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News Archive: March 2014



March 28, 2014

:: It's been a bittersweet start to the filming on the last season of Wilfred which began this week. However, we're starting up the latest Wilfred section with some images from the set twitted by the cast and crew here.

:: While we anticipate what they will bring us this year on Wilfred, I've got a video showcasing some of the funnier moments from season 3.

:: SXSW is done and over but we have some photos from the festival here.

:: Elijah was at the festival in Austin to show off his new thriller Open Windows which gained some positive reviews from the likes of Slackerwood, Culture Crypt, Variety, Twitch Film and a video review.

:: Here are a couple of online interviews from Crave Online, Waco Weekly and Twitch Film as well as video interviews during SXSW for Young Hollywood and The Wrap.

:: After he was done at SXSW, Elijah took flight and landed in Columbia to oversee the filming of SpectreVision's new film The Boy. Here's a nostalgic reunion with Elijah and his former co-star David Morse who is starring in the film.

:: I landed on a couple of videos about Maniac that were new to me. [Video 1] [Video 2] (stupid microphone)

:: We all know how great Grand Piano is and if you haven't been lucky enough to see it yet, just take a look at this wonderful review that not only praises the movie, but Elijah as an accomplished actor.

:: Here are a couple more images [Pic 1] [Pic 2] from Elijah's stop at Talk Stoop which we're still waiting on the interview itself but this video gives just a little teaser.

:: And lastly, this winter has been relentless so how about some lovely spring wallpapers to take the chill off?

:: Thanks for helping out Ambree, Pauline and the crew of Wilfred.

That's all... for now.


March 9, 2014

:: Elijah has proven that his performance in Maniac is stellar has he won Best Actor in the Fright Meter Awards. Congratulations!

:: With the theatrical release of Grand Piano this weekend, Elijah has been on a whirlwind of promotional appearances and interviews. One of the first was the Free Talks at Lincoln Center with director Eugenio Mira. Here are some pics of the night and a 50 minute video.

:: Earlier that day, Elijah spoke with Huffpost Live. You can download the interview here.

:: Elijah conducted his second Reddit AMA chat that day as well. You can cipher through the multitude of fan's questions and his answers here.

:: Here are a couple of sit down video interviews [1] [2]

:: There are also some radio interviews and podcasts. Opie and Anthony, SiriusXM, Podcast 1 Podcast 2

:: To finish out that day, Elijah appeared on Watch What Happens Live. Here are some pics and a few video clips from the program and an amusing video done just before in the Green Room.

:: Here are some online interviews from The Wrap, CBR, Entertianment Weekly, Collider, The Village Voice, MoviePilot and a quite amusing POP Session from Yahoo Movies.

:: A couple of new posters to see. The seventh one for Grand Piano and a new one for Open Windows.

:: Speaking of Open Windows, Elijah is in Austin Texas for the SXSW Festival where the film will debut on Monday. Here is an article about the film.

:: A video where Elijah reads Dylan Thomas' poem To Others Than You. Currently this video is not viewable outside of the U.K. What a pity.

:: The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson was graced by another appearance from Elijah last week. Check out some screencaps and video of the full show video.

:: A two part video with Elijah and Zach Cowie interviewing Grado Headphones makers where the deejaying duo recently gave away a pair on Twitter.

:: Grand Piano will be coming to DVD and Blu-ray May 20th while the soundtrack will be available this week! Is that yet another image for a poster? ;-)

:: Elijah stopped by the Talk Stoop hosted by Cat Greenleaf for a chat. Here are a couple of photos [1] [2]. Keep your eyes peeled on her site for the interview.

:: Remember the award winning animated short film Tome of the Unknown where Elijah voiced one of the characters? Well, Cartoon Network has renamed it and will show it as their first cartoon miniseries airing this fall.

:: As shooting the last season of Wilfred begins this month, it's been reported that those in the U.K. may not get to view season three on the telly. BBC3 which showed the comedy series is switching its programming to internet services only. You can read up on the change here.

:: Lastly, here's some photos of Wooden Wisdom and Turquoise Wisdom in Istanbul on Tumblr.

:: Thank you for the contributions Ambree, Jayne, Sandy and Serena.

That's all... for now.


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