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News Archive: March 2003



March 1, 2003

:: The Message Board is up again :D Yay! Thankyou so much Jochen for fixing it all up! And the site has a new really fast server, so hopefully people won't have problems with it anymore... Happy posting! :D
:: *hugs* to Tahnee who sent me this lovely fansign - BTW, voting for Miss Elijah Fan has started at her site! :)
:: Ella sents this news for people living in Melbourne:
Elijah did a bit of a reading for the Book of Virtues children's series a while back. The episode he 'read for' was Responsibility. Now I don't know exactly when this episode is going to pop up but in the Green Guide (TV Guide from THE AGE, Melbourne, Australia) it says that starting from tommorrow (Friday 28th of Feb) the series will air at the ungodly hour of 5:35 am. But I know you can download Elijah's reading from Frodoandsam.net
:: Quaxo sent me this quote from Kelly Osbourne about Elijah which she found in "Bliss Magazine":
'he's been a really good friend for 2 years. I havent seen him for ages though because he's been filming try seventeen with Mandy Moore. Elijah is really intelligent - he knows loads about the world!'
Thanks Ella and Quaxo :)
:: *sigh* Yet another Elijah vs Orlando scan, sent to me by Melody :)
:: Europa sent me this message about Thumbsucker and i must day it makes sense:
I read your news bit about Keanu Reeves starring in Thumbsucker. I found on a Keanu Reeves website a blurb about his being cast in the movie and Elijah is still listed as being a lead. I think Keanu Reeves must be playing either the father or a more middle aged charactor for Keanu is nearly 40. The charactor of Justin Cobb is only in his late teens or early 20's. Keanu Reeves just wouldn't pass for it any more.
Don't know what you think about that...thanks Europa.
:: Just a random picture i found at the bagendinn, and another one i found at a yahoo group a while ago (can't remember which though)
:: Remember, if we don't update it's because there isn't any news, so send us news and we'll update :) Go to the boards in the meantime if you're elijah deprived - or for any other lotr lad, there's a separate board ;)

March 2, 2003

:: Still not much news.. but i might as well update with what i have for now..
:: Some new pics i found.. [Picture 1] [Picture 2] [Picture 3]
:: Sweet new article -Ring Pals Remain Firm Friends- Thanks to all those who sent that in :D
:: If you get a spare moment, please support another elijah site by voting for 'Simply Irresistible' at the elitefanpages poll.
:: BTW, could someone that has an account at Ebay please email me? thanks :)

March 3, 2003

:: The new forum layout is up! :) I'm glad everyone likes it (so far). Jochen did a great job putting it all together (with my very sketchy description of what i wanted) and De (of e-lijah.net) offered to make the top banner which looks great - i just made the main pic less blurry, hope you don't mind ;) Thanks! *hugs*
:: Added some stuff to the biography, including Elijah's life 'motto' (which i think is so good), which i picked up from Anna's tape (thanks again Anna) Also added some more galleries, but i've posted most of the pics already, but check it out if you want.
:: Some Ash Wednesday clips which i'm sure i've posted before but people keep on sending to me... Thanks Nadine, Julie and everyone else who sent it before.
:: Some new pictures :D Julia sent me 2 rare ones which i've never seen before (yeh, yeh, so they must be rare :P): [pic 1] and [pic 2] Those people like me who have memorised all of the Elijah pics ever seen would recognise the photo shoots they're from, obviously these never made it :( These were found on this site
:: Also, these gorgeous pics from Try Seventeen: [pic 1] [pic 2] [pic 3] [pic 4] Thanks Amanda, Roberta and Quaxo ... I *think* these originated from Undone.
:: And a misc pic from the bagendinn
:: Remember those Bumblebee caps Amanda made? Well she has a whole site of caps, including more of Elijah in interviews and stuff, so check it out (just click on caps down the bottom) - Thanks Amanda!
:: Nikki sent me a scan of a shirt she bought yesterday *sigh* it's madness! Thanks Nikki
:: A clipping from a magazine on TORn - Thanks Capotica

March 5, 2003

:: First of all, i just wanna say a big thankyou to all those people who emailed me offering their help with their ebay accounts, i really appreciate it :) i've found what i wanted which is great :)
:: Secondly, a HUGE thankyou to Anna! i love you, lol! thanks so much for those tapes girl!! :D i can't wait to watch them!! :)
:: Anyway, a picture from a photo shoot Elijah and Liv did quite a while back, i don't believe i ever saw this pose, but then again, there are a number of different pictures from this shoot and i get really easily confused with which ones are new or not! :p
Thanks to Serai for that :)
:: A few misc pics from Quaxo.. [Pic 1] [Pic 2] [Pic 3]
Thanks girl! :)
:: A few days ago Lucy posted a comical LOTR thing that was printed on a t-shirt, well Sandy sent me another design here that she has on a t-shirt she owns.. on the t-shirt they call Frodo- Frodog and Sam- Sam Growlum.. lol.. thanks Sandy!
:: Some German movie news from Kathrin..
08.03.2003- Sat- 8:15pm "Forever young" hmmm i'm not really too sure of the channel :)

March 9, 2003

:: We <3 the bagendinn don't we? :) They have lots of new (and very different, i must say) Elijah pics from L'Uomo Vogue: [pic 1] [pic 2] [pic 3] [pic 4] [pic 5] [pic 6] [pic 7] If anyone finds bigger versions please send them along! :)
:: Apparantly a new Elijah Wood biography is coming out... don't know how good it'll be though, but you can pre-order it - Thanks Christine
:: Elijah is nominated for an award in the Saturn Awards: Best Performance by a younger actor :) Thanks Christine
:: *So* many frodo pics... but they're all so small :( worth posting anyway because they're so cute :) Thanks Becky!
:: What if the cast of LOTR were all Asian?? hehe, funny stuff ;) - Thanks Jetmira
:: New Lij interview (not recent though :P) - Thanks Capotica!
:: Amanda sent me this link to all of her chain of fools screencaps :) You do need to sign up, but you can just put in fake info if you really want... We have some caps on the site in the media section too if those are still not enough ;) ... Thanks Amanda!
:: Just 2 random pics i found on ebay: [pic 1] [pic 2]
:: Don't know if i've posted these before, but they're just so cute, so i'll post them again: [pic 1] [pic 2]
:: Ismeril sent me this scan from a magazine called "Bravo" ... and for whoever understands this language, here is an elijah/orlando thing: [scan 1] [scan 2] [scan 3] [scan 4] Thanks Ismeril :)
:: Bored? Ok, why not do this elijah quiz? Thanks Erda
:: Wow, this was just so cool, i just had to post it. Kym made this computer art using her name :) over and over and over again :) Thanks for sharing that Kym!
:: Thanks to everyone who has been sending in news, i really appreciate it! If you find anything, please send it along and i'll update :)

March 10, 2003

:: Hey Everyone! hope you all enjoyed your weekend :)
:: A few things from the bagendinn :).. [Scan from AXM mag] [Misc 1] [Misc 2]
Thanks to Sofia for sending those in as well :)
:: Various pics from Celdir.. [1] [2] [3]
Thanks Celdir!
:: Pic of Lij + Dom - it's old but this is a bigger version :)
Thanks Sandy!!
:: Serai sent me a new frodo picture :)
:: Site with lotsa info about 'Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind' here. - Thanks to TORn and Capotica :)
:: Cool tv news for people in Iowa..
for people in Iowa, there will be a special on IPB(Iowa Public Broadcasting) on Iowan's who've made it big. It will include Elijah and Ashton Kutcher. It will be on Monday, March 10th @ 8:30 central.
Didn't know Ashton was from Iowa too :) Thanks Kimberly!

March 13, 2003

:: Elisabeth sent me the cover to the Japanese mag 'All Star' - hehe, cute :)
Thanks girl!
:: A couple of newish random pics from Quaxo... [Pic 1] [Pic 2] [Pic 3] - Thanks!
:: Find out How Obsessed you are with Elijah Wood - Thanks to Susi for that :)
:: Old article -'Sunshine' Day-
:: And, an Ash Wednesday Review - ooooo lij is a ghost :p
Thanks to Capotica for both of those!
:: Extremely bored? play some really fun Elijah games here
Thanks Amber!! :)

March 17, 2003

:: Hey Everyone!
:: Some very cute caps of lij in Back to the Future - [1] [2][3] [4] [5] [6]
Thanks Justine :)
:: A few caps of costume (i think) tests which are on the extended dvd... [Cap 1] [Cap 2]
Thanks Cassandra!
:: Uploaded some BIG L'Uomo Vogue pics... [Vogue 1] [Vogue 2] [Vogue 3] [Vogue 4] [Vogue 5] [Vogue 6] [Vogue 7]
Thanks once again to the BagEndInn, Heidson and Sarah for those :)
:: Isn't this cute?! - Thanks to Serai for that :)
:: Vote for Elijah for 'Best Male Butt Kicker' at the Nickelodeon Kids Choice Awards 2003 here - Thanks to TORn for that :)
:: Natalie sent me the link to this really really cool Elijah Hangman game! Kept me amused for a while :)

March 22, 2003

:: Hey everyone! No, i'm not going to apologise for not updating... there is *no* news, nothing has been happening in his life (and no i don't want to hear rumours about "oh, his sister died", oh "his with Dom in New Zealand" *rolls eyes* he's taking a break! Please understand that school is really hectic now and i have heaps of assessments all due within 2 weeks, so i won't be updating much in that time. Any news that you can send me would help me a lot. Thanks for yoru support.
:: First of all, here are a lot of nice Elijah clips
:: Elisabeth sent me this piece of info:
Just wanted to inform people that Tower Records does in fact sell the Japanese Roadshow magazine that is famous for its beautiful Elijah pictures! They can be very expensive (mine was around $15), but they're worth it! He has pictures in basically every issue! :)
:: Dunno really if these are new, but i picked them up from here and there (most i think originated from the bagendinn): [Pic 1] [Pic 2] [Pic 3] [Pic 4] [Pic 5] [Pic 6] [Pic 7] [Pic 8] [Pic 9] [Pic 10] [Pic 11] [Pic 12] [Pic 13]
:: Jenny kindaly typed up this interview/article from TOPP magazine - Thanks!
:: Another article translated and send to me by Suzie :)
:: Quaxo sent me some rare Lij ones (including a full length one of Elijah showing the fake tat): [Pic 1] [Pic 2]
:: Ismeril sent me some Polish scans from magazines: [Pic 1] [Pic 2] [Pic 3] [Pic 4]
:: Ness sent me two beautiful wallpapers which were made for the site: [Wallpaper 1] [Wallpaper 2] :) Thanks so much!
:: Some info from Madison she found on E!Online:
Season three of Comedy Central's Primetime Glick is on tap for April 30 and will include Jiminy's (Martin Short) interviews with Ellen DeGeneres, Chris Elliott, Brendan Fraser, Jimmy Kimmel, Elijah Wood, Sharon Stone, Steven Spielberg, Ice Cube, Lorraine Bracco, John McEnroe and Jack Black.
Thanks for that - too bad i don't have that channel :(
:: Christine sent me this link to some TTT info, pics and clips.

March 24, 2003

:: Just a quick update today :)
:: Some big new pictures from Hany :) [Picture 1] [Picture 2] [Picture 3]
Thanks so much Hany!
:: Pic of Lij i've never seen before..
Thanx Holly!
:: And, a New Picture sent to me by Mooni :)
:: A funny caption thing :p - Thanks Capotica!
:: An oldish article , not sure if it's new or not, i've never seen it..
Thanks Erda!
:: Some entertaining LOTR Quizzes :)
Thanks to Veronica for that :D
:: Have a great week everyone!

March 28, 2003

:: So lij is alive after all :) here is a pic of Elijah at a very recent event :) thanks to the wonderful bagendinn and Elizabeth for that :D
:: A wrapper of a chocolate product available in Australia and NZ that are promoting TTT at the moment.. apparently Frodo appears on plain Dairy Milk wrappers and bagged confectionary.. :)
Thanks Lady Legolas :)
:: A petition for Belgium and Dutch fans :) she also writes this:
"Premieres and promotional LotR stuff are always held in America, Canada... But never in smaller countries. Though, those smaller countries also have a lot of true LotR fans. This petition to NewLineCinema is a request for a promotional event in Belgium. It will be a chance for Belgian, Dutch, French, German... fans to meet Elijah Wood and others. Your signature is mostly appreciated, and can make the difference!"
Thanks Marieke!
:: A sweet page with Quotes on Elijah Wood - Thanks to Capotica for that.
:: Vote for lij as Lush Lad of the week - Thankyou Lucy!
:: Malin sends us her Elijah experience:
I live in Los Angeles and work a an actress for a small theatre that nobody's ever heard of. I was taking a long deserved rehearsal break and went into a huge CD store called Amoeba. Being the geek that I am, I picked up about 10 CDs to buy. Then I went to go pay. I was looking at the back of one of the CDs as I walked (I had my head down and was not looking where I was going.) And I walk right into a DVD display, then quickly turn to avoid serious injury, and walk right into...Elijah. I dropped all my CDs and caused him to drop the bag he had in his hand. I was mortified before I ever even noticed who it was. (who wouldn't be?) I did get lucky thought, because he had a coffee in his other hand, so I'm just thankful I didn't make him spill it. Anyway, I bend down to pick up my Cds and I look up to hand him is back while saying "I am so sorry!". (That's when I recongnized him, but I didn't say anything to him...I figure he doesn't want to be recognized all the time. I would have recongnized him sooner, but since i almost knocked him off his feet I was trying not to look him in the face.) Anyway, he was SO nice about it. He help me pick up my CDs and then told me, (quote)..."Wow, you have really good taste in music." Then he pointed out my mixed no-name band cd and said "This ones great. I just bought it last week." It was so cool, that even though I ran into him he still started talking to me like I'm not the pathetic clutz that I am. Then he asked me my name. I was still shaking that I actually ran into someone but managed to say, "Malin". Then he smiled, and said, "Malin..huh, that not a name you hear everyday. Well It was nice to meet you. Bye." "Bye, nice to meet you too." It was the best minute of my life. I still cannot believe that I ran into him!

March 29, 2003

:: Hailey writes that in the February issue of Twist, there was a short piece about Elijah and the Osbournes:
"Elijah Wood was heatbroken too when what really happend to him and his sister Hannah on The Osbournes was cut from the show.
"We made grilled cheese and ramen noodles and they didn't show that". he says sadly. Ramen noodles!? Now thats rock and roll."
:: Thanks Hailey
:: The lovely Quaxo is looking for a co-webmaster for her Elijah site. You must know FTP, or at the very least be willing to learn. E-mail Quaxo if you're interested... Do not e-mail me please.
:: An Elijah spotting sent to me by Elizabeth and Angie, which appeared in the Austin Chronical. Apparantly Elijah went to SXSW, a music/film/whatever festival in Texas:
Frodo lives: Elijah Wood camped out at Emo's, taking in Burnt by the Sun and Mastodon one night, Mudhoney and Nebula the next.
Thanks Elizabeth
:: Julia sent me a bunch of pics from wireimage [most have been posted], but she sent me this picture which i didn't have on the site before but that people kept asking if i knew where to find it - so there it is :)
:: hehe, Dragon send in the latest cover of Mad Magazine (April 2003 issue)
:: Jasmine sent in this link to some info about Try Seventeen. Apparantly it'll be released in September 2003. (even though it's already been released in the Phillipines? I'm confused) Thanks Jasmine!
:: Jennifer sent me the following e-mail:
Andy Tookey's daughter Katie needs a new liver. Peter Jackson wants to help by improving New Zealand's Organ Donor Program. Please sign this International Online Petition and pass it to a friend. You can see Peter Jackson and Fran Walsh's signatures at #33 & #34. Orlando Bloom is #134 & Elijah Wood is #184!

:: Alli sent me this link to some LOTR quizzes [at the bottom]
:: I'll also be catching up on lots of affiliates requests, so you might want to check that out :)


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