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Radio City Music Hall LOTR Concert - Vickie

I honestly have so freakin much to say and will sort myself out but am still overwhelmed and on the sorta comedown from being in heaven for two glorious days. I love my friends, and I love New Your City and I love LOTRs.

I went to BeeCake (Billy Boyd's band) Saturday night. It was a wonderful end to such an exciting experience. It was a great concert. I went with my two friends. One of them mentioned you can obtain a CD and have it signed. We were almost first in line for purchasing. Billy Boyd comes walking by and sits behind this high counter. I asked him for a picture and he was all for it, so friendly. His Bandmate was next to him and got up to move out of the way and I asked him to stay. He seemed so surprised. I asked that he sign my CD and he said he'd love to and where? I said anywhere that the ink won't come off. He then said "how about I take this out?" (meaning the insert inside). He was so cute. He and his bandmate signed it. I told him how wonderful they were and I really enjoyed the program. He was giving such great eye contact. My friend had said she got a picture with Billy on Thursday and she wanted to take one with me and Billy. I asked Billy if this was OK. He emphatically said Sure! I felt so calm with him and comfortable. When she got ready I actually reached my hand over and put it in his hand. He squeezed it and then said "Wait a minute!" He got down from his chair and came around the counter and put his arm around me. It was so genuine and such a nice feeling and I had my arm around his shoulder.

This was the ending to a dream come true weekend which also, FINALLY, INCREDIBLY, gave me my moment with ELIJAH!!! After being truly awestruck by the magic spell woven by this symphony experience (it is almost indescribable), I ran to the restroom at intermission expecting a line. OMG the line was awful but quicker than I expected. I met up with two other friends on the stairs. They told me Elijah was there and sitting with Billy and Howard Shore. I was like NO WAY! They said yes and they had seen them. Now they also saw Elijah and his striking gorgeous eyes the night before at BeeCake. Having missed my other opportunity to see Elijah at ELF I started to whine because I thought I will never get to see him. It was pitiful. We were towards the doors to reenter and I moved forward and asked my friend to point out where Elijah was sitting. I then hear someone yell my name. I turned around and my friend was motioning over close by. There, in full view front of us was ELIJAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

My mouth opened and eyes bugged I think. I was stunned. I moved forward and was staring and watching as a fan got a picture. THEN I did the act of the desperate thinking I will NEVER have this chance again. I moved forward and called his name right as he was turning. He turned back around and I said I was sorry but could I please have a picture with him? (I wish now I had thought to ask to shake his hand and tell him how much his performance affected my life) I told him I think he's wonderful and how I missed him at ELF (really stupid comment). He said "Sure!". The lady who had take the picture of her friend had stayed there listening and took my camera to take our picture. I so, so, so wanted to put my arm around his shoulder but didn't feel comfortable doing it. *darnit* I had already been way past my bravery zone at this point.

So HERE IT IS! ELIJAH AND THE CRAZED FANGIRL! (boy don't I look it too.)

DAMN he is gorgeous. He did not seem small to me at all. He was pure adorable. The weird thing is that it is almost hard to remember details of his face now because I was so shell-shocked by seizing the moment. Isn't that so weird? I thanked him and he said "No Problem!" and turned to walk away. So cute. *sighs* I love him in this picture. Aren't those the sweetest eyes ever! I have my koru on a friend brought back for me from NZ. I think it gave some special magic my way.


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