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News Archive: September 2013



September 27, 2013

:: Let's start off with just a few of the many, many rave reviews for Grand Piano as it screened at the recent Fantastic Fest. Not only did the thriller win over the audiences which awarded the film third place over all, but Elijah gained many stellar critiques for his convincing performance. Ain't It Cool News, Examiner, Indiewire, FearNet, Shock Till You Drop, Cinapse, Fangoria and The Austin Chronicle.
Next stop, The Sitges Film Festival on October 11th. Congratulations Grand Piano team! We all hope to see it in our local theaters soon!

:: If those reviews weren't good enough, more great news came just prior to the first screening of Grand Piano, that the announcement of Magnolia Pictures picking up the U.S. distribution rights.

:: A nice crop of photos have been added to the Grand Piano stills section.

:: If you haven't seen it yet, you must watch the Spanish trailer for the film.

:: Check out the activities during Fantastic Fest as well as a video interview with Elijah.

:: Toad Road, the first film from SpectreVision will premiere on October 18th with a big bash hosted by Elijah planned as well.

:: Nice looking photo inset isn't it? There are a couple more high res images from last year's August Man Magazine added.

:: Much thanks Jaramajo and Karin!

That's all... for now.


September 14, 2013

:: Elijah's production company is revving up by giving us a look it their new logo for SpectreVision.

:: Not long afterward, news came that director John Landis will be executive producer on a new horror/werewolf film called Bad Vibes.

:: It's been several months since the new network Esquire announced they had to set back their start up date but now it's a go. The cooking contest Knife Fight is scheduled to air on September 24th.

:: The third season of Wilfred is over and they didn't disappoint with that head scratching, jaw dropping finale, Regrets. Here are the screencaps from the episode but take caution for spoilers!

:: Many Wilfred fans have inquired about a song that played in an earlier episode. I don't have the entire tune but what I do have, I made a short video from it.

:: How about another look at the Open Windows trailer?

:: And a first look at the poster for Grand Piano. Very nice and a little haunting.

:: Check out Elijah's recent appearance on The Late, Late Show with Craig Ferguson.

:: Lastly, if you watch this video by Cartoon Network that discusses the next generation of animation, you'll catch a very, very short clip of Tome of the Unknown and an even shorter sound bite of Elijah which begins a little after three minutes in.

:: Thanks to Ron for the music!

That's all... for now.


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