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News Archive: March 2020



March 14, 2020

Sorry to report that the Fan Expo Dallas where Elijah, Sean, Dom and Billy were to appear in a couple of weeks has been postponed due to the COVID-19 occurrences. If you already purchased your tickets, go to their announcement to read more. The upcoming MegaCon in Orlando is still on for April, but the officials are closely monitoring developments.

:: However, over in the UK, Comic Con Liverpool is done, and it looks like those who attended had a wonderful time. Elijah was there signing autographs and posing with fans. You can see a page full of photos from the event just by clicking the image below.

:: He also conducted a Q&A and a good portion of it can be seen on YouTube and a quick one of his introduction.

:: Not one, but two different sites have placed Come To Daddy high on their lists as one of the best horror movies so far this year. Check out the multi-entertainment Thrillest, and the prestigious Rotten Tomatoes, where another film Elijah had a hand in made the list.

:: Here's an interesting Come To Daddy billboard found in Russia. If you're wondering, it states "Congratulations on the birth of your son, Elijah." And the bubble says "Come To Daddy." Director Ant Timpson derisively claims it's best billboard ever.

:: Elijah slipped into his hobbit attire and accent once more, but you can only see him from the nose down in this commercial full of famous mouths.

:: Remember the 2018, Company X/SpectreVision movie with the extra long title? Well, now it's been shortened a bit to Seven Stages to Achieve Eternal Bliss, and was quietly released in theaters earlier this month. It will be available on VOD come March 17th, and here's the pretty hilarious trailer.

:: Finally, artist Batflashdesign created this incredible rendition of Elijah as The Mad Hatter, one of Batman's enemies, and people on social media are loving the notion as a possibility in the new movie. If you're familiar with the character, Elijah would be perfect!

That's all... for now.


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