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News Archive: August 2008



August 28, 2008

:: Moonagh brings news that Elijah was playing host DJ once again on Indie 103.1 radio this past Monday with his guests Zach and Hannah. You can listen to the entire broadcast with some very good tunes here. Find 08.25.08 and click on listen. I also have the show available for download.

:: There are more photos added from the Bocce picnic with thanks to Deondre and Karin.

:: Karin also shares a new photo from the Greg Laswell music video.

:: There's a video I've never seen before which is pretty amusing. Let's see how many times penguin can be said! Thanks to Chickenlegs for the find.

:: Nora, AKA Random Fandom has nearly completed her gallery with more screen caps from The Oxford Murders. Thanks so much for sharing!

:: I like to welcome Sweet Chaos as a new affiliate to our site. Check them out and show them some love.

:: I've been waiting to hear from those at Art of Elysium, but until I do, for now, I guess it's OK to add their worthwhile charity as a permanent link to our site. In case you haven't explored other links to Elijah, you can find Elysium here, among others.

:: I'll be on vacation for the next ten days, so if there are any concerns, please contact Brenda. I'll see you when I return!

That's all... for now.


August 14, 2008

:: If you reside in Germany, The Oxford Murders will be showing at The Fantasy Filmfest in various cities throughout the country now until September 7th. You can check out the schedule at the festival's site.

:: There are some wonderful pics found by Chickenlegs and Karin during the Bocce event/picnic to benefit The Art of Elysium held a few weeks ago. They can be found here.

:: A couple of recent sightings to report. A non-Elijah fan had nothing but good things to say about him here. Thanks to Mole Caz for this find. And personally, I got to see Elijah hanging out at a Gogol Bordello show the weekend of August 2nd. I didn't think I'd spot him with so much activity going on, but there he was, photographing the band. Sadly, I didn't get the opportunity to chat with him again. I guess it wasn't meant to be this time, but hopefully next time. However, there are some photos of him at that show. [1] [2] [3]

:: And lastly, more movie reviews have been posted. We've added The Good Son and Green Street Hooligans.

That's all... for now.


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