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Are you Elijah?
Nope, why would Elijah make a site about himself anyway?

Do you know Elijah?
No, we do not know Elijah, nor do we have any connections with him or his family, we're just purely fans.

Do you know Elijah's address/number/e-mail?
No, no, and no. If you want to contact him, do it through his mailing address.

Who are you?
Lucy, that's me, lives in N.S.W, Australia. Brenda lives in Belgium and Deenan lives in the USA. We're just fans of Elijah... WE ARE NOT ELIJAH

Is Elijah gay?
No! I have no idea why this rumor is going around the net... there's nothing to suggest it.

Does Elijah have a girlfriend?
Currently Elijah is not dating anyone.

Can I use the pictures on your site?
Of course you can! But remember to credit where the pics came from :)

Does Elijah ever come to the site?
Well during one interview he did say that occasionally his friends gave him sites to visit.. and considering this site is listed high on Yahoo and Google, I'd say he probably has seen it.

How do you get your site submitted on search engines?
Well, if you submit it on the Open Directory, it should be up on Google, Yahoo! and all the other search engines within a month, tops.

How do I make a website?
Well... there isn't really any one place to start. However most people start off using Angelfire, then as you learn HTML, you can either get hosted or pay for a host.

Was it hard to make this site?
Hell yeah! lol, nah, it just took a lot of time and patience to get it to where it is today... oh yeah... and Jochen :)

Can you send me all of the information you have of Elijah?
Ok, now this question, I do not get. Why do you think I have this site? Yeah, so that I can share the information!

Is Elijah together with Orli/Dom/Billy/Sean/and any other male in the world?
As far as I know, NO. Unless Elijah comes out and says that he is together with one of them...he isn't, OK? I don't believe he is, they're just close friends. Aren't guys allowed to be close friends? As Elijah has said, they're like brothers.

Does Elijah wear contacts?
Yes, but not colored ones, they're to help him see properly :) Although he has been spotted wearing glasses from time to time.

Where is Elijah now?
I assume you mean where is he living now? Well, he purchased his home in Venice Beach, California late in 2004 and has been there ever since.

I heard that Elijah bites his toenails -- does he?
Apparently so, he's admitted to doing so in an interview.

Does Elijah smoke?
Yes, he does [and don't go starting petitions to get him to stop -- he knows it's bad but it's his choice whether to stop or not]

Is it worth writing to Elijah? Will be reply?
Well let's think about this logically. He obviously is very busy with work, and would receive hundreds of fan addressed mail, do you honestly think he has the time to reply to everyone? You will most likely receive an autographed and photocopied black and white photo of Elijah, like Amity did [view]. So if you want it, go for it

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