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News Archive: August 2006



August 11, 2006

:: Jane posted Annabelle's LFCC report on her LJ. It's nice and long so that should keep you all entertained for a good while :) Thanks ladies for sharing that with us.
:: Check out Letizia's post here (2nd from the top) for a whole bunch of her Giffoni pics
:: Mara's finished her [5 PART] report of Elijah at Giffoni. Check out all 5 parts here

On a disappointing note... those of you who can't play nice on the comment box will just be banned, ok? I can assure you I won't think twice about it, you will not be missed. Take your arguments to a new WONDERFUL invention called e-mail. Posts about Elijah and Pam will be deleted if they piss me off as well. Stop being so childish. No that is not unfair, this is my website, deal with it.


August 26, 2006

:: Follow the link for a bunch of new Elijah photos
"Kari Feinstein 2006 Emmy Style Lounge - Day 1. 8-24-2006"


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