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TiVO Interview; "Play Memory with Elijah Wood"

Elijah is wearing a tan print, checked shirt with brown striped tie. His hair is artfully mussed.

Shanon Carney: Okay! Thank you so much for joining us again.

Elijah Wood: You’re welcome!

S: Great movie. I’d say its about the power of memory, so I thought we’d play a little memory game.

EJW: Okay. I like that.

S: What’d you have for dinner last night?

EJW: I had, uh, steak and french fries.

S: What’s the last TV show you watched?

EJW: Probably the last episode of “Sex and the City.”

S: Okay.

EJW: …which was dissapointing. (Looks straight into the camera and bugs his eyes.)

S: Oh, no!

EJW: Yes.

S: Really? Why?

EJW: (Shakes his head.) Don’t need to get into it. (Smiles.)

S: Okay. Fair enough. (Elijah grins) Okay. The film wrapped a year ago…

EJW: Yup, yup. Yeah! (shaking head) Man!

S: Um… what were you doing?

EJW: Um… the day that I wrapped, uh, it was a scene in the, um, bookstore with Kate where Jim is trying to sort of get around to see me and he can’t quite see me…Yeah, it was actually kind of emotional. I didn’t really wanna leave everyone, I had such a great experience working with everyone on the movie.

S: You play Patrick, a technician, a mind-erasing technician in the film…

EJW: That’s right.

S: …which is quite a departure from our beloved Frodo…

EJW: Yeah. (Grins)

S: Talk a little bit about Patrick.

EJW: Uh…Patrick is this, uh, technician for a company called Lacuna, who erases peoples’ memories.

EJW: So he goes from house to house aiding in that process.

EJW: Mid-way through the film you kind of realize that Patrick is manipulating his way into Kate Winslett’s love, whom he had aided in her memory erasing process. And so he’s kind of found a way into her life through manipulation, um, because he doesn’t really have what it takes to start a relationship with any way, any, anyone in any kind of normal sense.

S: You have an excellent memory.

EJW: Yeah. Keep goin’; I like this! (Grins)

S: Yeah! Okay! How did you win the affection of your first crush?

EJW: Ooh! Now…now you’re delvin’ deep! I don’t know; I think I may have just said “I like you?” (Little laugh.)

S: So, you didn’t steal any underwear…

EJW: No. I don’t think it… yeah, no! Definetly not! Not the best way to gain affection.

S: People are gonna have to see the movie to understand what we’re saying there.

EJW: Indeed!

S: One more memory question. Just your earliest childhood memory in general.

EJW: Oh! Uh…being at a family party, um, when I was…three? Um…And I, my mom had me dressed up in this kind of English page boy outfit for some odd reason, with tights, white tights…and then I…

S: That sounds like your first “Frodo” outfit if you ask me.

EJW: Yeah, it was very “Frodo.” And I peed my pants!

S: Oh, no!

EJW: Yeah! Which was kind of a bad thing!

S: Oh, boy.

EJW: Yeah, it wasn’t so nice, it was kind of embarrassing…

S: How embarrassing! Yeah, your first embarrassing moment.

EJW: Yeah.

S: Thank you so much.

EJW: Thank you!

Thanks Pamela! :)


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