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News Archive: November 2013



November 29, 2013

I hope everyone who celebrates had a wonderful Thanksgiving!

:: Here's a look behind the scenes of the photoshoot for Mine Magazine that Elijah did with a little interview mixed in. And a couple of photos as well. [Photo 1] [Photo 2]

:: Congratulations to team Grand Piano for taking home the Press award for best movie at the Morbido Film Festival in Mexico.

:: There are plenty of photos (some new) from the festival as well as a short video taken during his visit there.

:: It's been a long time coming but we finally have an English version of the trailer for Grand Piano.

:: Want to have lunch with Elijah on the set of Wilfred? Got about $1,800 laying around? Want to just read about it even if you can't? This opportunity is for the benefit of a little boy named Dominic so you can still donate.

:: If you recall this fan encounter posted in August, the authors are holding a special giveaway of their book Salomé that was inspired and recognized by Elijah. Go to their Facebook page to enter.

:: We've come to that time again. The Age of Aquarius is just a couple of months away where fans submit their personal greetings, poems, artworks, videos and creative stories to wish Elijah a happy birthday. Deadline to submit your original work is Saturday, January 18th 2014. Please read the guidelines about submissions on the forum.

:: Thanks again Jaramajo, Karin and Ljuba!

That's all....for now.


November 10, 2013

:: It's been a little quiet the past couple of weeks but there are a few things to get in that brings us into November.

:: First, Elijah's inaugural film, Cooties, produced completely by his company SpectreVision, has been bought by Universal Pictures International for distribution rights. Congratulations!

:: Take a listen to one of the best interviews I've heard Elijah give. This podcast is about an hour and fifteen minutes long if you skip past the first fifteen minutes. Here's a photo from the session with Marc Maron.

:: Check out some images and articles pertaining to Grand Piano in our Magazine Scan section from Accion, Icon, La Vanguardia, DT Lux and one tidbit. These are written in Spanish but if you can't read them, at least there are the photos! Here is a rough Google translation from La Vanguardia.

:: How does one pick three reviews from a mountain of great ones? Close ones eyes and click! Reviews for Grand Piano are up.

:: Which horror film was named best of the year on AICN? That was a little too easy, right?

:: This is an amazing painting depicting both Elijah and Joe Spinell as Frank Zito from Maniac done by Richard Wells AKA Slippery_Jack on Twitter.

:: Thanks to Ambree, Jaramajo, Karin and Richard!

That's all....for now.


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