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Passage from ďHeromanticĒ December 2003 (French magazine)

What impact did Frodo have on you?

He is the character of my life. He made me grow up and made me the adult that I am right now. In fact I believe that I am like hobbits. Like them I like good food and party. But I am happy that I am not as confused as poor Frodo!Ö

Have you ever read the entire trilogy?

Sincerely? I have not yet finished to read it and I know that certain fans could kill me now that I admitted it (laughs)Ö I just wanted to give life to Frodo by myself without being too influenced. So I took the books into account but I also used my own emotions and intuitions for this character.

What are the advantages and inconvenients of the proportions of the movie?

The most annoying thing is to have to answer to the same types of questions all day. My answers arenít very natural anymore because it becomes automatic most of the time. I only have to find a slightly different way to say things every time to vary (smiles)Ö

If you could make yourself invisible, like Frodo when he uses the ring, what would you do?

There would be a lot of things that I would like to do if I could do that, but without the inconvenients of the ring. When I was a kid, I dreamed that I could hide at Disneyland and be able to stay there all night and go on all the rides without having to wait in line. So if that would come true, I would bring all my friends with me and weíd ride the roller coasters all night long!

Would you bring your girlfriend?

If I had one, of course! Unfortunately, Iím currently single and itís very sad because I am extremely romantic. I believe that everyone can find their one and true love. I love to watch romantic comedies, they make me cry like a baby! I canít help it, Iím probably too sensitive, but thatís the way it is.

Thanks Arwen60! :) [and a special thanks to Frenchanimator for the translation]


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