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News Archive: April 2015



April 30, 2015

:: The Stanley Film Festival starts tomorrow with Cooties not only opening the four day event, it's top of the list of must-see films. SpectreVision's The Boy will also screen. Photos and hopefully some videos will be added as they come in.

:: Lionsgate/Summit Entertainment has rolled out the first trailer for The Last Witch Hunter as well as a kick-ass poster!

:: Wooden Wisdom played in Los Angeles last weekend for the crowd at Cinespia before they watched a screening of one of my favorites, The Godfather. [1] [2] [3]

:: As the documentary Made in Japan makes its way around the festival circuit, it's picking up some honors. It won Best Import at the Nashville International Film Festival. Congratulations!

:: Over the Garden Wall will be among several show that will be coming to Hulu. Read more about it.

:: The full version of Broken Age is now available on PlayStation. And here's a behind the scenes video that shows the excitement when Elijah was on board to voice the character Shay. Pertinent stuff starts at 37:40.

:: Here's a video I came across in my line of work. Remember the inset photo from Sundance last year? Photographer Victoria Will shows the process of her work. Elijah is not in the video but other actors are and it's worth the look.

:: Lastly, I'm closing with the sad news of the sudden loss of cinematographer Andrew Lesnie this week. His vision into the world of Middle Earth took the tales from imaginative to realism. Elijah tweeted: "Andrew Lesnie, you were taken too soon. My heart goes out to your family and our shared extended family. Thank you for your humor and love." More heartfelt sympathies came from Peter Jackson. Andrew's talent and intuition will be greatly missed.

That's all... for now.


April 17, 2015

:: As reported in the last update, Elijah went to England to help promote Over The Garden Wall. Go here to check out images as well as some from his visit to This Morning Show.

:: Speaking of This Morning, check out the UK access video here. For the rest of us, there's just a snippet of the interview.

:: Over The Garden Wall is loved and well received in the states, so what does England think of it? A great show is a great show! Check out the reviews from ToonZone, Radio Times and this video blog from Doug and Rob.

:: There are some print interviews Elijah conducted while in the UK. This one says he wants to scare kids (in a good way of course). One from The Radio Times, The Press and Journal, a fun one from The Guardian and a very interesting one about old-fashioned storytelling.

:: Take a listen to this BBC Radio 4 interview from last year while promoting Set Fire to the Stars.

:: After leaving England, Elijah headed to the Chattanooga Film Festival to quickly introduce A Girl Walks Home Alone At Night.

:: Chattanooga, home of the moon pie, held an eating contest of the confectionery cookie and not only did Elijah participate, he won! Check out the footage from different angles. [Video 1] [Video 2] [Video 3]

:: We have some photos of Elijah hanging out at the festival.

:: The Stanley Film Festival will be revving up at the end of the month and SpectreVision's film, Cooties will open the festivities with Elijah in attendance. Also showing at the festival will be The Boy.

:: New on DVD is the last season of Wilfred in the US and on VOD, Open Windows in the UK.

:: Along with the inset picture, I've been meaning to show some images from Elijah's photo shoot in 2013.

:: Lastly, with SpectreVision success and growth in productions, they have a new chief operating officer involved with film and music management. Congratulations!

:: Thanks again Jaramajo and Misty!

That's all... for now.


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