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News Archive: October 2019



October 26, 2019

The 2019 Los Angeles Comic Con has wrpped and from the looks of things, it was a success and the fans had a wonderful time! Click the image below to be taken to some of that fun.

:: As you see, SpectreVision was there with DANIEL, EIJAH and LISA for a panel discussion, talking about their company and the horror movie industry. Thankfully there are a couple of videos from the Q&A. Same content, one is longer and different angle. [Video 1] [Video 2]

:: I thought Visitations was one podcast shy of the 10 that were announced. Elijah and Daniel were holding out with a doozie final two-parter with director, Guillermo del Toro. Here are a couple of photos. [1] [2]

:: The two conducted a couple of great interviews about Visitations and horror films. The first, with Bloody Disgusting that you can read on our site and the second with Birth.Movies.Death. on their site.

:: Here's an older article I stumbled upon about filming Come To Daddy in Tofino, British Columbia.

:: The powers that be are holding another Dirk Gently auction! If you missed out on the previous one, your chance to get a piece of this show will happen sometime in December - so keep watch here for updates. Speaking of auctions, here's a photo of Todd's shirt I won in its final presentation state.

:: Elijah is scheduled to attend the Rhode Island Comic Con taking place next weekend. He'll be there November 2nd and 3rd for a Q&A, autographs and photo ops.

:: Daniel Isn't Real is set to be released in theaters and on VOD, December 6th. If you haven't yet, check out the new trailer for this award winning film.

:: Thanks to everyone who shared their photos and videos from LACC!

That's all... for now.


October 5, 2019

The eight day stretch of Fantastic Fest ended last week and I'm happy to report that I didn't get the flu! Not even a sniffle. This made for watching compelling, lively, startling and humorous movies much more enjoyable. Of those I saw, Color Out of Space was a complete mind trip and it won Best Horror Picture of the festival. Of course I had to see Come To Daddy, not once but twice. Elijah is magnificent in the role as Norval Greenwood and it was a pleasure to speak personally with director, Ant Timpson, after the screening. Hopefully many others will get to see both of these fantastic films soon.

:: Elijah was not in attendance at his favorite festival, but SpectreVision's Color Out of Space and Daniel Isn't Real both opened Beyond Fest in Hollywood. Elijah was able to make it to the Q&A for Come To Daddy that showed last weekend. You can view some photos here and a video of the Q&A on YouTube. *Beware of spoilers!*

:: There are so many outstanding reviews for this trio of films, but I'm just going with one for each. Come To Daddy from Fantastic Fest, Color Out of Space from Beyond Fest, and Daniel Isn't Real from Beyond Fest.

:: I stumbled upon a behind the scenes photo from the movie and all I have to say about this is "raisin eyes." You know what I mean if you've seen the movie.

:: There are more festivals on the list for Come To Daddy, with the latest being Toronto After Dark later this month.

:: Up next for Elijah is the L.A. Comic Con next weekend. There will be a Q&A and you can still purchase tickets for photo ops and autographs.

:: Part 2 of the Movies That Made Me podcast from Trailers from Hell with Elijah and Daniel is now up.

:: The second and final season of Star Wars Resistance will begin airing tomorrow, October 6, on Disney and Disney XD. Elijah's character, Jace Rucklin, will make a return the following week on the Emmy nominated, Saturn Award winning animated series. You can read more about it here.

:: Lastly, check out these fun bitmojis of Norval. [1] [2] [3] [4] [5] You can view more of them on director, Ant Timpson's Facebook.

That's all... for now.


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