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News Archive: August 2014



August 27, 2014

:: Sadly we said our final goodbyes as Wilfred ended its wild, outrageous and emotional four year ride on television. If you haven't seen the finale, the next few sections will contain spoilers! Take a look at the last two episodic screencaps for Resistance and Happiness to relive those final moments. For each, there are wonderful overviews on the entire series.

:: Now that Wilfred is over and most of the questions have been answered with much satisfaction, set your sights upon a few closing interviews from the cast and crew. Why It Won't Be A Lost Situation, Putting Wilfred Down and Series Finale with David Zuckerman.

:: Here is a compilation of behind the scenes videos from Wilfred that may not have been seen by all fans of the show. Video 1, Video 2, Video 3, Video 4

:: Wooden Wisdom have been globetrotting again. They played to enthusiastic crowds at Trutnoff in Czech Republic then back to L.A. as they deejayed at the Gala Dinner for Chopra Foundation last weekend. Here are a few pics from the event. [1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6]

:: Before heading out, Elijah appeared at the Sundance NextFest for A Girl Walks Alone At Night. Check out the quick interview Elijah gave.

:: While the movie has been noted in their lineup for some time, SpectreVision has just announced filming will soon start on Curse the Darkness. Check out the poster!

:: Open Windows is revving up for its showing in the states on VOD October 2nd and in theaters November 7th with the newest trailer.

:: If you're in the vicinity of beautiful Toronto Canada or want to take a trip there, Elijah is scheduled to appear at the Fan Expo Canada this weekend.

:: Or if you're in the U.K., critically acclaimed Set Fire To The Stars will next hit the Cambridge Film Festival which begins this weekend. The movie premieres on September 7th with plenty of seats available. Also, there a fantastic review of the movie from the Edinburg Film Festival. Scroll to the date Tuesday, 24th June.

:: Here's Elijah having a bit of fun with his mug shot from The Late, Late Show.

:: Remember Cartoon Network's upcoming animated series Over The Garden Wall? Here's a video interview with the cast and some images from the show as well as behind the scenes.

:: Finally, on a somber note, it was on the very day of my last update that we lost a magnificent actor who was beloved and admired by so many, Elijah included. I dedicate my current wallpaper to Robin Williams and the words expressed by Elijah.

:: Thank you, as always Misty and Patrick!

That's all... for now.


August 11, 2014

:: While Elijah was off enjoying some time away, negotiations were being made for him to join the cast of The Last Witch Hunter that begins filming in Pittsburgh next month and extras casting is taking place later this week.

:: This weekend, The Splash House Pool Festival took place and guess who was deejaying? That's right! Wooden Wisdom. We have some images from the event here.

:: Have you ordered your copy of Herring and Herring - Framed yet? The publication hits stands in September and by pre-ordering, you have a chance to win a signed print.

:: It's hard to believe this week is the series finale of Wilfred. There will be back to back episodes that will put everything together and explain what devote viewers have been waiting on for the past four wonderfully insane years. Check out the latest screencaps from Responsibility and Courage. Don't forget about the high res publicity photos courtesy of FX.

:: The cast of Wilfred hasn't let us down with their behind the scenes hijinks. Dorian and Elijah give us some insights on prepping for a scene.

:: Fan Expo Canada is getting closer and they have announce their pricing and schedule.

:: Here's an entertaining video from Elijah about his Pop culture personality.

:: If you have an IMDb account you have to get over there and vote for The Chosen One.

:: Lastly, a new wallpaper has been added. It's easy to spot a man in a bow tie.

:: Thanks to Ambree this go-around!

That's all... for now.


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