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News Archive: February 2011



February 26, 2011

:: This week Elijah and Hannah attended Art of Elysium's Pieces of Heaven Art Auction/Vanity Fair Campaign where Elijah has his very own photograph up for bidding to benefit the charity.

:: Here's a video interview from Elijah and co-star Jason Gann speaking about Wilfred. Download it.

:: It's time for a new Mr. Elwood!

:: Looks like Elijah has recorded some commentary for the cable series Robot Chicken where he's worked on in the past. Here's a photo from creator Seth Green's Twitter.

:: The Funny or Die production of Boobie will be in competition next month at the South by Southwest (SXSW) Festival in Austin Texas. Check out the film's poster.

:: I'm sure everyone knows about the devastating earthquake that hit New Zealand on February 22nd. Being close to Elijah's heart, he and many others are spreading the word on how to offer help to the people of that beautiful country. You can find more information at the New Zealand Red Cross site.

:: Margaret was the winner of the two DVD's for submitting her work to Age of Aquarius but regretfully she had to decline. So the movies will go to the runner up and that would be Denise!

:: Thanks again Karin, Overlithe and Patrick.

That's all... for now.


February 11, 2011

I needed a little rest after the big party, but I want to thank everyone who either participated or commented for Elijah's birthday. I'd like to announce the winner of the DVD give away for submissions to The Age of Aquarius, and that's Margaret! She will be receiving two of Elijah's films on DVD. Congratulations!

:: A wonderful video was released on Elijah's birthday showing just the thing his fans love about him. HD download.

:: And another video from TMZ of Elijah speaking of the ark storm.

:: The Romantics was released on DVD this week (mine came yesterday) and I've updated the movie review section with it as well as the movie stills and filmography section listing his new and scheduled projects.

:: Elijah is currently in Puerto Rico filming the TV movie Treasure Island and the photographers caught up with him there. [1] [2] [3] Here's an excerpt from a translated article from an actor on the film:
Puerto Rican actor Victor Seguí was always attracted by the adventurous aspect of pirates and for some time had been meaning to read the novel by Robert Louis Stevenson, Treasure Island. Six months ago he did not ever imagine he would end up as part of the cast for the TV movie Treasure Island, which is being filmed in Puerto Rico since last Jan. 10th. In Treasure Island, Seguí is one of the three Puerto Rican actors who play the seamen in this movie, starring British comedian and actor Eddie Izzard and the star of The Lord of the Rings, Elijah Wood.
"The seamen are commanded by 'Long John Silver' played by Eddie Izzard. Elijah Wood plays 'Benn Gunn.' Working with them has been a wonderful and enjoyable experience, especially because they are very humble people." said Seguí. "Wood and Izzard are far from arrogance and ego despite being highly recognized celebrities... Elijah and Eddie eat with us in the breaks. They are simple and humble." he also said. The filming of Treasure Island on the island will end soon.

:: He's also posted some photos on his Twitter from Puerto Rico if you want to check them out. Looks like hot fun down there!

:: While news first came that the TV mini series would air on Sky in the UK, it's now been reported it will also air on the SyFy cable network early in 2012.

:: If you enjoyed the new addition to A&F, that being the wonderful comic strip Mr. Elwood, you probably know it's now a fixture to the site. There will be at least one new comic a month and this month starts it off. Thank you Ms. Lina for your fantastic artwork and humor that is a welcome addition here!

:: Thanks also goes to Jaramajo, Karin, Patrick and SweetestHeart.

That's all... for now.


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