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Quaxo's visit to the set of Try Seventeen

OMG!!! i met Elijah Wood!!!

I knew try seventeen was being filmed in vancouver and me and my big bro and my mum and dad were visiting there for the holidays! So i begged my mum to take me to the place where they were filming it.... so we fianlly got there (we taxied) and i saw Mandy Moore there talking to a group of fans...suddenly my heart started pounding...like really fast, cos wouldn't YOU be all nervous and have that feeling of when you see any celebrity??

And then i stood there for a bit...just standing there for no apparent reason... then my mum gave me nudge and pointed at elijah and said 'hey jo, isn't that the one who plays frodo? the one you're keen on? the one you dragged me here to meet?' and i looked where she was pointing...and my heart was like *BA BOOM* *BA BOOM* and i almost fainted!!

Elijah was standing there talking to Franka Potente... then my mum said 'go on jo, go up and talk to him.' now i was feeling way too scared to do that. and i mumbled something about being too scared and stuff like that. and she said something like 'go on jo, this might be your only chance!' and i kinda woke up then and walked very slowly over to Lij and Franka. and when i got there elijah said 'hi' and franka said 'hello' and then she walked off.

I just stood there in shock...i mean, I WAS STANDING NEXT TO ELIJAH WOOD!!!! and then i kinda said 'hi...' and he asked me who i was and i said something like 'my names jo f....and....13 years old...' and i was really nervous so my voice kept going all quiet. And he had a bit of a laugh at that. then i started smiling because i was happy that he was laughing because maybe that meant that he liked me... i wonder? and then he asked where i was from and all that and i answered...well the correct answer :) and he asked if i liked lord of the rings and i said something like 'yeah, i've seen it 36 times' and he looked absolutely shocked at this and said 'what??? how many times??' and i mumbled '36' and he started laughing again-he was a very jolly person! lol. and he started talking a bit about filming and all that-i wasn't really paying that much attention cos i was too busy looking at his eyes... hey're a million times nicer in real life! and he asked me something but since i wasnt really listening i just answered with a 'what?' and he started laughing again-like i said... a very jolly person!

Then Franka came up and leaned against Lij (grr) and she said 'Come on Elijah, they want us back on the set.' and he said to me 'Aww...sorry jo but i have to go, it was great meeting you though.' then he hugged me!!!!


And then he gave me a wave and walked off. then my mum (who had been standing nearby) walked up to me and said 'did you take any photos then?' and i had completely forgotten that i had my camera!! So i have no pics... sorry :( and then my mum said 'theres always the premiere!' (im goin to it in nz at christmas.) Just as we were leaving i saw elijah give me one final wave *swoon* honestly peeps, he is one of the nicest people in the world! Make that THE nicest person in the world :)



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