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Passage from an article in ďTťlť7JoursĒ (French TV guide)

You finished shooting The Lord of the Rings 3 years ago. Does promoting this 3rd installment throwing you right back into the adventure?

Iím always in it, specially since we went back for pick-ups in New Zealand last June. On the other hand, the picture is starting to get old (picture of Frodo with the spider).

But you havenít got any extra wrinkles

Thatís the drama of my life. But the character isnít supposed to get any older during this 13 months quest!

Do you think that the story written by Tolkien in 1954 is only a fantasy tale?

The subject is very serious, it talks about death, despair and sacrificeÖ Tolkien describes a perverted modern world that tends to destroy an ancient cult, organised around the nature. He tells us: whoever we are, insignificant or small (and I know what Iím talking about) we can save the world with our humanity.

What would be your answer to Billy Boyd and Sean Astin (your Hobbit friends) when they call you Eyed-man?

Iím proud of it. Itís because of my eyes that I got the part. In my life though itís hard sometimes because they reveal my thoughts.

Thanks Arwen60! :) [and a special thanks to Frenchanimator for the translation]


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