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Much Music Interview with Elijah Wood

Typed up by Miss Hazy

Part I of Much Music Interview with Elijah Wood

(There is an introduction outside of a cinema with Nordward. He says that he will be interviewing Elijah Wood in Vancouver. It then switches to inside a building where Nordward is with Elijah.)

Nordward: (To Elijah) Who are you?

Elijah: I'm not really sure.

N: You are Elijah Wood!

E: Yeah, yeah. N: Frodo.

E: Yeah, otherwise known as Elwood to my friends.

(Shows a clip from "Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring" where Frodo is holding the ring after Gandalf took it out of the fire.)

N: And I was wondering if you'd like to comment at all – if you could hold this please Elijah – on the cover of "The Province Newspaper" here. And if you notice the headline, what does the headline there say?

E: "Hobbit And Friend Snuggle At Game: Lord of the Rings Elijah Wood and actor Franka Potente step out for the Playoffs."

N: And I love when you open the paper, it has: "He's the lord of - "

E: "... the rink!" They just love to do those cheesy taglines in relation to that film, don't they? Itís fantastic. In fact, I saw an ad for tires the other day that said: "Lord of the rims." An ad! A big, billboard ad!

N: It'd be a good name for a porno, wouldn't it?

E: Yeah, it would. "Lord of the Rim." Yes.

N: Elijah Wood is a great porno name, isn't it?

E: El – is it?!

N: Elijah Wood! That'd be a great name!

E: Oh, the "Wood"! Yes, yes it is.

N: Like the "Elijah"?

E: I don't know whether to be offended, or to go with that, but I understand.

N: Tell me about Paula Abdul.

E: That was the first job I ever had. It's a Paula Abdul video for "Forever Your Girl".

N: And what did you do?

E: I played an executive at a table, and I broke a pencil because I was angry and depressed that I'd ended a relationship.

N: And how old were you?

E: Eight. And David Finscher directed the video.

(Goes to clip of Elijah in the Paula Abdul video. Then it goes back to Nordward standing outside of the theatre without Elijah.)

N: Stay tuned next time for Part II of my interview with Elijah Wood!

Part II of Much Music Interview with Elijah Wood

(Norward is standing outside doing the intro again. It then switches to Elijah, Franka, and other unknown persons inside a building.)

N: (To Elijah) You like sandwiches, don't you?

E: I love sandwiches! (To Franka) How does he know?

N: What types of sandwiches do you like? I like cheese.

F: Peanut butter.

E: I know you like cheese. You know, I like club sandwiches. Those are my favorites.

Unknown: Salami.

E: Well, she (points to Franka) made this fantastic thing. This salami bagel.

F: The salami bagel!

E: Basically, it's margarine, salami, and a toasted bagel. Unbelievable.

F: (...) the salami bagel.

E: I think you should patent that.

N: Now, one day on the set of "Try Seventeen", I understand Blondie visited?

E: This is true.

N: Now, what did Blondie do there, Franka, with your friend Elijah?

F: She f****** kissed him, and I wasn't there, you know.

Unknown: That b****!

(They all laugh.)

N: Elijah, what was it like making out with Blondie? That's incredible! Like, how old are you, again, Elijah?

E: Thirty-five? Twenty-one.

N: And how old is Blondie?

E: I'm not really sure.

N: Fifty-seven!

E: Is she?

N: You have a "wet-dream" fantasy scene with Blondie! That's incredible, Elijah!

E: It was very surreal. It was great.

(Goes to clip of Blondie singing. When it is finished it shows Franka and Nordward's voice is speaking to her.)

N: (To Franka) Right now, you have a movie coming up after "Try Seventeen" with Matt Damon?

F: Yeah. "The Bourne Identity".

N: Now, what's this about the sex scenes? The sex scenes being edited out of the movie? How dare they! I want to see you (cut off) -

F: You... (unclear)... papers! There's, actually, you know what? There's no sex scene, though. There's a kissing scene.

N: I heard that it was edited out! I wanted to see you have sex with Matt Damon!

F: I wanted to see that too! But we didn't, we never shot it!

(Goes to scene of Franka running away from Matt Damon in "The Bourne Identity". Then it switches to Nordward standing in a room with Elijah only.)

N: Well, thanks very much! Anything else you'd like to add to the people out there, Elijah?

E: Nothing else.

N: "Try Seventeen".

E: "Try Seventeen"!

N: Please try it.

E: Please?

N: And keep on rocking the free world, and "doo doodle doo doo - "

E: " - doo doo"

(End of interview.)


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