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News Archive: April 2014



April 27, 2014

:: This weekend Elijah attended the Stanley Film Festival in Colorado where SpectreVision will pick up their Visionary Award today. You can view some of the first images, with more to come here.

:: This is a fun article from the film festival.

:: Wilfred is currently on a two week shooting hiatus but before they took a break they bombarded us with new promos. You can view them all in one shot.

:: There is a new website and production company named Mad As Birds Films at the helm for Set Fire To The Stars where you can see a couple of new images.

:: If you didn't any catch of the tweets, the Talk Stoop interview with Elijah has finally been posted.

:: Deejays Wooden Wisdom were at it again. This time for Adidas. You can view more pics from the event here.

:: A Girl Walks Alone At Night will screen as part of the Rooftop Films Summer Series next month in New York.

:: SpectreVision's latest film acquisition LFO wins the 7th Orbit Award for best feature at the Brussels International Fantastic Film Festival. The movie also won the Audience Award at the Festival Mauvais Genre and it screened at the Stanley Film Festival this weekend.

:: The documentary Made In Japan is moving forward. Elijah was in the studio recently to record the narration.

:: Here's a podcast through iTunes recorded during SXSW of Elijah talking about what else, music!

:: Thanks goes out to Jaramajo!

That's all... for now.


April 14, 2014

:: Elijah was in a top secret location this weekend along with hundreds more for the Lacoste Desert Pool Party which is part of the Coachella Valley Music & Art Festival. You can check out some of the images here.

:: Check out this video from Lacoste that shows the guests and a few famous faces.

:: SpectreVision's partners will be honored with the Visionary Award at the Stanely Film Festival which begins April 24th. Elijah, Josh and Daniel will be on hand to accept the award at the festival which will also screen Open Windows along with other activities.

:: In other Open Windows news, the film has been picked up for US distribution by Cinedigm.

:: Here is an exclusive interview with Elijah and Nacho speaking on Open Windows.

:: If all indications go as follows, Elijah will get his revenge on Rainn Wilson in retaliation to this hilarous video.

:: At the MTV Movie Awards yesterday, host Conan O'Brien vowed to get the most celebs in the opening scene and Elijah is easy to spot.

:: I finally found the video of Elijah reciting Dylan Thomas's poem To Others Than You. It wasn't viewable outside of the UK until recently.

:: Check out this impressive interview Elijah gave for Jacques Magazine where he talks about photography, directing, sex scenes, fans and more.

:: It's been about a year since Elijah gave an interview for Icon Magazine - which was entirely in Italian. But thanks to a gracious fan and my acute procrastination, we finally have it translated. You can read the interview here.

:: Elijah's segment on Talk Stoop aired this weekend so it's just a matter of time before it appears online. Keep watch on their website and when it's up, I'll post it on our Twitter account.

:: This Must Be The Only Fantasy, the video short Elijah took part in has been nominated for the Webby Awards. You must sign up to be able to vote for the video.

:: If you enjoyed the fanfic "Unsual" that was sent in for the Age of Aquarius, the author has posted their continuing story which you can follow along here.

:: And lastly, a few more wallpapers have been added.

:: Thanks to Michelle for her story, Romina for the wallpaper and Serena for her translation.

That's all... for now.


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