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News Archive: August 2018



August 31, 2018

From the inset photo, looks like just as Elijah wrapped up filming Come to Daddy in Vancouver, he went and sprained his ankle. He's taking care of it with a fresh haircut, fresh coffee and a fresh boot. The photo was taken by his good friend, Ms. Autumn de Wilde.

:: Hopefully he'll be mended as the premiere of Mandy will happen on September 11th at the Egyptian Theater in Hollywood. No confirmation if SpectreVision will be in attendance, but the film has landed on must-see lists from the likes of Rolling Stone, io9, USA Today and The Playlist.

:: Advanced showings for Mandy will screen at over 200 theaters on Thursday, September 13th, so grab your tickets early!

:: The VR gaming experience of Transference is coming soon and there is a demo trailer and an awesome preview available to watch. GameRant has posted a review of the game play.

:: Not as realistic, but equally striking footage of 11-11: Memories Retold video game is out. Here is the trailer and 17 minutes of an engaging painted war story. This would even be cool as an animated film for us non-gamers.

:: After a bit of waiting and corresponding, I finally received my Dirk Gently auction item. The shirt worn by Todd in the final moments of the last episode of season one is now hanging in my closet, soon to be proudly displayed in a hermetically sealed frame so no more moths can get at it.

:: At some point, at some time, there will be other Dirk promotions to enjoy. You can sign up to receive information when they become available. There is a link on the season 2 Dirk Gently page, directly under the Save Dirk petition link.

:: Lastly, here is a fan video created by Romina showcasing young Elijah.

That's all... for now.


August 15, 2018

Now we know where Elijah has been keeping himself all this time. I've known he's been in Vancouver for a spell and that's because he just finished shooting a film there. The movie is called Come to Daddy and it's the directorial debut from Ant Timpson, producer of The Greasy Strangler.

:: The film is being produced by Nowhere, the newly established production company with Elijah's girlfriend, Mette-Marie Kongsved as one of the partners. Along with the hipster, impressionistic painter appearance Elijah sported for the film in the inset photo, there are a couple more images [1] [2]. You can read more about the production company and movie premise at Variety.

:: The soundtrack for Mandy is available on Apple Music and iTunes for pre-order, and the late great Johann Johannsson has been nominated for Best Film Composer of the Year for the World Soundtrack Awards, with five nominated movies, including Mandy.

:: We know Nicolas Cage is a stellar actor, but his performance in Mandy was inspired by a surprising source. The film hits theaters September 14th.

That's all... for now.


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