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Collectormania 4 Report - Nikki

Saturday two towers talks:

We got 2 the cinema @ around 2pm, ready for the two towers talk. We waited there for 4 hours, we had like 7 people in front of us. We were finally let in at 5.45ish, I felt so sick I thought I was going to faint lol!. When we got in we saw 4 chairs, so we thought elijah may be in this talk, coz we heard 2 of the lotr's people cancelled so that left a 4 in 6 chance lol! My friend was front row, I was directly behind and there wasn’t a seat in front of me, so I was like omg clear view of this 1 chair, that I prayed dom would sit in lol! and guess what? he did, I couldn't believe it. When every1 came in there was a huge cheer 4 dom mainly. All the questions were mainly directed to dom funnily enough! My friend asked a question 'I know you have taken alot from the experience but what 1 thing will you treasure forever ??(it was something like that!) sauron said friendship and then they all started talking bout each other, bless them! there were so many questions and as we know dom brought up this whole gay thing! I have to say I can't remember too much about this talk, as I was in a daze looking @ dom, and feeling really ill lol! I think dom was becoming uncomfortable with me and my friend lol, we were leaning so far forward just staring at him all the time! haha! however my friend did record the talk, which I must listen to again soon, and try and write some more for you guys!

Sunday signing:

After getting up @ 4.45am, we arrived @ 6am, there were around 10 people in front of us. We waited around then went in and ran to our tickets, we were so near the front, that we were let in straight away. Like a few minutes later dom and elijah suddenly started walking in our direction, by the time I turned around, he was like in front of me, I almost died lol! i went into a complete state of shock, elijah and dom said helloo omg! ahh! Then eventually we got to elijah, and my friend was first, she gave elijah the present, that was a sash thing saying 'girls on tour, but we crossed out girls and put ‘frodo'. Elijah said omg awesome!!! At that time dom looked up and then I like moved up and got out the one we brought 4 dom and said ‘we’ve got one for you too’. Elijah was like ‘yesss sweet’" Then some1 behind us shouted you’ve got to have a picture of that done. So they both stood up and we took pictures with our presents on ahh couldn’t believe it! It was then me, i went up nervously and said hello, and we both said 'How are you?' at the same time. I was like 'yeah Im great now thanks' lol (wot am i saying) he asked for my name and I said Nikki and I really can't really remember a lot, but I know I said 'can i have a present' (wooot the hell was i thinking!!) 'I mean hug I said' he was like ‘yeah sure!!’ i almost died and i wouldn’t let go! I was like can I photo please and we turned round for the photo! ahh it was heaven, then I don’t what happened! haha! Its like a blur! I was in a dream the whole time! So that’s all I can remember there! But the next day I was slightly better!

Next was Dom, we were just standing in the que, when Elijah started to get up and start having pictures done with people in the Que. I died again, and he was now right by us and he started to talk to someone in a wheelchair, and he was so sweet to everyone and hypo! Then Dom started to do the same, he came to me and said ‘I love your eye glitter’ I don’t know what I said, maybe thank you? Lol (its a dream) then we had a picture and suddenly my camera decided to run out of film, and I was like ‘Omg everyone quick take a photo’ Dom was laughing at us, luckily it came out amazing! I don’t know what happened then, he just had one with my friends, then must have gone down the que, then back to his seat. I then came to meet him, I said hello ive got you a present (a sweatband that said tress on it) he said ‘omg sweet I love sweatbands *dies*’ He also remembered us all from the talk the night before, he was like ‘the ones on the left ya?’ Ahhhh!! Don’t know what happened but had the courage to say can I have a hug? And we did ahh in heaven again! And thats all i remember there again!

Next up was seany! Ahhh he’s a darling, went up to meet him and said hey how are you (i think) and had the courage to say ‘your one amazing actor’ and he said aww bless you’ dies again! Then I got a picture with him that was one amazing grip I had. Aww he felt great! We also saw Andy and shouted to him, and he remembered us from the B.A.F.T.A’s, (we waited outside and met him and others twice in February) I couldn’t believe it! He was like its you lot again!

Well that’s all I remember from that signing but the next day was slightly clearer!

Sunday Fellowship of the ring talk:

Well we got to the cinema @ 12pm haha! So as you will imagine we were first and we started to make our own sign that said ‘FOTR que starts here’ The people in the cinema were looking at us like what are you doing? Your 6 hours early! But we had to be at the front. So it began to get more crowded and we were let in @ 5.30pm, where we ran in and got to the middle of the front row! I started to feel sick again and I was also really ill, because I was loosing my voice! (Hell! The 1 weekend of my life I need it) Anyway then Sean and Elijah arrived and they started running around the cinema which was hilarious, everyone was screaming and stuff! Then people began to go up and give them presents and stuff. They started to answer loads of questions, about the premieres and stuff. They started singing ‘We’re going around the round, around the world’ awww! And they said including London woooo!! And me and my friends screamed and they looked at us like whhaat haha! Hm more random questions, things like what English programmes do you like? Elijah said fawty Towers, IM Alan Partridge and The Day Today (which is the best thing ever) Then I put my hand up and they pointed at me and I said ‘Can we see your tattoo?’ Looking straight into Elijahs eyes! Ahh he was looking at me *dies again* and he said ‘yeah sure’ and got it out right in front of me! And everyone started to take so many pictures! Then Someone then asked something like ‘What’s it like having all these girls after you elijah?’ and he started to say ‘yeah its a part of life now...’ and my friend shouted out ‘LIFE’ and they all looked at us, I couldn’t stop laughing! (Its our own little joke, we call lord of the rings – life) and aimee said ‘can you say that again?’ and elijah went ‘what??? Say what again’...’The word life’ And he quietly and hilariously went LIFE down the microphone! Sooo funny! Then random questions again and through out this elijah couldn’t stop laughing at everything, it was soo sweet, every time he laughed everyone else did! maybe he had a few drinks before lol ;) And he got all embarrassed...awww! Then Seans phone started to go off, and it was his brother, Elijah said give me the phone and he put the speaker bit on the microphone, but he put the wrong end on and then he couldn’t stop laughing again for ages! And sean took the phone and went ‘Elijah it’s like this silly’ then we heard Sean’s brother talking about Sean! It was great! Then later on I remember Elijah was talking about some band zed lepard or something (haven’t heard of them myself) and he said’ has anyone seen the new DVD???, its awesome’ and everyone was quiet. And he said ‘ok no1 has, IM not interesting’ and I shouted out ‘yes you are’ so loudly, and he looked straight at me again, *dies again*, and he kinda like shrugged and smiled at me! Wooo! Yeah there were more random questions that I cant really remember but all in all it was such an amazing talk, where Elijah couldn’t physically stop laughing so everyone was laughing all the time, it was so funny! at the end i sat in elijahs seat and touched it haha it was so warm! and my friend got sean and elijahs drink bottles! we're obsessed!!

Monday Signings:

Well i lost my voice completely when i woke up and It was already bad at the talk. So I couldn’t believe it but anyway all in all it was a slight advantage! We got there @ 5am this time, where there were around 50 people in front of us now. Me and friends felt so ill because we had hardly eaten or slept! So we went in the centre around 6.15am and stood in the Que, and met Elijah around 11am. We then saw them upstairs through that window bit, they had just arrived and everyone was cheering and stuff, it was sooo great! One of my friends went up and said ‘i’m nearly loosing my voice and my friend has lost hers; and he said something like ‘you lot been screaming?’ awww! Anyway I went up, and Elijah realised I lost my voice and he said straight away ‘omg im so sorry, you’ve lost your voice!’ And i gave him a piece of paper, of what I wanted to say to him. I wrote like 'thank you so much for being here it means so much to me and the talks were so amazing ETC'. And he looked straight at me and went ‘Thank you so much’ I like smiled and he said ‘Write down your name so you don’t have to talk’. I took his pen (AHHH) and wrote Nikki, and I was shaking so much! and he said ‘ ah yeah I remember you’ *dies again* I was like omg I want to talk to you now!!! I think he recognised us all form the talks and the day before! And we kept seeing them arrive from their breaks etc. The actual God, that Elijah is, he wrote on my autograph ‘Sorry about your voice’ I mean who would do that!!! Then I managed to like whisper to him closely haha! ‘Can I have a hug?’ and he said ‘omg yeah sure’ and got straight out his seat and out the way of the table and gave me one, it was so amazing! And then we had a picture together. He kept saying sorry to me, all the time about my voice and all I wanted to do was talk back!!! But all in all that was the best time ever, he couldn’t have been sweeter!

In the middle we saw Dom upstairs on his break, and he waved right at us again ahhh! And we saw them from there breaks and stuff!

So next up was Dom again! I think my friend told him I had lost my voice and he was like awww, but by the time I got to him later, it came back a little bit, compared to when i met Elijah. L So I went up and I was able to like whisper more clearly now! And he was like aww what’s your name? And i said nikki and he started to write NIC, I didn’t want to sound rude but I said its K and he said ah well lets add another K in there! So I had 3’ks, aww bless him! Once again i hardly remember much, it seemed more natural 4 me to be able to talk to (or not) to Elijah and Sean for some reason! But I think I wrote him a message and said thanks so much for being here and he said thankyou!

So a few hours later we decided to go and wait outside the window. So we got to front part of the window and got a clear view of Dom and we constantly kept waving at him and he was like trying to have pictures taken with people and theres us shouting ‘Doooom!!!’ So we stood there for hours and he started just to keep waving at us haha! He realised who we were and they started to recognise us coz we’d seen them so much! Elijah waved like twice and saw us awww! It was sooo funny, dom was copying what my friend was doing! Then we had to go and we all like waved a goodbye sign separately, but I couldn’t seem to get away from the amazingness, all my friends went lol! And I waved and dom pointed at me and waved a goodbye! And that was the last we saw of them!

It was the most amazing weekend of my life and I know nothing in the world will ever compare to it. I know this is going to sound like weird and obsessive but Elijah is seriously the most amazing person I’ve ever met. Whilst looking through the window and my experience, he showed that he had so much focus the entire time and he was mesmerised by each and every fan. Asif he had all the time in the world for them, and nothing else mattered to him, apart from that one person. I admire that so much about him and I pray all of you fans get the chance to meet him as I did. And believe me it will happen, if it did to me. Anything’s possible in this world.

61-64 -Nikki

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