cute!


Dominic Monaghan, Andy Serkis, Brent McIntyre, Lawrence Makoare and Sala Baker were there for this. Everyone paid obvious attention mostly to Andy and Dom..I felt sorry for the others, especially Brent as he wasn't really introduced and I felt someone should really have let him join in somewhere. Andy helped and told Brent to pick a person to ask a Q! Some cheesy girls began and stood up at the front and sang songs to Andy and Dom (I cringed through the whole of that and so did Dom and Andy - Dom put his head down in shame and laughed!). People asked to see Dom's fellowship tattoo and he only agreed to show it cos' Elijah had shown his to us the night before! It was so hilarious because Andy then went, "I'll show you my precciiooousss!" then began un-doing his trouser zip!! I was like "YES PLEASE!!" LOL but he did it back up! lol...A few girls gave Dom scarves in which he returned the nice gesture in hugs...Dom summed up Elijah, Billy and Sean A in one word - Elijah "Wise" and fitted in "Geek", Billy "Soft" (think it was soft??) and Sean A as "Open" and "Driven"...That ended and I went home as I knew we'd begin queuing from 3am to meet Elijah on the Monday!!


Began at 3am...in the freezing cold! I was so cold I didn't speak and collapsed in a hump on the floor wanting to go home...I made it through and security opened the doors just after 6am. We queued up and our group made it amazingly 4th in line to see Elijah!! We waited for a few more hours...I nearly driffted off to sleep in the queue at various points from complete exhaustion and having no sleep the night before and 4 hours sleep over the past 2 days! Elijah was meant to begin signing at 9am (I COULDN'T BELIEVE I WAS GOING TO MEET HIM!!!!!!!!!!!) but it got to 9-35 and he still wasn't there...I began to get worried when Lawrence Makoare (Lurtz) came to Elijah's section and began signing autographs as if he was trying to calm us because something was wrong but it turned out he was in the wrong section and C4 staff ushered him to the right place!! lol...Opposite where Elijah's table was there was glass windows up above and a bridge going across...I happened to turn and look (I think I was the first person to notice) and I saw Sean Astin waiting up there looking like something odd was happening to! He waved and I told my friends he was there and everyone began waving and taking photos!! I thought something must be up and began worrying in the queue even more (I even dropped my mirror from nerves wondering whether something had happened!!)...then, 5 minutes later we heard massive poundings on the windows of where Sean Astin was standing just a few minutes before and there, out of nowhere, was Elijah, Sean and Dom banging on the windows, waving, jumping on the bars (Elijah and Dom) and teasing people below them!! In 2 photos of mine he looks as if he's looking right into my camera waving!! yay!! lol....We all went mad and they then ran down the stairs, passed camera men and fans and was inches away from me dashing past!! I said "he's diddy!" (meaning he's small) hehe!

Anyway, he sat down and began sorting himself out...His P.A. (I think she was his P.A.) sat there too and began sorting things. He took his tan coat off, unveiling a very gorgeous dark green shirt with his sexy ripped blue jeans! Finally, we got to his desk at 10-30am and the people in front of us only got like 1 minute with him!! We'd bought him a shirt the day before that we knew he'd like (I picked it as I knew it'd be his style!) and a cute Snoopy keyring (which we all have, along with Elijah - it's our fellowship Snoopy Keyring! lmao!) and Sarah had a pair of Simpsons boxers for him! lmao! We handed him the box in our group of 3 and he opened it and just lit up when he saw the shirt! He told us he had a green one of it and a blue but not this colour and that he loved it! He then (WAIT FOR IT) said that his favourite store was H & M!!!!! (MY FAVOURITE STORE ALWAYS TOO AND WHERE THE SHIRT WAS FROM!!! - So, if anyone needs to know his fave store, it's not Tower Records, etc...it's H & M - there's not a H & M in the US is there? I think it's just British...) I told him H & M was also my fave store too and he looked at me and was like "REALLY? COOL!" ....he then gasped when seeing the boxer shorts from Sarah and said that he collects boxer shorts and needed a new pair! LMAO!! I told him they were the Simpsons as I knew he'd like that!!

Sarah had her turn with Elijah on her own and gave him the most funniest hug when having her photo with him!! I laughed so much!! Because he was in front of me, I could see his nice bum! I was like WAHEY! and I think I said something aloud about it! lol..I'm sure he never heard though! She told him his hair rocked and asked if she could touch it which he said yes to! She said it felt so good and he was wearing cute hair gel! lol...It was my turn and I was so freaking scared inside but wanted to act OK and felt it would've been pointless if I stood there and cried or went really insecure. I didn't want to wreck this moment for me and didn't want to freak him out and make him feel odd for not being a sane person like us all...I rushed in there and I think him and his P.A. realised!! lol...I was like "Hello!" "Err...sorry, I have quite a few things to sign!" (All my friends had like 2 things to sign and I had 4 but didn't care as I had queued from 3am!)...he said "That's cool, no problem!" and began signing...his P.A. began talking to me and I acted ok and confident and she asked if I had came from far. I replied "No, not that far...well, I'm from the Midlands so it isn't that far away...Me and my friends have come down for the weekend for this basically!" ....I looked at Elijah when I said the "Midlands" as I was hoping he'd say something about Tolkien being from there too! lol but he didn't...I looked to see what he was signing and he was writing in my brand new autograph booik - he put "Hello! This is an autograph book! Elijah Wood" ...I laughed at his sarcasm! lol...I got the autograph booked signed, a massive poster which I and his P.A. helped roll out whilst he put "Carrie, Lots of Love, Elijah Wood" (HE ASKED FOR MY NAME!!! I spelt it to him as Americans say "Carrie" as "Kerry" so I didn't want him to get it wrong...) then he signed my Frodo photo which was supplied and also an official C4 LOTR print which there was only 300 made!

Whilst he was signing I told him I loved his new haircut and he looked up and said "Oh thanks! Yeah, it's pretty recent!" ....I found it hard to make eye contact with him with what I feel for him so tried to avoid it I think as I'd probably then get all emotional..I did turn to him and ask if I could kindly have a photo with him though. He was like "Yeah, of course! Sure!" and jumped out his seat, walked past Dominic and stood next to me and put his arm round me! I put my arm on his back (MAN, THAT BACK!! and gave his P.A. my digital camera for her to take the pic. I COULDN'T BELIEVE IT!! MY CAMERA BROKE DOWN!! It was the batteries at the last minute and I was so embarrassed...Elijah took it so well and was not fed up at all...you know what a digital camera genius and lover he is! He took the camera off his P.A. and began laughing! He said "Try Now" to her and we began in the same, hand on each other's backs position again and she tried to take the photo again. It wouldn't work again and by now I began cringing! He laughed again and started fiddling with my camera! I wasn't nervous in front of him and felt so at ease and humble with him that we were centimetres away and I was looking over his shoulder practically breaths away from each other! I said casually in English slang "I think it's a little dodged!" he smiled and I said "Trust this to happen in front of you"...he said "You know what? I think you need new batteries!" I already knew that but I wasn't going to grab my camera off him! lol...My friend thankfully came to the rescue and gave us her camera and his P.A. didn't know how to work hers so Elijah reacted to his P.A. as laughing and like 'durrr! press the top button!' lol because he's such a camera expert! lol and we went back into the hand on backs position and smiled and the photo took!! YAY!! I can honestly say, I'm a very aware person who knows when people get irritated or whatever, and I can truthfully say Elijah was NOT annoyed AT ALL by my camera breaking down..he found it quite amusing...and was so funny!!

I thanked him ever so much for all he did and apologised for the camera business and he was like "no problem!" ....I was in a daze and he helped me collect my merchandise together... He even wanted to spend more time with us and when my friend told him that we hadn't slept that night and had began queuing since 3am he apologised so much and called us back, and just before my we went, he called us and said "Get some sleep!" and he called us again and said "Get some sleep!" LMAO!! We were like "OK!!" lol...we sounded hilariously annoyed like telling him to shut up and get on with the next person!! lol...OK!! ELIJAH!!LOLSo even though my camera f*cked up in front of him, he wasn't like how any other celebrity would be and he was so sane and like it happens everyday to him! He is honestly the most stunning man I've ever seen and the most loveliest person I've ever met. As I was standing in line, I can't remember as I was so overwhelmed, but I either said it to myself or aloud but I said "That's the most perfect man sitting there, that's the man I really want!" ....

He was so adorable! A girl in Dom's queue had like a voice recorder thing and interrupted Elijah and asked him to say something whilst it was recording in his hand...he did his trademark squeaky voice impression and began saying hilarious sh*t and said "Hello Mom!" lol...We all began laughing!! Also, when he saw my friend's drawing of Frodo, he must've really liked it as he said "Holy sh*t!" lol...

We gathered our belongings nearby where he was signing and counted our blessings..I then went to go meet Andy and Sean Astin and couldn't be bothered with Dom. I didn't really like Dom and didn't want Elijah thinking I was stalking him or anything so left Dom..(maybe I'll go upto him next time!)

Later on, I went back to have a quick peep and Elijah and Dom both began getting up for a break...security surrounded them and made way for them and Elijah was inches away and did his little "rock" sign in front of our cameras whilst going past but mine was too slow and I didn't get it...20 minutes later and we were waiting for him to come back out with Dom out the same door....Everyone was wondering whether they were going to come out through another door and trick us....I then heard a speaker system come on and it was 2 people doing a squeaky voice and someone saying "WE ARE WATCHING YOU!!" ...A few people laughed but I didn't realise till about 10 minutes later that it was ACTUALLY DOM AND ELIJAH!! The squeaky voice was obviously Elijah's playing around thing again and then the "WE ARE WATCHING YOU!" was Dom's voice! (I thought it sounded like Dom at the time!!) hehe! The funny thing is, is that I like sticking my middle finger up at times and before I knew it was Dom and Elijah on the speaker system, I just heard "WE ARE WATCHING YOU!" and I was going to stick my finger up at the security camera just inches away from me on the ceiling!! IMAGINE THAT!! ROFL!! I would've been sticking my middle finger up at Elijah and Dom, not some stupid security people messing around!!!They came back down and we blew a kiss to Elijah as he was signing (he didn't see of course!) and did our Elijah "rock" sign in his direction! We then left at around 4pm because of exhaustion and we felt complete and fulfilled.... It would've been nice to stay to the very end just incase anything did happen but we were way too tired and didn't want to annoy them so we left in happiness!!

I can honestly say, that has been the best day of my life. I know Elijah didn't get annoyed when my camera let me down and I'm quite glad and embarrassed it broke down at the same time!! Embarrassed because it never breaks down and it just happened to in front of him and happy because it gave me more time with him and made me talk to him more and I heard him giggle and got to touch his back and he touched me 3 times more because of it!! Next time, when I meet him...I'd definitely like to ask about more relevant questions instead of his hair though...I was just really clueless of what to say to him and was so scared deep within! I wish I had asked now, seeing as he is a resident in California, what he thought of the whole Arnie Schwarzenneger (sp?) thing and head of state poll...I reckon he'd think it's stupid but I didn't think to ask. I also forgot to ask if he'd be at the London premiere for ROTK which I was dying to know but thankfully some other girl told me she had asked him and that he said he is going!! YAY!!!


Thanks Carrie :)


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