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News Archive: August 2015



August 24, 2015

:: Wooden Wisdom's latest tour is going on even as I type. One of the first things Elijah took part in was planting a tree for the International EXPO 2016. There have been other photos floating around from their visit to Turkey. More countries are scheduled in the coming weeks so keep watch on that tour page.

:: Before Elijah trekked over the Atlantic, he sat down with Cooties co-stars for some interviews. Dread Central, ET Canada. Here are a couple of photos. [1] [2]

:: Cooties is still gaining positive buzz and lands on the must see, most anticipated films for the fall.

:: The film is also set to open this year's SpectrFest.

:: Out on VOD now, The Boy is still racking up some great reviews. IndieWire, Crome Yellow and The New York Times.

:: Bridging the two films, check out this interview from Rainn Wilson who stars in both films.

:: Over the Garden Wall has put out its list of features on the upcoming DVD out September 8th.

:: Though it wasn't in a theater, I got to see Set Fire to the Stars and posted my review here. Check out this interview and audio in June from Elijah about the movie.

:: Thank you Ambree, Misty and all the folks taking photos overseas.

That's all... for now.


August 9, 2015

:: The official trailer for The Last Witch Hunter is out and it looks like the perfect start to a series of films. Also, check out a few screencaps.

:: Elijah has contributed to the opening narration for a short animated virtual reality movie. Take a peek at Henry.

:: In about a month Wooden Wisdom will be taking their first deejaying trip to India.

:: The Boy will screen in Los Angeles this Friday and the SpectreVision guys along with the star will be there for a discussion.

:: Could this be a rough draft teaser poster for The Trust?

:: Tomorrow, Elijah will take part in another Reddit session. You can go here to submit a question.

:: Thanks again Ambree!

That's all... for now.


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