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News Archive: July



Wednesday, 3 July 2002

:: Just a few small updates...
:: I have more information about Elijah in the August 2002 Teen People magazine... ok well the picture that appears in the Star Tracks section is the picture of Elijah coming out of his trailer in Vancouver during filming Try Seventeen... Lucy has posted this picture before so i'm sure you'd all be familiar with it :) and in the Did You Hear section.. it states that Elijah plays the piano in Try Seventeen,and was playing Star Wars and Halloween themes.. cute!:) (somehow I don't think those themes will be in the movie):p
Thanks Hobbit Angel :)
:: Also... The other day I posted some shows where Elijah provides the voice (Elijah lended his voice to the role of Icarus for an episode, "Responsiblity", of "Adventures from the Book of Virtue".) and I said that they were airing in Washington... I meant Washington D.C. Sorry if I confused you :)
:: Hobbit Angel tells me that if you go Here or Here you can get more information on the show and time it airs.
:: Well that's all the news I have right now... I have some new pictures to post but I still need Lucy to help me out with some more HTML so i'll post them sometime soon :)
:: Have a great day!

Thursday, 4 July 2002

::Yahoo has a whole page dedicated to LOTR articles and news, so go and check it out :)
:: A cool site where you can download lots of interviews with the cast of LOTR i.e. Elijah!
:: Miss Hazy informs us of a 2 part interview with Elijah Wood on Much Music Canada (MuchOnDemand- 5 and 11pm ET), of which the 1st part was shown today, and the next part will be shown tomorrow, so u might like to see that :)
:: The new TTT trailer has finally been officially posted on the apple.com site
:: By the way, the MTV awards are on Channel 10 today at 9:30pm
:: Please send me some news! somebody! anybody! Elijah do something!! lol. Ciao!

Friday, 5 July 2002

:: Well I (and Lucy) are now on school holidays... 2 weeks of relaxation.. :)
:: For those who live in Australia... Chain of Fools is available to rent... I saw it this morning and I really liked it.. so anyone out there who hasn't see it, Rent it! :o)
:: Annie sent me an interview that Franka did recently... although i'll just post where Elijah is mentioned.. Let me just tell you, that any bits of interviews or news that I post here, i'm not 100% sure whether it's accurate information because I personally havn't heard Elijah say it himself.
TV: You don't like talking about your private life. How did you react when you saw those photos of Elijah Wood and you? Franka: Oh, I don't really care. I was rather amused. I just don't like it when people ask my parents about it and then they don't know what to say. It's true, I don't like talking about my privacy, because it's nobody's business.
Thanks Annie :)
::This picture of Elijah is old but I think it's reall adoarable, and I know you'd all like to see it :)
:: Here's some more pictures of Elijah that i've never seen before: here and here
The last picture isn't exactly of Elijah.. but he's standing just behind the guy playing the guitar.. and I though.. hey Elijah's in the background, why not post it?
Thankyou too all the people that sent me those! :)
:: More news about teen people (The August 2002 issue) .. Hobbit Angel and Kristy tell me that they did an interview with Ned Vizzini who wrote a book called "Teen Angst.Nah" (about his years in high school) and he wants it to be turned into a movie or television show.. anyway he spoke to Elijah's people.. and he wants Elijah to play the main part :)
:: Monkeygirl also tells me that in the "Rivers Knits" ad which is a clothing company in Australia... there is a magazine lying on the table.. if you look closely the guy in the magazine is Elijah! (Picture is of Elijah in the burgandy suit with the orange background) obviously this ad doesn't air where I live because I havn't seen it.. but look out for it! :)
:: Enjoy your weekend!!

Saturday, 6 July 2002

:: Hey everyone, like Autumn said, we have our 2 week break, so we'll have more time for the site. Also, i wanna make this site bigger and better, so does anyone have any suggestions as to what i can add/get rid of? Just e-mail me. Also, i'm thinking of a new layout, but as you all know, i suck at making layouts, so if you can make a really cool layout for this site, e-mail me, if not, i'll just leave this one up because i quite like it.
:: I just love this model frodo which my friend Niki made - - > You can visit her fanart site here
:: The 2nd part of the interview with Elijah Wood on Much Music Canada, which Miss Hazy told us about was aired, but apparantly Franka was there and hogged most off the air-time. However Miss Hazy very kindly typed up the first part of the interview which you can read here
:: Sorry to everyone who has been sending in fanart to me, but i'm no longer accepting anymore because as nice as they are, they simply takes up too much space.
:: To everyone who e-mailed me about the broken links yesterday, thanks, i've fixed it up, so it should work now :)

Saturday, 6 July 2002

:: Just a small update... :)
:: Kristy sent me a.. well rather unusual picture of Elijah here and she also sent me a statement that Franka said about Elijah playing Frodo here Thanks Kristy :)
:: Ashley sent me a link to a website here which has tons of images from TTT Thanks Ashley!:)
:: We're also looking for some more screencaps of Elijah's movies or interviews, so if you can make some, or direct us to somewhere which has screencaps, please e-mail Lucy. Also, if you're going to send screencaps, please send them in a zip folder :)
Well... that's all the news I have right now... Cya!

Monday, 8 July 2002

:: Ok, i have quite a bit of news, but not nearly enough time to post it all, so i'll post what i can now :)
:: A really really cool and especially long :) media interview with Elijah Wood (I think it's the one from Much Music) It's so cool, you can listen to it here (Real Audio) or here (MP3). It's so funny! Oh, and also for those of you who didn't work out what that 'c' word was, u'll find out :) Not exactly PG. Thanks Mel!!
:: Jazmine and Kristy sent me a scan from a newspaper (which heaps of people also sent me, so thanks to everyone who did!) about Elijah and Franka. Thanks!
For those who want to know where exactly this article came from, Sarah tells us:
It's In the Sunday, July 7, 2002 edition of Washington Post's "Parade" magazine in the U.S. there is a small blurb about Elijah and Franka. It's in the Personality Parade by Walter Scott, on the inside of the front cover.
:: Miss Hazy kindly typed up the second part of the Much Music interview. You can read it here. Thanks Girl!
:: For all you Aussies, Pia tells us that Deep Impact is on this Wednesday, channel 9 at 8:30pm :)
:: Want some LOTR DVD news? Head over to TORn and read it. (I could post it all, but u can see it 4 urself)
:: Well, if u still want more, hed over to FrodoandSam.net and take a look through their galleries and stuff! That kept me amused for a good hour or so. It's such a cool site, so go! :)

Tuesday, 9 July 2002

:: Look at that gorgeous little Hobbit --> :)
:: Here is a picture of Elijah drinking coffee, I don't know what significance this has to anything, but i just thought i'd post it anyway :)
Thanks Lily!
:: Quaxo sent us some more Elijah News...
HOBBIT SCHMOBBITS. Elijah and fellow co-stars Dominic Monaghan (Merry) and Orlando Bloom (Legolas), were apparently shown the lesser side of New Zealand hospitality when a resturaunt owner informed them..."You think you are so special because you make a few millions, and have your face on the cover of magazines. Well let me inform me your presence is less than wanted here." Afterwards, they were thrown out of the resturaunt by the owner with less then wonderful manners. Wood would not give the name of the resturaunt, and could only say, "He loved all Of NZ, well almost all, I still have no idea why he hated us so much! (Laughs)"
WOOD SINGS HIS HEART OUT. There is no shame in this little Hobbit's game! Elijah was seen singing a LOTR song to a group of smaller children on the streets of his most recent NZ excursion. "Little kids are the greatest," he swoons, "they can just have fun and be involved in any moment." Does this mean there will be a CD!??!
Thanks Quaxo!
:: *Note that this news was from: Elijah's Doorstep
:: I also just want to say a quick thankyou to everyone that sent me the news that Elijah and Franka were in Parade magazine :)
:: Also I was wondering that if your sending me news and pictures, it would be greatly apprieciated if you could please tell me where it's from. :)
:: Have a nice day everyone!

Thursday, 11 July 2002

:: Hey everyone! Did you listen to the Much Music Interview? Well... you know how Elijah mentioned the two edmonton girls who went to visit him on the set of Try Seventeen?? Well guess who he was talking about?? - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - >
hehe, yep, he was talking about Anna! You remember those pics she took which made us all go insanely jealous, don't you? (gallery 35) That lucky, lucky thing! Anna said that she's going to write up a recount, so look out for that. In the mean time, if you haven't read Bonnie's recount, read it now
:: I know i've posted this lotr site before, but they've added new sections and i think it's worth checking out again. [The Quintessential LOTR website] hanks Claudia
:: Thanks to celebrity-exchange.com you can send an Elijah Wood postcard to someone. It's a really nice card too! :)
:: Just some misc pictures which i've come across in my travels: [pic 1] [pic 2] [pic 3] [pic 4] [pic 5]
:: Got some new banners to link this site :)
:: OK, so there isn't really any news, lol, just wanted u to know that i'm still alive

Thursday, 11 July 2002

:: Wow, Anna is so lucky!! Not only did she get the meet Elijah, but she got mentioned in an interview! lucky girl!! :) It's nice to see that Elijah remembers his fans... :)
:: Well I havn't really got much news today, just a few pictures and a bit of news :)
:: Ok, Well Here is a cute new picture of Elijah.. Thanks Debra :)
:: Sarreath sent me a REALLY nice anime picture of Elijah/Frodo Here Thanks!!
:: I got sent this really cool Elijah collage Here sent to me... unfortunately, I've forgotten who sent it! so thankyou so much whoever sent it!! :)
:: Here is a little story about Elijah going food shopping with some friends :) Thanks Andrea :)
:: Well that's all I have! Enjoy your weekend! :)

Saturday, 13 July 2002

:: Well i suppose u've already noticed the banner above? :) Well considering that the DVD and video is coming out on August 6th, I thought it'd be a good time to tell you all to pre-order it from amazon.com. It'll get delivered to you and it's about 25% cheaper than anywhere else ;) Or if you want to get the extended version (like me :), you can pre-order it for November. *sigh* it's so close... and yet so far. So click on a title above and order it
:: I started working on some screencaps pages [Commercials] and
[Homicide: Life on the Street] but then i realised that it'd be a waste of space because Jochen already has Elijah's Gallery which has all of the screencaps you'll ever need :) I also added some new multimedia to the media page
:: A pic i haven't seen before sent to me by Wai [New pic] Thanks!
:: Also, a lot of people have been asking me about the blinkies. Sorry, but i can't start making people blinkies or else i'll never have any free time left! It isn't that hard to learn, and if ur really lazy, just go to a blinkie request site :)
:: And if you're really really bored like i am, there's always this site:

Yes i, like so many of you have become attached to this stupid site on and off for 2 years (my username is lucyv) and i can't bring myself to quit, lol, sad, huh? It should bring u some non-lotr entertainment for a while. Take Care!

Sunday, 14 July 2002

:: I was just checking out amazon.com and i found that book about Elijah, 'Elijah Wood: Hollywood's Hottest Rising Star'. Well anyway, you can now view excerpts from the book on this page. Lots of stuff we know, some stuff we don't. Like did you know that Elijah earned at least $1.5 million per picture? (well this was a couple of years ago)
:: Quaxo kindly typed up a recount of a visit to the set of Try Seeventeen. You can read it here :)
:: A cool site where you can get screencaps of every scene in FOTR :) Thanks Ellie May from the messageboard
:: Vote for Elijah on this online poll - he's coming 10th! Thanks Elizabeth!

Tuesday, 16 July 2002

:: Not really much news lately, but this site has received some awards :) :) ...

Thanks so much Amy! And thanks to the webmistresses of The Ring Awards and to whoever nominated the site. And who nominated me as a rocking webmaster?? *mwah* That was so sweet!! luv ya :)
:: Another account of a visit to the set of Try Seventeen - Thanks Jen!
:: Elizabeth sent me some news about a recent magazine article:
There's an article in 'Premiere' about Elijah and his upcoming movie Try Seventeen. The article is on p.36. I saw the magazine in a Barnes and Noble bookstore. I think this magazine is only available in the U.S, unfortunately. The article basically just gives a quick summary of what the movie's about and has a quote from Elijah, saying that this isn't a "teen" movie. It also has a small picture of Elijah next to it. Maybe not worth buying, but an interesting article.
:: Some scans from 'Film' magazine in Poland. Thanks TORn

< - - - Thanks Leilani for making this for me :) :)

Wednesday, 17 July 2002

::Sorry I havn't been updating much lately, i hadn't really had much news to update to tell u the truth... but now i have some :) This is probably the last time i'm gonna update for a while, depending on how much more news I get,but next week i'm going on a camp for school so if you have any large files which use up alot of KB which yur planning to send me, please don't until I get back because then my email gets too full and then emails get deleted and yeh... please wait until i'm back :)
:: Ok well firstly, i have some new pictures..
:: Here is a picture of Elijah Sword Fighting I think this was taken from one of those 'The Making of LOTR' shows that aired last year.. :)
:: Here and Here are a few rare/new pictures of Elijah I found...
:: Kristy sent me some information on LOTR games that are coming out soon Here and she also sent me a picture of Aragorn fighting an Orc in one of the games Here
Thanks Kristy :)
:: I found a new article about Elijah Here It's an old article, but i've never seen it before.. :)
:: I also found a new Interview/Article with Elijah Here This is again an older Interview..
:: Claire also tells me that on the 'Tv Guide' channel in America, There is a commericial for 'Hollywood Insider' where is a small clip of Elijah saying 'Well, that's fantastic, I had no idea' this obviously is taken from another interview :)
Thanks Claire!
:: Well again, that's all I have today... Thankyou everybody for the news :):)
Take Care!

Saturday, 20 July 2002

::Hey Everyone!
I figured I might as well update today seeing as i'm not doing anything and I have a bit of news :)
:: First of all... I want to say.... HOW CUTE ------> :)
:: Hobbit Angel sent us some Elijah Sightings from E!Online..
Elijah Wood-Faye (Jul 13, 2002, 01:35 AM) I saw Elijah on the escalator headed toward the parking garage of the Hollywood and Highland Complex early on Friday night (7/12). He was wearing glasses and an athletic brand t-shirt, and was accompanied by a female friend. Entirely too cute!!!
Elijah Wood-Kaz (Jul 11, 2002, 05:26 PM) This happened 2-3 weeks ago. He was filming on UBC campus (Vancouver, Canada) for some film. I think we stared at him for a good 5 minutes before we realized it was him! He was dragging some big trunk, and wearing a really ugly brown shirt! (ha ha ha). Didn't have time to talk to him though, coz we were rushing to our English class.
Thanks Hobbit Angel :) :)
:: These are just some recent pictures i gathered which i've never seen before...
Pic 1 and... Pic 2 and... Pic 3 and... Pic 4 and... Pic 5 and... Pic 6 and... Pic 7 and finally... Pic 8
:: Aussies... also don't forget that on 'The Osbournes' this monday, the episode where Elijah & Hannah appear will be airing!! :)
:: Have a nice & safe weekend everyone!

Sunday, 21 July 2002

:: Just so that you all know, i'm starting school again tomorrow, so that means less frequent updates on my part and i won't be able to answer e-mails as quickly as i'd like :(
:: Well i watched Chain of Fools yesterday and although it didn't live up to my expectations, it was pretty good (hey, Elijah was in it, it had to have been good!) But Elijah was great in it (and cute!). I rented it from Blockbuster, so if you haven't been able to find it, check out Blockbuster. Oh, and by the way, in Australia at least, you can buy a 10 week video rental card for $39.95 from Blockbuster and on August 6th, you can get a FREE LoTR video or DVD! Definately worth it. If you want to see what included in it, just click on the amazon.com link up the top.
:: I found a full transcript of the MuchMusic interview on frodoandsam.net which you can view here
:: A cutting from a magazine about Elijah and Franka
:: Beth sent me this news about a magazine article:
There is a little article in the U.K edition of Glamour this month, about Elijah and Try 17. There is also a picture, but its very small.
:: Claudia is starting up an Elijah Wood e-mail riddles game. Click here for more info on it.
:: Some more really cool Elijah sprites: - try to guess which movies they come from :)

:: Some misc pics sent to me by Emily: [pic 1] [pic 2] [pic 3]
:: Some cool screencaps from the "Extended cut" DVD

Thursday, 25 July 2002

:: Hey everyone! I got a scan from ElijahWoodFan (sorry, i forgot your name!) from Teen People magazine. Nothing new though :(
:: Some new pictures sent to me by Amanda... Pic 1] [Pic 2] Thanks Girl!!
:: Ashley found a link to the TTT trailer which you can watch on Windows Media Player. So those of you who don't have quicktime, get downloading! Thanks Ashley!
:: Sorry, there hasn't been much Elijah news lately, but i can't help that, so don't harrass me about it. LOTR is coming out soon, so pre-order your copy of the DVD or Video :)

Sunday, 28 July 2002

:: Omg, i just found the *best* site for buying LOTR stuff!! It's New Line Cinema's online store and it has practically every LOTR item available! It even has LIFE SIZED Hobbit Standees!! You have to check it out, they are so cute. Just click on the new banner above, or on the link, then follow the links to the right of the page. *sigh* i love online shopping! :D
:: Irene sent me some cool new pictures: [Pic 1] [Pic 2] [Pic 3] [Pic 4] [Pic 5] [Pic 6] [Pic 7] Thanks Irene!
:: Most of you have already seen the Try Seventeen poster, but TORn posted it again, so i thought, what the hell, here it is again Thanks Becky and Mea
:: Quaxo and Andie sent me a link to a great article about our little music geek, Elijah and his taste in music :) Elijah Wood Plays DJ For 'Try Seventeen' Co-Star Mandy Moore Thanks Quaxo and Andie!

Tuesday, 30 July 2002

:: Hey everyone!! I got some news today!! :) :) Thanks to all you lovely people who sent me in pics! *mwah*
:: Some really cool *huge* new scans from various magazines sent to me by Ashleigh: [Pic 1] [Pic 2] [Pic 3] [Pic 4] [Pic 5] Thanks!!!
:: An absolutely gorgeous 2003 calendar which was made by the lovely Nic which you can download and print (my printer is currently buzzing away). Check it out here Thanks girl!
:: OMG, some really really cool TTT pics from TORn (where else?). You can check them out here. ahhh.... i love these pics!! Not long now :)
:: Some really really cool new pics of our lil Frodo from theargonath.cc sent to me by Uruviel. Thankyou!
:: Oh, and the DVD comes out in 7 days!!! :) :)

Tuesday, 30 July 2002

:: Hey Everyone!!! I'm really sorry I havn't updated in ages! Well, as you know, I had camp last week and last weekend when i attempted to update, the program I used expired and it took me ages to get a new one and ohh... but thanks Lucy for helping me work it all out :):) but.. I'll probably wont be updating that much anyway becase as Lucy said, we have school and ALOT of homework, but i promise to update when I can :)
Anyhow, I hope everyone is good :)
:: Ok, firstly, some new pictures: Pic 1 and... Pic 2 and... Pic 3 and... Pic 4 and.. Pic 5 and finally... Pic 6
:: Annie sent me an article which appears to be older but it's new to me Elijah Wood not a fan of teen flicks
Thanks Girl! :)
:: Ok, well, I have got heaps more news and stuff to post but I havn't got enough time at the moment, I'll try and update it on the weekend :)
Bye Bye!


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