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  If Elijah asked you out...
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   Author  Topic: If Elijah asked you out...  (Read 7822 times)
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Re:If Elijah asked you out...
« Reply #75 on: November 21, 2010, 08:17:41 am »
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Quote from: ivemetlijwood on August 29, 2008, 02:12:56 am   

sometimes I get so sad thinking that I will probably never meet him I start crying. Does that ever happen to anyone else, or am I just crazy????

It is okay! You know what, I thought I was the only one who's crazy looool  I get sad too when I think that I would probably never meet him...not in this lifetime....not now....But I would still meet him in my wildest dreams! I cried when I was 13. For me, it was silly..I'm 19 now ..loool 
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Re:If Elijah asked you out...
« Reply #76 on: November 21, 2010, 10:31:59 pm »
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Quote from: wishingofblueeyes on February 04, 2007, 05:05:43 pm   

Hmmm...if Elijah asked me out....well of course I'd say yes and then in the back of my mind I'd be thinking "Boyfriend? What Boyfriend?"
LOL jk I could never do that to my boyfriend no matter how much I love Elijah.
But if wasn't in a relationship I would definitely say yes, although I think I'd have an asthma attack first. lol
I most likely would have already gone through the is this a conspiracy, freak out, dance around from just meeting him, hopefully NOT in front of him. I?d also be trying not to have an asthma attack, lol!
Personally, the most embarrassing way to meet him, at least for me, would be if I suggest him to play a part in a movie that's based on one of my books, then, when I actually meet him, first ask if this is some kind of joke.
I agree, guest, that it's weird to have these feelings of being for someone I've never met before. Especially since in the past I've gotten obsessed with books, movies, music etc. but not this kind of obsession with a person.

Quote from: Roqui on March 18, 2007, 06:09:33 am   

it's strange that a ot of you mentioned that your admiration/love for elijah somewhat receded over the years. well, that can be understandable, but i think it might be the opposite with me. *blush*

i also thought that after 6 years i'd grown tired of him (as it happens with most celebrity crushes), but i must say i've never felt so strongly about him as i do now, 6 years in! imagine that. dunno why, can't explain it, but it's way deeper now than just shallowy drooling over his looks and smile. 
My thoughts exactly, Roqui! I first started getting a crush on Elijah in the freshman semester of college, 2007. Although I haven't had a crush on Elijah for as long as you do, my crush has gotten stronger as the years have gone on. It's even stranger when you have so much in common with the very celebrity you have a crush on!

Quote from: Aisling on June 03, 2007, 12:01:20 pm   

Once I recovered the power of speech, I'd say "I'm married and almost old enough to be your mother, but that's the only thing stopping me."  That's what I said in one of the dreams where he was desperate to date me.

I'm also petite, blonde, and American; none of the physical characteristics he prefers.  But like Lillywhite, I would love to be friends with him.

As for celebrity crushes that die out: I've had a crush on Tommy Shaw of Styx since I was 12, and I'm now 42.  That makes a 30-year crush, and if neither of us was married, I'd still go out with Tommy.

(Pssh. Lightweights.  )
You might as well have described me, Aisling when you said you're petite, blonde and American, none of the physical characteristics he prefers.

Quote from: frodo_love on December 20, 2007, 11:46:24 pm   

Quote from: maryd on May 15, 2007, 12:09:21 pm   

I'd probably come over all stammery and say 'Who, me?' or something like that! I heard he goes for tall girls, so thats not me - i've got the dark hair though...

I never knew he was attracted to tall girls. I always thought he'd like short girls because he's short himself, so he might like girls who are shorter than him and therefore won't tower over him. 

I know Franka Potente is pretty tall, though, but I don't think he went out with her because of height, I think he liked her personality, because she does seem down-to-earth and I always imagined that that's what Elijah looks for in a woman, to be down-to-earth and genuine, like he is.

Anyway, I know he says he loves dark hair, and he also likes foreign accents, and I have the dark hair too, but not the foreign accent, my accent is just a regular American accent like his. Elijah seems like a very profound person and the most important thing to him is personality; if a girl just happens to have dark hair or a foreign accent, that would be a bonus. So I don't think he places much emphasis on such a superficial thing as height, I mean I know a lot of girls that don't like Elijah because he's short and they prefer taller guys.
And yeah, I've had dreams where he asks me out, and kisses me, but of course they will never come true. But if he ever did ask me out, I would just be my normal self, and say YES!!! of course,  with the song "Heaven is a Place on Earth" playing in my mind. 
Lol! I'd most likely be doing something like that too.

By the time he'd ask me on a date, I'd have gotten to know him first. I'd most likely ask if he wants to go to Barnes and Nobles, where we can chat in the coffee shop, reminding him that I don't drink coffee, and check out the books, movies and music in the store. After that, I'd see if he's interested in me, then go out with him more if he is.
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