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News Archive: March 2015



March 30, 2015

:: SXSW is done and over but there are two pages of photos from the festival.

:: To go along with all the photos, there are video interviews as well. We hear from the actors, writer, director/editor and producers of The Boy. [Video 1] [Video 2]

:: Plenty of reviews have come in for The Boy. Ain't it Cool News, Shock Til You Drop, Cinapse, Badass Digest and a video review.

:: The documentary Made in Japan was also in presence at SXSW and became one of the breakout films of the festival. Here's some reviews of the movie. Forces of Geek, Film Pulse, Shuffle Online and a video interview.

:: Doubling as producer and DJ, Elijah along with Zack Cowie (AKA Wooden Wisdom) entertained the crowds at SXSW. Here's an interview given by the duo from the event.

:: Not long after the festival's close, Elijah was on his way to England to introduce Over The Garden Wall which premieres on Cartoon Network UK April 6th. His first stop was to revisit Alan Carr on Chatty Man. I also have screencaps from the show.

:: Then it was on to The One Show, in between, posing with some fans [1] [2] and a great report from the screening.

:: Some new releases to report on. Season 4 of Wilfred will start on Netflix April 7th, the video game Broken Age will be on PlayStation April 28th and A Girl Walks Home Alone at Night is now available on iTunes.

:: The latter SpectreVision production will be shown at the Chattanooga Film Festival which begins later this week and Elijah will on hand to present the film to moviegoers.

:: It took a bit of time mainly because of the nature of the movie, but I finally have screencaps from the thriller Open Windows.

:: There are also a few new screencaps from Set Fire to the Stars.

:: I'll conclude with these lovely portrait shots of Elijah that weren't used in this interview last year. [1] [2] Nice!

:: Thanks to Hag, Con and Bex at Twitter!

That's all... for now.


March 15, 2015

:: The South by Southwest festival is underway and the pictures are starting to come in.

:: The two films Elijah produced that are showing at SXSW are getting some buzz. Made In Japan and The Boy which has an awesome poster.

:: Here's a video interview of Elijah talking about The Boy and the festival itself.

:: Check out this interview Elijah gave discussing working on Set Fire To The Stars.

:: The film gained another great review from the Miami International Film Festival.

:: Elijah will be in Tennessee to help bring A Girl Walks Home Alone At Night to the Chattanooga Film Festival next month.

:: A few more pics in Vegas just after filming The Trust. [1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6]

:: Which is the best trilogy franchise? It started with 32 films and it's down to the final two.

:: Lastly, a slightly different podcast. These are people discussing their favorite (and not so favorite) films that Elijah has done. The pertinent stuff begins about 32 minutes in.

:: Thank you Ambree, Misty and Sweetestheart!

That's all... for now.


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