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  If you don't want your posts deleted...
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   Author  Topic: If you don't want your posts deleted...  (Read 20539 times)
If you don't want your posts deleted...
« on: May 28, 2004, 01:26:53 pm »

Dear A&Fers,

Unfortunately, despite  attempts (both public and private) to inform members of text/posting guidelines, many of you continue to disregard our efforts.  Therefore, stricter enforcement will be in play until we see major improvements.

  By reading this, you have received your first warning about text and posting guidelines.  It is up to each member to take the time to read this Announcement; if you don't bother to do it, then it's not our problem.

  A member of staff will inform you that you are breaking text rules.  If you disregard this second warning and break the rules again,

This is the most frequently broken text rule of them all.  Please be mindful that excessive or continuous use of "words" such as ppl, u, ur, b4, 2, h8, etc. is prohibited.  Using LOL, LMAO, or OMG occassionally is fine; however, posting in netspeak is generally annoying and

Hey R u gonna du that 2day??? LMAO! He wuz lyk rofl 2.

Hey, are u gonna do that today? LMAO! He was like ROFL too.

(You can still use netspeak here and there but having your whole post written like that is aggravating and difficult to understand for many - even those who are native speakers. )

Posting twice in a row is prohibited.  Use the modify button instead.


(Don't use all caps in thread titles. You can use caps in posts, but don't write a whole paragraph in caps; that is the equivalent of yelling.)

PlEaSe Do NoT wRiTe LiKe ThIs.

(If you're trying to emphasize something, that's fine...but a whole post? It's hard on the eyes.)

Please refrain from writing, "He looks so good!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  "  You are just as effective in writing, "He looks so good!  "

(in between the Preview and Reset Form buttons).  If your post contains so many spelling errors that it cannot be read easily, it will be deleted.

(Typos are okay but again, we do have foreign visitors that may not be fluent in English. They may not be able to easily understand misspelled words and/or learn to spell the words the wrong way.)

Invite members into your thread by describing its content.  Simply saying, "LOOK AT THIS!!!" will result in the removal of your thread.


- Posts must meet a 5-word minimum.  Anything less will be deleted.

That is pretty!

I like that a lot. It's blended nicely.

(If you can't use constructive criticism or say why you like a piece, then it doesn't really help the artist.)

For additional Fan Art Rules and Guidelines, please go either  or .

Thank you for reading through this thread.  If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me or any other member of staff.


Mad/A&F Staff 
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