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News Archive: June 2015



June 21, 2015

:: Check out the photos from the New York City premiere of Set Fire to the Stars a couple of weeks ago. There's also images from the Q&A that came the day after.

:: On the New York promotional trail, Elijah visited several programs to talk about Set Fire to the Stars among other things. The Today Show, Tavis Smiley, Larry King, Dorri Olds, Reel News Daily (article and audio) and online interviews from The Guardian and Salon.

:: Prior to the U.S. release, more outstanding reviews have come for the movie from the likes of L.A. Times, Twitch Film and FlickFeast.

:: Moving on to Cooties, a new poster for the film has been released. Also, listen to this podcast about the horror comedy from Fangirl Radio which begins 41 minutes in.

:: Well before the movie's release, it's been reported that The Last Witch Hunter will become a franchise. The movie will also be represented at San Diego's Comic Con next month.

:: Just weeks after loosing LOTR cinematographer Andrew Lesnie, the movie world lost a great actor, Christopher Lee. Elijah tweeted about the legend, "An extraordinary man and life lead, Sir Christopher Lee. You were an icon, and a towering human being with stories for days. We'll miss you.... if anyone was going to be immortal, it was Christopher. Indeed, we were blessed."

:: Thank you Adair, Ambree, Jaramajo and Misty!

That's all... for now.


June 4, 2015

:: Wooden Wisdom has embarked on their next leg of deejaying, this time in Europe. We have some photos from their gigs with more to come while their tour keeps chugging along.

:: As Elijah has said before, he's fascinated with Turkish music, and he go to meet Turkish singer Selda Bagcan while in Istanbul. Some photos are from their meeting along with this very short video.

:: Here's a longer video of Elijah in Italy. The translator is over-powering but there is a translation.

:: Prior to heading across the pond, Wooden Wisdom played at Cinespia in L.A. and yes, they had a photo booth too! [1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6] [7] [8]

:: Set Fire to the Stars will have its U.S. premiere in New York City next week, and Elijah will be on hand with Celyn Jones, the director and producers for a Q&A.

:: This is usually the month when we get excited that a new season of Wilfred would begin. The show concluded last year but that hasn't stopped the praises for the show. Read this insightful article that tells it like it is... or was.

:: Thanks to Rodney and especially to Serena for the translation!

That's all... for now.


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