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News Archive: May 2020



May 29, 2020

If you haven't heard the amazing news this week, a wondrous event is taking place this Sunday, May 31st. A majority of the main cast of The Lord of the Rings will be together for a Zoom chat, and all of us Ringers' heads are about to explode! Check out this teaser video and this photo of all who will be there.

:: I'm thrilled they're doing this chat for us because of the conventions that had to be canceled or postponed. Sadly, Fan Expo Dallas has joined Calgary Expo and MegaCon Orlando and have decided to put off their conventions until next year. This leaves FanExpo Canada for late August where Elijah, Sean, Billy and Dom are still scheduled.

:: Though these are very strange times, it tends to bring out the best in people. But honestly, when isn't Elijah at his best? He has now joined Cameo. If you don't know what this is, persons of recognition are hired to send a personal message to someone or even yourself. There is a price to pay, but how cool it would be to have Elijah greet someone who needs a serious pick-me-up or wish them a happy birthday? Check him out!

:: If you didn't catch it, the slightly edited Animal Talking video is up on YouTube.

:: Elijah and Dom popped out of their home caves for a safe and social distancing photo.

:: Covid-19 shut down many things including movie and television filming. Elijah would have been in Toronto working on his next project called, No Man of God. Officials in the city hope to have some productions start up in July, but it's still a wait and see affair. While we do wait, a premise of the film was given. "No Man of God with Elijah Wood as a member of the new '80s era FBI Behavior Analysis Unit at the same time Ted Bundy was on death row." Sounds rather intriguing. We'll see if they can safely start shooting soon.

That's all... for now.


May 16, 2020

Some restrictions relating to Covid 19 are easing up and even though we can't actually see Elijah, at least we can virtually hang out with him in the video gaming world. (bringing your attention to the inset image) The craze of Animal Crossing has taken over and Elijah is faithfully playing to whittle the time away.

:: In the last update, I noted that Elijah's visit to an island while playing Animal Crossing caught viral heat from Entertainment Weekly, CNN and everything in between. The game has become so popular, he was a guest on an actual late night talk show created by Gary Whitta where the game is played while the interview takes place. If this is totally foreign to you, check out Elijah's pre-talkshow chat from last week.

:: A couple of days ago, Elijah came back for the live show called, Animal Talking, which can be seen on Twitch. As of this posting, an edited version has not been uploaded to YouTube (it's 2.5 hours long), but keep an eye on Gary's channel for it to show up. I watched it all and it was an absolute delight.

:: There's an outstanding interview that Samuel Barnett participated in. He discussed all things Dirk Gently on the podcast Soda and Telecast. An intro and the interview begins at 14:55. Don't miss it!

:: Behold this incredible Warhol inspired fan art from Romina. She's been doing what we all have. Being creative and having some fun.

:: Finally, a game of "What The?" I came across a movie poster on Instagram from actress Ally Holmes that names Elijah as one of the main actors in a pre-production film called, X The End Time and Ms. Holmes stated the movie will be shot in Turkey. There's another poster as well, but while reviewing the lineup of actors on IMDb and their own site, his name is nowhere to be found. Does this seem like something.... else to you?

That's all... for now.


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