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News Archive: September 2016



September 18, 2016

Just 35 days until the premiere of Dirk Gently and there is some new info on the show. The titles of the first three episodes are "Horizons," "Lost & Found," and "Rouge Wall Enthusiasts." There are new video promos featuring Elijah's character Todd, Dirk and a new trailer. Check out this article which explains a little more about the premise.

:: SpectreVision has been hinting about a new movie that was being shot as part of their MarVista collaboration. That film has now been revealed as Bitch. You can read more about it here and see a couple of photos of Elijah with some of the younger actors on the film. [1] [2]

:: Remember Henry, the virtual reality game that Elijah narrated? Well, it has won an Emmy for Original Interactive Program. Congratulations!

:: I hope you got the chance to read our new Life Biography on Elijah. If you'd like to jump ahead to the end, you can check out his life's work video.

:: Lastly, I'm taking my second trip to Fantastic Fest next week. 2015 was such a blast, there was no doubt that I would return. Here's to exposing myself to more great films, meeting more fascinating people and having more fun than last time.

That's all... for now.


September 3, 2016

For your informative pleasure, our new 7 chapter Life Biography is now available online. This comprehensive account of Elijah's career and life took over 8 months to complete. In this you will find plenty of information, quotes, photos, videos and maybe some things you didn't know. I could not have done this massive project alone. I had the savvy and effectual assistance of my co-writer, Ambree, and proofreaders, Paulie and Addie, whose wonderful advise and insights helped to fine tune and tighten things up. We hope you enjoy catching up and learning more about Elijah in this memoir which will continue to expand over the years.

:: Dirk Gently has wrapped its first season of shooting this week, so they've treated us to a new trailer. And here you'll find some of the photos taken while on set.

:: Netflix has announced it will help produce and air the first season of Dirk Gently outside of the US. You can check out more details here.

:: There's plenty more screencaps up for The Trust and another great review.

:: Finally, here's a nice article on how Elijah got hooked up with his favorite audio speaker manufacturer.

:: Thanks again to Addie, Ambree and Paulie!

That's all... for now.


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