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Ryan Newman

After winning over American audiences by becoming FX's highest rated preimere comedy, and gaining fans in its original land of Australia, it will be interesting to see if Wilfred's next episode sustains its bite with viewers.

Wilfred is very protective of his owner, Jenna and like most loyal dogs are, he will protect her anyway he can. Ryan and Wilfred discuss the finer points of this enduring quality but Wilfred doesn't feel Ryan is capable of it. Ryan reluctantly proves to Wilfred he is a man of his word and lets Wilfred romp and play were dogs should not. By this act, Wilfred is convinced of Ryan's trust, but Ryan can be selfish.

After being asked by Jenna, Ryan deceivingly takes Wilfred to the vet and sees it as a means to gain Jenna's trust. Once at the vet and under sedation, Wilfred spills the beans on a secret of Jenna. He doesn't want to betray her, but the drugs makes him do so. This secret sends Ryan on an embarrassing and funny set of occurrences to find out more.

The underlying theme to this is "Trust" and so goes the title for this week's episode.

Unlike the premiere episode of "Happiness" which is covered in hilarious potty humor, "Trust" begins to show how Wilfred has compassion. Not to say this episode doesn't have the same kind of ballsy jokes, but they've been slid to the back burner for more tender moments. How they achieve this is testament to the creative writing. It's layered meticulously like a triple tiered chocolate raspberry cake with a cherry on top.

"Trust" isn't as howling funny as the first episode but that doesn't mean the humor has lost its vigor. Far from it. It's on a different level this time. The smiles come more from feeling moved instead of being amused by desecrating footwear.

Both Elijah and Jason step it up a notch from the first episode, and it's great to see Fiona Gubelmann as Jenna have more screen time. She contributes much light to this insanely dark comedy.

After vets, pelicans, and welder's goggles, Ryan learns another way to make himself more accessible to humans, thanks to a loyal and trustworthy animal.

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