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News Archive: May 2015



May 21, 2015

:: We finally have our first taste of Cooties! Keep that pun in mind as you check out the new trailer. Looks to be some gory fun coming in September!

:: There's a couple of new stills from Cooties here.

:: Here's a couple of left over interviews from the Stanley Film Festival. One video interview and an online interview from the SpectreVision partners.

:: SpectreVision is really taking off with six films already. As mentioned in the above interview, production has started on their latest production, Greasy Strangler.

:: Tome of the Unknown which is the animated short film that lead to the TV mini series Over the Garden Wall is now online to watch. Not only that, it's been announced that Over the Garden Wall will be produced into a comic book.

:: The honors keep coming in for Made in Japan. The film picked up the audience award for Best Documentary at the NorthwestFest in Canada.

:: Set Fire to the Stars is now in theaters in the U.S. in limited release but let's hope it will spread out to other cities soon! It has to as it made a list of must see films for the summer.

:: Lastly, let's not forget the gathering of 3 hobbits and an elf last week. How wonderful to know these guys still hang with each other.

That's all... for now.


May 10, 2015

:: The Stanely Film Festival took place last weekend and there are some pics from the event. Here they presented a new image from Cooties as well as another poster. And read about this fairly creepy event Elijah and his SpectreVision partner was a part of.

:: There were lots of interviews conducted during the festival. Read them from Twitch Film, Dread Central, Bloody Disgusting, and again Twitch Film. A bit more Elijah-centric, and SpectreVision-centric interviews from IndieWire.

::There's also a lengthy sit down video interview, with Elijah, Alison Pill and Leigh Whannell and with directors Jonathan Milott and Cary Murnion. There's one from the folks at the Stanley Festival and this one just because.

:: What would a festival be without reviews, and like the first ones from Sundance, Cooties is still knocking them dead. Dread Central, Bloody Disgusting and Collider. The Boy which also screened, picked up another great review from Movie Pilot.

:: Now that we have some images from Cooties, I've added it to the movie stills section.

:: Set Fire to the Stars will next screen at the Seattle International Film Festival later this week. More screens coming.

:: The inset photo is new to me. It's from Elijah's spread in Neo2 Magazine from 2008.

:: Thank you Ambree!

That's all... for now.


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