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-- Mini Interview with 'WOWOW' - Japan --


ELIJAH: “And I think that we all have temptations, and I think that we all have, you know, we all make mistakes, and but I am constantly learning, you know, everyday, always making mistakes, and always learning, so I think I misinterpret things, and sort of been tempted by certain things, and realize that’s a mistake, and that’s all part of being a human being. You know, I think that’s the one element of these stories that I love and particularly this character.”


BILLY: There’s no secret with Elijah, he’s a very open person.

DOM: Extremely big blue eyes

BILLY: Very big blue eyes

DOM: He looks like this all the time…

BILLY: Even while he’s asleep, his eyes are still pretty much open

DOM: Oh yeah …

BILLY: which is weird

DOM: His eyelids are normal-sized, but his eyes are like bugs.. close over his eyes, so he sleeps like this (Dom and Bill raise their eyebrows up, and widen their eyes pupil, really funny…LOL)


ELIJAH: “And I think that, there’s you know, within that the years that I have been acting one of the greatest elements of what I do …ahmn… is…is the effect that you can have on people…ahmn…for the positive. You know, it’s a really profound thing to work on a movie, and you know, have an incredible process of , you know, the technically creating something…you know, in terms of art, and then having a response, that is emotional and, the way that people connect to you, and react to the ahh.. the story and character is something very special. Ahmn… whatever I do, I want to make people happy, affect people and you know in an emotional, powerful way, I think.”


ELIJAH: “And there’s something that Mel Gibson told me a long time ago, actually I worked with him, when I was ten years old…forever young, and ahmn…it’s always stuck in my mind, and I think, it’s very simple, but I think it’s very true…he said that…you can always do better, there’s no such thing as you are best, you don’t ever become too comfortable with your own accomplishment. It means you’re constantly striving to…to learn and to grow.”

Thanks Aileen! :)


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