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News Archive: July 2020



July 31, 2020

With many, if not all movie productions shut down, SpectreVision's next film for 2021, Archenemy, is chugging along in post production and have released a teaser trailer.

:: Star Wars Resistance has picked up an Emmy nomination for Outstanding Children's Program. As you know, Elijah voiced Jace Ruckin in the animated series.

:: Elijah took a photo and posted a familiar license plate to Twitter. Later, the owner of the car interacted with the man in the reflection to which Elijah replied, "It's yours! Amazing! I'd passed you once before and nearly followed you. Haha" It would be something to find out that Elijah Wood was trailing you.

:: Here's a podcast where The Trust is discussed for the first half hour. It's raunchy and very tangential... like enthusiastic, tipsy, movie fans would talk. It's actually a podcast dedicated to Nicolas Cage called, Cage's Kiss.

:: Screen Rant posted this pretty funny video. What would the pitch for The Fellowship of the Ring be like?

That's all... for now.


July 15, 2020

I don't know what's harder to take. Being swamped by too much happening with Elijah or scraping the little juicy bits that's out there. Since I can't control what's going on in the world, I'll have to opt for the latter... again.

:: Did you catch Elijah in The Princess Bride homemade retelling on Quibi? Overall, the entire piece was fun to watch and it looks like all involved had a good time recreating the story. Elijah appears for just a few moments as Prince Humperdinck in Chapter 7, The Pit of Despair, along with fellow LOTR actor, Andy Serkis in their scene shot many, many miles apart. Here's an even more brief portion of it.

:: IndieWire conducted an all too familiar home video interview with Elijah which is a wonderful account of what's on Elijah mind and on his plate in this 38 minute conversation.

:: I came across this pretty fascinating article about Maniac examining which version of the film is better. Check out Revenge of the Remakes.

That's all... for now.


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