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The Good Son (1993)

Directed by: Joseph Ruben
Genre: Thriller / Drama
Tagline: Evil has many faces
Runtime: 87 min
Language: English
Certification: Canada:14A / Argentina:16 / Australia:M / Canada:13+ (Quebec) / Canada:AA (Ontario) / Canada:PG (Manitoba) / Chile:18 / Germany:16 / Ireland:18 / Norway:15 (theater release) / Norway:18 / Peru:18 / South Korea:15 (DVD rating) / Spain:18 / Sweden:15 / UK:18 / USA:R / Singapore:PG / Canada:14 (Nova Scotia)
Synopsis After his mother's death, a young boy, Mark, is left with his aunt and uncle while his father makes an important trip. Cousin Henry is at first great fun, but isn't your average boy next door. Mark believes Henry is evil, but no one else can see this.


Elijah Wood .... Mark Evans
Macaulay Culkin .... Henry Evans
Wendy Crewson .... Susan Evans
David Morse .... Jack
Daniel Hugh Kelly .... Wallace Evans
Jacqueline Brookes .... Alice Davenport
Quinn Culkin .... Connie Evans
Ashley Crow .... Janice
Guy Strauss .... Arizona Doctor
Keith Brava .... Doctor in Blackport
Jerem Goodwin .... Factory Worker
Andria Hall .... Reporter
Bobby Huber .... Axe Man
Mark Stefanich .... Ice Man



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