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News Archive: June 2007



June 24, 2007

:: Elijah went to the Bonnaroo music festival in Tenessee on June 16. You can see some pics here and here Thanks Karin and Bunnie.
:: My_lj_name found some nice pics of Elijah: [1] [2] [3] [4] [5]
:: Angelwood found a wonderful interview with Elijah and Jon Berthal about Day Zero. It doesn't load very well so please be patient.
:: Random Fandom found the link to an audio clip where Elijah talks about Happy Feet, The Hobbit and his audition experience. You can listen to it here
:: Elijah attended a Paul McCartney show in New York recently. And there were just enough luminaries scattered about to give the event some glitz, like Whoopi Goldberg, Elijah Wood, Little Steven Van Zandt, New Line Cinemas chairman Michael Lynne, Steve Buscemi, Aidan Quinn and Elizabeth Bracco, music manager Danny Bennett and a good portion of the Eastman family, Paul's always in-laws. Wood, in particular, was wide-eyed. You can read the full article here


June 13, 2007

:: The Daytime Emmy Awards will broadcast on Friday, June 15th and Elijah is nominated for Outstanding Performer in a Children's Special - Saving A Species: The Great Penguin Rescue. This program has the most nominations for a daytime special with three total. Congratulations and good luck Elijah!
:: Speaking of awards, we've added a new listing to the site. Also check out some new "old" magazine scans from before 2002 and from 2005. Thanks to Shayda for those.
:: Here is a nice little video clip of Elijah at the 2002 Oscar Awards. The Fashion Police thinks he looks great, but we knew that all along. Thanks Bunnie!
:: If you want to get your hands on a great Q&A of Elijah in Toronto during the Green Street days from 2005, you can place your bid for the DVD on eBay. I've not seen it, but it's about an hour in length and told by those who have seen it as being excellent! If you loose out on the bidding, there may be more opportunities, so keep watching.
:: There is a 20 minute audio clip from the Day Zero press conference, that's also available to download. Right click and save this link. WARNING: MAJOR SPOILERS! Thanks to Angelwood for the find and Mr. Nobuhiro Hosoki for the recording.
:: A new high res pic of Elijah at the Firehouse Lounge. Thanks again to Bunnie. Another unwatermarked pic from Chile.
:: Last but not least, a photo taken by Elijah of his new band at Simian, Heloise and The Savoir Faire during their concert last month here.
That's all... for now.
:: ETA: I've just been reminded by not alone that tonight (June 14th) in the UK, Elijah will be on MTV2's Take-Overs hosting his favorite videos that was pre-recorded in February. It may be too late to see it now, but there may be a chance to catch it again if it re-airs.


June 8, 2007

Hi folks! We've got a new update for you.
:: More good news for The Oxford Murders Alex de la Iglesia's thriller. The movie closed further distribution for territories including Germany (Koch Media), Brazil (Imagem), Eastern Europe (Paradise MGN, Vision and Pro-vision), the Middle East (Front Row), Greece (Audiovisual) and Hong Kong (CMC).
:: Elijah will, once again, voice Spyro in the video game. Read about it HERE
:: Angelwood found this interview with Elijah that I had never heard before. Scroll down until about half way the page (editon #45)
:: Bunnie found some wonderful new pics from older events. London Comiccon 2006 [1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6] [7] [8] [9], Chanel Costume Gala 2005 [1] [2] and the Independent Spirit Awards 2005 [1] [2] Thanks Bunnie!
:: Elijah's appearance on The Fuse is now available on YouTube
:: If you speak or understand French, there's a short French Oxford Murders clip available HERE Thanks juliabaggins!
:: If, like me, you had never seen the clips from The Instant Talkshow, I'd suggest you to visit this and this
:: Enjoy!


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