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October 31, 2020

One month has passed and we have landed on Halloween, but this recap doesn't contain anything too spooky.

:: Elijah is partaking in some amusing promotional ads with a needy orc for the RPG video game, AFK Arena. The first three chapters are; Caught in the Act, Belinda Who?, and Normal Day at the Office. Check out some shorter videos on AFK Arena's YouTube channel along with this humorous behind the scenes video with Lijy and Uz.

:: Filming has ended on Elijah's new movie, No Man of God. Director, Amber Sealy, clarified the film does not spotlight Ted Bundy, but it's more about FBI agent, Bill Hagmaier, Elijah's character. She also spoke about the experiences they faced in these times of social distancing.

"It’s been a challenge unlike anything any of us on the crew have ever known. Doing our prep almost entirely over zoom, many of us will never meet each other in real life without masks, goggles and at least 6 feet of distance between us." Amber went on to say, safety was the main priority and everyone on set came out healthy. Way to go! Here are a few images from the shoot as she kept the actors concealed. [1] [2] [3]

:: Not too many reviews yet, but the ones that have come give SpectreVision's Archenemy some good vibes. The Beyond Fest premiere was not the standard affair, being held at a drive-in. There are some photos, and the trailer which dropped earlier this month. Expect the film to be released on December 11th.

:: Did anyone get to watch SpectreVision's Evening Rituals during the Nightstream event? Nightstream is a virtual genre film festival, combining five different festivals into one extended weekend of screenings and events. Elijah, Daniel and Lisa chatted to viewers and among themselves about their childhood and adult memories of horror and showed off some of their cool memorabilia collections. Sadly, it was a one-time affair and not available on demand. However, I made a collage screencap of it.

:: Finally, digging way back into the archives, MTV has re-released the Punk'd episode from May 2006. I still have a good chuckle over Elijah's veracity to the police.

That's all... for now.


September 30, 2020

How is everyone? It's been a while, but if it was missed the last time, I've chosen to do a monthly recap now that Covid is among us, which brings many appearances and fresh news to a snail's pace. Whenever things get back to some normality, so will I. Fortunately, there is some news that has accumulated.

:: First things first. Elijah's new film, No Man of God started filming in mid September. It's reassuring to know production is underway, so sending good vibes that all goes well. Stay safe people.

:: Archenemy, SpectreVision's latest film will have its sold out screening at Beyond Fest next week. It also had a showing at Sitges Film Festival where it was in contention for Best Motion Picture.

:: There are a couple of podcasts indirectly pertaining to Elijah that are worth checking out. The first is, Why Ar Dads where they discuss the film The War. Second is a Nicolas Cage podcast, Caged In which gets into The Trust.

:: We all have struggled through this year and Elijah sent a Cameo video and shared a few words of encouragement.

:: Lastly, along with the inset photo, here are a few images of Elijah that have been scattered across the internet over the last six weeks. [1] [2] [3]

That's all... for now.


August 15, 2020

The Leo Awards (film and television production in British Columbia) went past me in the last update, but Come to Daddy was nominated for three awards. It was in the running for Best Motion Picture, and picked up the honors for Costume Design and Male Supporting Performance. You can read more about the awards at their site.

:: Lately, the only new things coming from Elijah during these times are his Cameo videos. Here are three that I found enjoyable. Elijah and Sean tag team, a fan's reaction to a birthday greeting and Elijah's interaction with a fan.

:: Last update there was a pitch for Fellowship of the Ring. Now it's time to pitch The Two Towers.

:: Finally, since this pandemic has stifled so much in the entertainment industry, which has led to limited appearances and news, the updates (now called recaps) will occur once a month. This will continue until we beat this beast and things revert back to some normalcy.

That's all... for now.


July 31, 2020

With many, if not all movie productions shut down, SpectreVision's next film for 2021, Archenemy, is chugging along in post production and have released a teaser trailer.

:: Star Wars Resistance has picked up an Emmy nomination for Outstanding Children's Program. As you know, Elijah voiced Jace Ruckin in the animated series.

:: Elijah took a photo and posted a familiar license plate to Twitter. Later, the owner of the car interacted with the man in the reflection to which Elijah replied, "It's yours! Amazing! I'd passed you once before and nearly followed you. Haha" It would be something to find out that Elijah Wood was trailing you.

:: Here's a podcast where The Trust is discussed for the first half hour. It's raunchy and very tangential... like enthusiastic, tipsy, movie fans would talk. It's actually a podcast dedicated to Nicolas Cage called, Cage's Kiss.

:: Screen Rant posted this pretty funny video. What would the pitch for The Fellowship of the Ring be like?

That's all... for now.


July 15, 2020

I don't know what's harder to take. Being swamped by too much happening with Elijah or scraping the little juicy bits that's out there. Since I can't control what's going on in the world, I'll have to opt for the latter... again.

:: Did you catch Elijah in The Princess Bride homemade retelling on Quibi? Overall, the entire piece was fun to watch and it looks like all involved had a good time recreating the story. Elijah appears for just a few moments as Prince Humperdinck in Chapter 7, The Pit of Despair, along with fellow LOTR actor, Andy Serkis in their scene shot many, many miles apart. Here's an even more brief portion of it.

:: IndieWire conducted an all too familiar home video interview with Elijah which is a wonderful account of what's on Elijah mind and on his plate in this 38 minute conversation.

:: I came across this pretty fascinating article about Maniac examining which version of the film is better. Check out Revenge of the Remakes.

That's all... for now.


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