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News Archive: May 2014



May 29, 2014

:: Bittersweet items to come are new images from the set of Wilfred with just about a week left of filming and the final season premiering on FXX June 25th. On set photos, special guests, title episodes and promotional material are being added as they come for the season 4 Wilfred section.

:: I've made several videos pertaining to Wilfred since the show began and now I've paid homage to the two female leads of the show. You can check out The Girls of Wilfred here.

:: Even with tedious filming, Elijah never strays far away from deejaying. He was at it again this past weekend at the Do Over in L.A. Along with the inset photo, here are a few more from the event. [1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6]

:: Open Windows has picked up the award for Best Screenplay at the Fantaspoa International Film Festival. The film along with SpectreVision's LFO showed at the festival in Brazil. Congrats!

:: Elijah will be heading to the Edinburgh International Film Festival which begins June 18th for Set Fire To The Stars. Don't forget the film is up for the Michael Powell Award.

That's all... for now.


May 14, 2014

:: Set Fire To The Stars will premiere at Edinburgh International Film Festival next month. Not only is the film making its debut, it's already in contention for the festival's Michael Powell Award.

:: The soundtrack for Set Fire To The Stars will be aptly jazz oriented and is composed by Gruff Rhys.

:: The instant indie hit Grand Piano will be out next week on DVD and Blu ray. Here's a look at what to expect on the release. I recently caught it at the theater and it's even better!

:: Check out this clip from the movie and stills of the inner workings of the Grand Piano.

:: Take a listen to this interview by SpectreVision from the Stanley Film Festival.

:: And a couple of print interviews from the horror making trio for 303 Magazine and IndieWire.

:: We're getting closer the beginning of the end. Wilfred's showrunner, David Zuckerman has been sending tweets, teases and a few spoilers as to what they're doing on set. A few more images have been added.

:: Guess which movie character is currently topping the list of unlikely heroes at AMC movies?

:: And lastly, a bit of music album fun with some new wallpapers.

That's all... for now.


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