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On the set of The Yank

On the Set of The Yank:

Well i went down to see elijah on wednesday and there isnt much secruity and most of them said they 'dont know where he is.' But elijah ended up coming out the minute we got there, everyone was so in shock that we didnt ask him over and he was on lunch, but he said 'hey hows it going?' (everyone freezes lol) But later he was walking/running/ racing people out many times for make up and photoshoots. *ahh elijah running was something to remember* We didnt disturb him, so we asked once but then waited for him to approach us after he had finished filming. He came over later on - with blood all over him and he signed autographs ect. The crew were hooting horns in their vans ,(obviously taking the piss out of him because of us) and elijah stuck two fingers at them and did his beautiful laugh lol!

I went the next day and stayed with friends because we thought he was filming on location. So i wanted to see him act, but turns out he wasnt. And my other friends came up to see him, so i waited with them and a few others. We saw elijah a couple of times going in and out in cars and he was smiling and waving, and he walked out once, i asked him if 'he had a few minutes' and he said 'sorry i cant.' Basically later on, i think Elijah told the crew to tell us he had 'gone'. Charlie(cast member) even said he had. (met him earlier, he was soo nice). But Elijah hadnt gone and basically he must have secreatly got in a car, drove around the car park and stopped right infront of us. (whilst charlie was smiling and laughing) Suddenly Elijah jumped out the car with the biggest grin, saying something along the lines of 'hey I told you id be back'.(couldnt have been more shocked) Although I knew he wouldnt have gone without saying anything. He was like 'OMG you guys have been here 4 ages! have you even eaten? God its soo cold' He also said hes not going to c5 but that'he enjoyed c4' lol ;)

And yeah i heard about people being removed. But apparently it was more to do with the press, and elijah was happy to meet his fans other wise he wouldnt have come to us. All the people i met were really nice and didnt want to disturb him, even if he was on his lunch break. All anyone can do is ask politely if hes not busy. And in return he'll come out later, which i especially hightly respect about him. Once again his concentration never ceases to amaze me, he was laughing and joking and like he actually wanted to be there ;) -Nikki


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