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Bonnie's visit to the set of Try Seventeen

Ok well where do I start.... Oh yeah....

It really pays to live in Vancouver sometimes. Also for my swearing. I don't care because I MET ELIJAH WOOD!!!!!!!!!!

Well it took me all of 2 minutes to find the set they were filming at. (rather my mum cuz even though I have been legal age to drive for a LONG time I am too chicken to get my licence... ANYWAY!)

I see the house they are filming at then I see HIM! That point I start hyperventalating, and saying OMG over and over and over, and then I start to cry. Go me! I felt like such a fucking idiot and I hadn't even met him yet! ACK!

My mum takes what it seems like 100 years to park the car... Then I get out with my sharpe, poster of LOTR, b&w glossy photo of Frodo, and my LOTR movie guide book and head over. (I don't remember how I got across the street...)

Then I see him just up the road a bit talking with Mandy Moore, and someone else. I say OMG a thousand times again. Then there was this big and I mean REALLY BIG security guy right infront of me. I look up at him and ask "Can I meet Elijah?". He didn't give me an answer, and I thought 'Oh shit!' but then he talks into his walky talky and says, "Can you come down now?" (I wasn't the only one there. There were three other girls waiting to meet Mandy Moore.)

Anyway Frodo/Elijah starts coming down the street and I start to cry and say "OMG it's Frodo!" and the big secruity guy looks at me and laughs and say "Oh c'mon now none of that." I wasn't paying attention.

So Elijah comes up and the girls flock around Mandy (I could care less) and he is just standing there looking but then I look right at him and I start to cry harder. He comes over and says so sweetly "Aw, it's ok. It's just me." He shakes my hand and I just squeak out "Frodo." and then he gives me the biggest HUG!!! OMG I GOT TO HUG ELIJAH WOOD!!!!

Then he looks at me and I just say "I have seen LOTR 14 times." and he just looks shocked and says "My God woman! Are you mad?" (he is joking of course) and I think I nodded.

I proceed to tell him that I love the movie, his work in it and everything else, and then he asks if I have seen TTT preview. And I was like "Oh yeah!" and Elijah says "On the big screen? Cause I've yet to see it on it. I've only seen it on a little one."

So we chat about the preview for a bit and asked me if I saw Gollum and if he looked good. (I don't remember what I said).

Then my mum (I forgot she was there) says to me "Show him your arm." I had totally forgotten that I had my LOTR tattoos. Anyway Elijah just flipped over my Legolas tattoo, then I showed him the Ring inscription on my ankel. He just said "Oh WOW!" and was so facinated by it! Then before I knew it he said "Then I guess you know about our tattoo." and then he pulled down his belt a bit and THERE IT WAS! HE SHOWED ME THE FELLOWSHIP TATTOO!!! OMG! It is so different from all the pics that are on the internet. (I didn't get a pic of it and didn't ask cuz I wanted to respect his privacy)

Then he asked if I wanted some things signed. So he signed them. As he was doing that he wanted to know if I had read the books and I told him I first read them when I was 14 and have read them 3 times since. He was very impressed.

I told him about all the fan clubs I run and am a member of (not all by name tho cuz I am on so many). He says hi!!!:)

Then I tell him that Orlando and him are my two faves and he put his hand on my arm *I die* LOL and he says "Aw thank you! Yeah Orlando is a really sweet guy!" Then it hits me. Holy shit! This guy knows Orlando Bloom. (I must remind you I am temporarily not functioning...)lol

I asked him how was the Oscars and he said they were really fun but exausting. We're better off watching it at home. Also he said he knew that they would pick up a lot of techincal awards but he said "I was really bummed out when we didn't win best screenplay. That to us was really special." I told him that I was just so mad that Ian didn't win. He told me that Ian really wanted to win also.

He asked if I go to theonering.net and I say "Of course". He's like "Yeah it is really good for info and stuff." He also is going back to New Zealand in May to film more stuff for TTT and ROTK.

He also complemented me on my necklace!! HE LIKED MY NECKLACE!!! "It looks very elvish." he said and I told him that is why I picked it out! EEEK!

That was about it. He had to go back to the set and I thanked him and told him good luck with the next two movies. He said "And thank you Bonnie, it was a pleasure meeting you."

I walk away, stunned, dumbfounded, and sobbing. I HAD JUST MET FRODO!

And let me tell you, he is the most sweet, kindhearted, mature, down to earth person I have ever met. He really is a good guy. He is really tiny though. I knew he would be short but he really is a small little hobbit! lol And his eyes are even more beautiful then that on screen. So blue and he never took them off me for a second. (Not implying anything there btw LOL).

I really had a dream come true for me today. I am still in shock. I am still crying! For me this was one of the best things that has had ever happend to me. And when you say 'Oh I'll never meet him.' Don't say that! Cause I said that, and well today I met Elijah Wood.:)

A big huge thanks to Kare for giving me all the info! (I am sorry we didn't get to meet each other in person!)

Now Ian McKellen will be in Vancouver soon... Time to hunt down Gandalf! LOL


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