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News Archive: May 2019



May 20, 2019

It's a very special day. Giving my best educated guess, today marks Elijah's 30th anniversary in the industry! I'll get more into that shortly.

:: Elijah was in Mexico earlier this month to attend the Conque Comic Convention. Not only were there duties to the convention crowds, he had the opportunity to tour the small village of Bernal. You can see photos from his visit here.

:: There are some videos from Mexico as well. Elijah's arrival, Main Conference (with Spanish overdub), and a Breakfast Conference. Our friend Romina was there too and shared her video with us.

:: Items from the Tribeca Film Festival are still trickling in, especially the outstanding reviews for Come To Daddy from Film Threat, Roger Ebert site, Pop Horror, Slash Film, and ET Online names Elijah as one of the favorite performances from Tribeca.

:: There are more videos from Tribeca from Now This, Den of Geek, Den of Geek 2, Vulture, the video portion is finally up for Sway's Universe and a nearly hour long podcast from Happy Sad Confused.

:: All this Daddy goodness has led the film to acquire U.S. distribution with Saban Films and internationally with WTFilms, thus, hopefully coming to a theater near you.

:: Up next for Elijah is the Phoenix Fan Fusion this coming weekend.

:: Next stop for Come to Daddy is in New Orleans at the Overlook Film Festival on May 31st. There will be a Q&A following the centerpiece film and Daniel Noah will join Elijah to talk about their new podcast Visitations. SpectreVision's film, Daniel Isn't Real will also show at the festival. Both movies will then head down under for the Sydney Film Festival next month.

:: It's been a minute, but Wooden Wisdom is back! They had a gig in Atlantic City this past Friday, so check them out.

:: It was 30 years ago today.... well, sort of. I may not be exact on the date, but the year is spot on. This was the date that Forever Your Girl hit number 1 on the charts and the video was the first time people got their first glimpse of Elijah. Since then, his career has been time-tested. Elijah has been in a slew of films, both blockbusters and indies, music videos, short films, television series, animated features, documentaries and whatever else he feels like doing. He's made his path in drama, comedy and lately, his passion, the genre fair. Not one to find satisfaction just in front of the lens, but to produce films as well.

To commemorate this milestone, Always and Forever has a new skin/layout, named Anniversary.
This skin will be on the site for about a year as the default, but the other skins are still available by clicking them on the left side under the Quick Info section. Again, our friend Romina made a wonderful collage of images from Elijah's films and I whipped up an artwork myself. Taking a lot longer, I also created a couple of videos that retrospect Elijah's career. There is an extended version and an encapsulated version which is embedded on the site. Big thanks to our tech, Jochen, for his expertise with installing the new look.

That's all... for now, and Happy Anniversary Elijah! Wishing you many more years of ingenuity ahead.


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